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2008 Ducati Accessories

Superbike Family

1 - Complete exhaust kit with carbon silencers - 1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore
Complete racing exhaust system developed in collaboration with Ducati Corse; includes carbon silencers with removable DB killers, 2-1-2 stainless steel manifolds (Ømax. 70 mm), dedicated ECU and racing air filter. Designed to improve the fluid dynamics of exhaust gas, this system increases engine performance by about 8%.

2 - Certified titanium silencer kit - 848
Kit consisting of titanium silencers with catalyzer compliant to current EU regulations. This system also complies with current regulations on noise and exhaust emission levels. This kit also includes the suitably calibrated ECU and hi-efficency air filter to enhance engine performance.

3 - Titanium connecting rods - 1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore
Titanium connecting rod derived from Racing. More than 20% lighter than standard con-rods results in lower mass inertia values and therefore faster engine rpm increase at each throttle opening. Titanium connecting rods require crankshaft balancing and con-rod bearing replacement as specified in the Workshop Manual and assembly instructions. P/N refers to a single connecting rod. Standard connecting rod weight:  0.515 kg; Titanium connecting rod weight 0.390 kg, i.e. 0.125 kg lighter.

4 - Racing gearbox kit - 1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore/1098R
Racing gearbox kit with special gears machined to reduce overall weight of assembly; special gear ratios - different from standard gearbox - designed by Ducati Corse engineers for improved performance on the track.

5 - Öhlins upside-down front fork kit  - 848/1098
Öhlins upside-down front fork kit with TIN coating for improved sliding action and increased wear resistance. Adjustable compression and rebound damping enable customised set-up to suit your riding style.

6 - TTX racing rear shock absorber  - 848/1098
Öhlins TTX rear shock absorber. Changing settings is a simple, fast process. Key features of the TTX technology are super-fast damping response and the ability to use extreme settings with no risk of cavitation.

7 - Racing aluminium footpegs kit  - 848/1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore/1098R
Set of footpegs designed in cooperation with Ducati Corse. Made from billet aluminium, they can be adjusted over four positions; end of brake and gear shift pedals are foldaway-type to avoid breakage in case of accident.

8 - Forged magnesium rims  - 1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore/1098R
Set of forged magnesium rims. Five-spoke "Y" design. Very light so to improve bike handling above all during direction changes. Size: Front rim 3.50 x 17; Rear rim: 6.00 x 17. 1098S standard forged aluminium rim weight: 6.600 kg - Forged magnesium rims = 6. 010 kg, i.e. 0.590 kg lighter.

9 - Carbon front mudguard - 848/1098
Carbon front mudguard designed in collaboration with Ducati Corse for improved aerodynamic efficiency at the front end. The carbon mudguard is extremely light, weighing as little as 0.17 kg.

Hypermotard Family

10 - Complete racing exhaust assembly - HYM1100/1100S
Racing 2 into 1 exhaust assembly kit w/stainl.steel manifolds (Ømax 54mm) and carbon silencer with titanium endcap. The silencer mounts on the right hand and follows the typical supermotard bikes lines; this position allows for improved ground and cornering clearance. The system is equipped with removable dB killer and comes with ECU, racing filter cover and a few elements, such as a set of side panels, that are needed to perfectly integrate the exhaust system to the bike's rear end. This assembly not only increases performance but also makes the vehicle lighter by 7 kg.

11 - Carbon homologated silencer kit - HYM1100/1100S
2 into 2 carbon silencer kit with titanium endcaps. This system is homologated for road use and complies with EU noise and emission standards. This design of the silencer optimizes engine performance also thanks to the dedicated ECU and filter cover supplied.

12 - Cross-mounted aluminium steering damper - HYM1100/1100S
Cross-mounted aluminium steering damper with adjuster knob to tailor damper response to your riding style for improved front end stability.

13 - Rear mudguard  - HYM1100/1100S
Carbon rear mudguard with chain guard.

14 - Carbon fuel tank cover  - HYM1100/1100S
Carbon tank cover with strong aesthetic impact, for those who want to enhance this bike's exclusive features

15 - Alternator cover - HYM1100/1100S
Magnesium alternator cover with titanium screws and dedicated billet aluminium front sprocket cover. Standard item weight 1.300 Kg. Kit weight 0.900 Kg. Weight reduction 0.400 Kg.

16 - Racing hand guards - HYM1100/1100S
Set of matte black Racing hand guards. Directly derived from the racing applications, among their special features is an aluminium core guaranteeing utmost protection for hands and controls.

17 - Racing seat - HYM1100/1100S
Racing seat with a special profile, designed for a more forward riding stance, that results in improved handling and control, like in the racing supermotard bikes. The padding and the special fabric used ensure high comfort level and prevent rider from sliding under braking or when tackling even the most demanding turns.

18 - Soft tank bag - HYM1100/1100S
Soft tank bag made in Sky fabric, water-proof, resistant to fuel, solvents and sunlight. It features handy pockets to store small personal belongings, 14-liter capacity. Special design and black color with red inserts ensure that the bag perfectly matches the bike's style. It fastens to tank cover (part no. 96759308B - to be purchased separately) by means of highly resistant quick-release fasteners.

Monster Family

19 - Complete carbon exhaust system Ø 50 mm manifolds - MS4RS >= MY06,MS4R >= MY07
Ducati Performance complete exhaust system by Termignoni with carbon fibre silencers. Using huge 50 mm diameter pipes, this kit is designed for the track and eliminates the catalytic converter, thereby maximizing the fluid dynamics of the exhaust system. The kit includes a high-performance racing air filter and a dedicated engine control unit that provide an additional 13% power or more, plus an incredible torque boost, even at low speeds, and a deeper, unmistakeable sound.

20 - Kit of raised carbon silencers conforming - MS2R 1000
Carbon raised side silencer kit, homologated to current EU emissions standards. The silencers, which are joined to the catalytic converter, keep noise and atmospheric pollution below the level required by the motorcycle homologating standards. These silencers feature a stylish look and enhance engine sound, becoming slightly fuller and more powerful; the kit comes with a dedicated ECU and air filter that optimize performance and give a really fun ride.

21 - Racing tailpipe - MS4RS, MS4R >= MY07
Racing tailpipe with carbon sleeve and removable DB killer; this cutting-edge, easy-to-install product provides a stylish look and a thrilling sound.

22 - Radial front end kit - MS2R800/1000, MS4R <= MY06
Radial front end kit, complete with fully adjustable Öhlins forks, radial brake calipers and magnesium bottom yoke. Includes carbon front mudguard and racing brake discs.

23- Billet Ergal front footpegs - MS2R800/1000, MS4R, MS4RS
Billet Ergal front footpegs with very accurate finish. Accurate design and a broad range of riding position settings further enhance the vehicle technical and aesthetic features.

24 - Carbon solo-seat tail guard - M400 >= MY04, M750/900 >= MY02, MS4/Foggy <= MY02, M800/1000 <= MY05, M620 <= MY06, M695, MS2R800/1000, MS4R, MS4RS
Carbon solo-seat tail guard. Its lightness and design emphasize the Monster's true sporting soul. Standard item weight: 3.500 kg. Kit weight: 2.750 kg. Weight reduction: 0.750 kg.

25 - Touring seat for Monster - M400 >= MY04, MS4/foggy <= MY02, M620 <= MY06, M750/900 >= MY02, M800/1000 <= MY05, M695, MS2R800/1000, MS4R, MS4RS
Touring seat with gel padding and foldaway hooks. Gel is a clear polymer with a semi-fluid structure capable of absorbing vibrations and distribute pressure more effectively. Superior adherence over the iliac area guarantees maximum comfort.

26 - LED turn indicators - MS4/Foggy <= MY02, M400 >= MY02, M750/900 >= MY02, M620 <= MY06, M800/1000 <= MY05, M695, MS2R800/1000, MS4R, MS4RS
LED turn indicators, smaller than standard indicator for a sleeker look

27 - Left semi-rigid side bag - MS2R800/1000, MS4R, MS4RS
Left semi-rigid bag with mounting bracket; redesigned with additional pockets for small items; 10-liter capacity, can be expanded up to 16 liters.

Multistrada Family

28 - Complete racing exhaust assembly - MTS1100/1100S
Complete racing exhaust kit, includes silencer with carbon sleeves and removable dB killers, complete stainless steel manifolds, dedicated ECU and high-efficiency air filter. Designed to exploit the air-cooled dual spark 1100 engine to its full potential, this kit offers superior performance and riding pleasure.

29 - Homologated silencer kit with carbon sleeves - MTS1100/1100S
Homologated exhaust system kit for road use, consists of stainless steel silencer with carbon cover, high-efficiency air filter and Ecu with a dedicated mapping.

30 - Öhlins 'piggyback' type  - MTS1000/1100
Öhlins piggyback rear shock absorber with Ø46mm piston and remote spring preload adjuster; enables accurate adjustment to tailor rear suspension setup to personal riding style.

31 - Racing 4-pad brake caliper kit  - MTS1000/1000S≤MY06, MTS1100/1100S
Racing 4-pad brake caliper kit with oil tube and special connection for standard brake master cylinder

32 - Rear top case kit  - MTS
The Ducati rear top case is made in high-resistance polyamide and is supplied with aluminium alloy rack. Perfectly anchored to the vehicle tail guard, it can accommodate two full-face helmets with its 46 Lt. capacity. Color-matched to the bike. This top case combined with the side panniers is a fundamental accessory to enhance Multistrada functionality, both in everyday use and for touring

33 - Bag & tank cover kit - MTS
PVC touring bag complete with tank cover. This roomy 12-litre bag easily secures to tank cover. Indispensable for touring, this bag is ideal to store clothing and personal belongings during long trips; a convenient fastening system allows quick removal of the bag for refuelling. Shoulder strap and handle ensure ease of transport.

34 - Touring seat - MTS
Touring seat with gel padding. The gel is a clear polymer with a semi-fluid structure capable of absorbing vibrations and distribute pressure more effectively. Superior adherence over the iliac area guarantees maximum comfort.

35 - Rear seat cowl for Multistrada - MTS
Color-matched fiber glass rear seat cowls can be installed in place of the passenger seat; they are easy to fit and enhance the sports-style look of the Multistrada.

36 - Complete timing belt cover kit - SC, MS2R1000/M1000, MTS1000/1000S/1100/1100S, SS1000, HYM1100
Complete timing belt cover kit

SportClassic Family

37 - Set of silencers - GT 1000 >= MY07
This set of polished silencers developed in collaboration with Termignoni gives the bike a more aggressive look and enhances that unique, deep Ducati sound. The silencers come with a racing air filter cover and dedicated ECU.

38 - Set of certified black anodized steel silencers - Sport 1000 biposto >= MY07, Sport 1000 S >= MY07, GT 1000 >= MY07
Designed for setting off retro Sportclassic sports design, this kit includes a set of homologated black anodized stainless steel silencers, an especially mapped ECU and a hi-efficiency air box cover.

39 - Set of spoked rims with aluminium channel - Paul Smart MY06, Sport 1000 monoposto >= MY06, GT 1000 >= MY 07
Set of black spoked rims with aluminium channel; weight saving compared to steel rims is about 3 kg

40 - Windshield kit for GT1000 - GT 1000 >= MY07
Whether breezing down the fastest highways or riding in town traffic, the windshield is an important accessory for achieving enhanced travelling comfort and riding pleasure.

41 - Comfort Seat for GT1000
Thanks to a new contour for accommodating the rider and passenger and the special material used for its construction, the comfort seat increases riding comfort and improves the ergonomic position of the rider without altering the motorcycles style.

42 - Tank bag - Paul Smart MY06, Sport 1000 monoposto >= MY06, Sport 1000 biposto >= MY07, Sport 1000 S >= MY07
A handy, large bag that can hold the rain suit, the map and the other indispensable accessories for your trips. It can be easily connected to a tank protector that doubles as bag retainer.

43 - Side panniers GT1000 - GT 1000 >= MY07
Classic beauty and style blend with technology in these leather side panniers. Made from quality hides and treated to ensure water resistance, these semi-rigid panniers have a stiffer back side and a soft front side. These removable panniers feature an innovative fastening system, with lock, that makes for extremely simple use. The kit is supplied with mounting brackets. Capacity: 10 liters each

44 - Chrome-plated mirrors - Paul Smart MY06, Sport 1000 monoposto >= MY06, Sport 1000 biposto >= MY07, Sport 1000 S >= MY07
Set of chrome-plated rear view mirrors that allow improved vision and give a 70's look to your bike. They not only look good, but they also feature a machined aluminium rod post and a special pivot joint that helps in finding the ideal mirror position. Top-notch polished finish.

45 - Anti-theft system – SportClassic
Specific anti-theft system that complies with the Tatcham (UK) requirements. It can be quickly installed thanks to the factory provided mounting points.


46 - Slipper clutch - 1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore, 749Dark/749/749S/749R/999/999S/999R, 748/916/996/998, Paul Smart/Sport Monoposto<=MY06, MS4RS/MS4R/MS4/MS2R1000/M1000/900, MTS1000/1000S<=MY06, ST<=MY04, SS900/1000, HYM
Slipper clutch kit that prevents rear wheel locking under hard downshifting. It is designed to fit the same springs as the standard clutch (springs are not supplied with the kit), and maintains the same pressure on the lever to the advantage of comfort in everyday riding.

47 - Articulated brake and clutch levers kit - 848/1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore/1098R, 749Dark/749/749S/749R/999/999S/999R, MS4RS/MS4R >= MY07
Billet aluminium articulated brake and clutch lever kit; special joint prevents lever from breaking in a fall. Brake lever comes with provisions to install a remote adjuster so that lever travel can be easily adjusted during running by a knob on the handlebar.

48 - Billet aluminium slotted clutch cover  - 1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore/1098R, 749Dark/749/749S/749R/999/999S/999R, 748/916/996/998, Paul Smart/Sport Monoposto<=MY06, MS4RS/MS4R/MS4/MS2R1000/M1000/900, MTS1000/1000S<=MY06, ST<=MY04, SS900/1000, HYM
Anodized billet aluminium slotted clutch cover

49 - Clutch-side casing  - 749Dark/749/749S/749R/999/999S/999R, Paul Smart/Sport Monoposto<=MY06, MS4RS/MS4R/MS2R1000/M1000, MTS1000/1000S<=MY06, ST<=MY04, SS1000, HYM
Magnesium clutch-side casing with titanium screws. Kit weight: 1.060 Kg. Weight reduction: 0.130 Kg.

50 - Racing slotted clutch cover - 1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore/1098R, 749Dark/749/749S/749R/999/999S/999R, 748/916/996/998, Paul Smart/Sport Monoposto<=MY06, MS4RS/MS4R/MS4/MS2R1000/M1000/900, MTS1000/1000S<=MY06, ST<=MY04, SS900/1000, HYM
Carbon cover with innovative design protects the clutch, still catching a glimpse of the pusher plate in a typically racing style.

51 - Carbon front sprocket cover and chain plate - HYM, MTS1000/1000S≤MY06
Carbon front sprocket cover and chain plate

52 - Rear view mirrors – M, MTS
The new rear-view mirrors retain the incorporated flush turn indicators and all the features of the standard mirrors with the added plus of a more tapered, aerodynamic contour. Designed to allow the rider greater visibility, they also offer enhanced functionality.

53 - Pocket tank bag with buckles - 848/1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore/1098R, HYM, SC, M, MTS
Pocket tank bag for holding small objects. Made in cordura, with front clear pocket for the road map. - with buckles

54 - Racing camshafts - HYM1100/1100S, MS2R1000, MTS1100/1100S, Paul Smart/Sport/Sport S/GT 1000
The profiles of these racing camshafts have been designed to enhance the brisk performance of air-cooled dual-spark 1000/1100 cc engines. Available from the end of January.