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2008 Buell XB12XT

Buell XB12XT


New Adventure Sportbike Delivers Street and Touring Performance

Imagine a motorcycle that is just as comfortable on twisty mountain roads as it is eating up miles of tarmac and back roads on a long distance tour. That kind of adventurous versatility is distinctly delivered by the new Buell Ulysses XB12XT.

The new Buell Ulysses XB12XT model was introduced today as the second model in the Buell Ulysses family of motorcycles. Boasting the intuitive handling and tremendous torque that Buell has come to symbolise, the XB12XT creates a sport riding experience on a capable long-distance motorcycle. Based on the Buell Ulysses adventure sport bike, the XB12XT features a specially-tuned shorter travel suspension and lower standard seat height, standard tall windscreen, Pirelli Strada sport touring tyres and standard lockable top box and side luggage cases.

“The XB12XT will dish out considerable comfort and potent performance at every turn,” said Erik Buell, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer at Buell Motorcycle Company. “The new suspension and many other features will let riders and passengers enjoy this motorcycle on all kinds of roads. It’s the perfect bike for zipping through the city, getting out to the country and back again, or vice versa.”

By focusing on paved road performance, the XB12XT suspension springs and damping were optimised to soak up road imperfections, which allowed a reduced suspension travel, resulting in a lower ride height and thus a lower centre of gravity.

With a commanding riding position behind wide athletic handlebars, the XB12XT has a tall front screen to buffer the wind. Standard fit heated hand-grips warm the rider’s hands in colder climates. The grips are rated at 18 watts per side on the high setting and 11 watts per side on the low setting. The XB12XT has two 10 amp/12-volt accessory power outlets (on the dash and under the seat) and an integrated helmet lock for additional convenience.

The XB12XT – available in authorised Buell UK dealerships from March with an on the road price of £8,395 – provides the rider and passenger with abundant storage space with lockable and detachable side and top luggage cases. There is also an additional storage compartment under the textured seat, while the 16.7 litre fuel-in-frame reservoir gives the XB12XT substantial riding range.

In addition to its substantial storage capacity, the Ulysses XB12XT is also ideally suited for pillion riding with a comfortable passenger seat, innovative multi-function Triple Tail backrest and sturdy grab rails.

The XB12XT features fully adjustable Showa suspension front and rear for ample ride comfort, agility and versatility. The 43 mm inverted front forks and rear shock with remote reservoir and dial adjust spring preload accommodate a wide range of riding styles and conditions, as well as passenger and luggage weight. A new progressive urethane bumper spreads compression forces to help absorb the rigours of uneven road conditions while the XB12XT is fully loaded. Overall suspension travel is 125mm, while ground clearance is 151mm with a seat height of 780mm. When the road is exhilarating and twisty, the XB12XT is a truly exciting sport motorcycle, propelled by a 1203 Thunderstorm V-Twin that is growling with 104 Nm of torque and delivers 76.8 kW of air-cooled punch.

The superior handling of the XB12XT comes from Buell’s Intuitive Response Chassis and a combination of patented innovations which focus on the Buell Trilogy of Technology: mass centralisation, chassis rigidity and low unsprung weight.

Mass centralisation is achieved through innovations like carrying fuel in the frame and oil in the swing arm, as well as Buell’s underslung InterActive Exhaust system. Low unsprung weight is provided by the patented Zero Torsional Load (ZTL) braking system, which transfers braking force directly to the rims allowing a lighter front wheel, while Buell’s Immediate Throttle Response Goodyear Hibrex drive belt reduces unsprung weight at the rear. Reduced unsprung weight also helps the Pirelli Diablo Strada tyres stay in contact with irregular road surfaces for uncompromising control.

A commemorative Buell 25th Anniversary graphic with Erik Buell’s signature is placed on the handlebar clamp.

The Ulysses XB12XT is offered in a new colour, Racing Red, in addition to Thrust Blue and Midnight Black, both with Magnesium Tone wheels.

Buell Ulysses XB12XT highlights;

  • Buell Thunderstorm 1203 V-Twin engine
  • 94 hp @ 6800 rpm (per SAE J607)           
  • 104 Nm peak torque @ 5500 rpm (per SAE J607)           
  • Buell InterActive Exhaust           
  • DDFI 3 Electronic Fuel Injection ECM           
  • Eight-row oil cooler with Jiffy-tite fittings           
  • Dry Weight: 211 kg           
  • Wheelbase: 1370mm           
  • Seat height: 780mm           
  • Pirelli Diablo Strada tyres   
  • Detachable three-bag pannier luggage system with top and side hard cases, and large underseat storageHeated hand gripsTall, detachable windscreen
  • Specially-tuned shorter suspension travel           
  • Fully adjustable 43 mm
  • Showa inverted fork           
  • Fully adjustable Showa rear shock absorber           
  • Buell ZTL front brake           
  • Double front fender design           
  • Goodyear Hibrex drive belt with Flexten Plus technology           
  • Frame pucks, handlebar deflectors            
  • Triple Tail System           
  • 16.7 litre fuel capacity           
  • Functional tool kit           
  • 2 x 12v. power outlets           
  • New Instrument Panel Graphics           
  • New Racing Red body work           
  • Commemorative Buell 25th Anniversary badge