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2008 Ducati GT 1000

2008 Ducati GT 10002008 Ducati GT1000

The new feature this year is the new two-tone colour scheme classic silver & smoke grey that is based on the classic two-tone livery of the original Ducati GT 750 launched in 1971.

Born as a tribute to the essential beauty of the Ducati GT models of the 1970s, the GT 1000 is ideal for everyday use. Thanks to its perfect balance between the comfort of the Trellis framed chassis and the performance of the Ducati Desmo L-Twin engine the GT is perfect whether you ride alone or two-up. Every component is made with the highest quality materials and designed with performance in mind, and that’s just as it should be for a bike based on Ducati’s historic models. Despite being unashamedly classic in inspiration, the GT is still a thoroughly modern Ducati when it comes to power, handling, safety and thrilling ride.

The feeling you get astride the GT 1000 is one of comfort and complete control. The riding position is comfortable and upright. The dual-seat is comfortably padded, has a classic design and boasts the Ducati logo in white on the back. The rider’s footrests are set forward for maximum comfort and optimum ground clearance and because the GT 1000 is a true biposto, the position of the pillion footrests are designed for maximum comfort even on long trips.

The form of the GT 1000 represents a modern interpretation of the classic lines of the original GT of the 1970s.The slim, ergonomic fuel tank has two indents on the sides to accommodate the rider’s legs comfortably, and is crowned with a chromed fuel cap.The front and rear mudguardsand side panels are also reminiscent of the 70s originals. Many parts, such as the top yoke and handlebar clamps are made of polished aluminium, which complements the chrome finish of the wheels, handlebars, rear-view mirrors, and instrument panel. The exhaust system is also chromed and is made with dual-walled tubing to make sure the chromed surfaces remain untarnished.

The ALS 450 steel tubular Trellis frame and the swingarm are finished in gloss black. They are similar to the Sport 1000 except for the addition of mounting points for the twin shocks and the side panels.  Light, rigid and beautiful, it’s perfect for the GT 1000 and delivers precise and confident handling.

Using a welded steel tube swingarm, made from extruded, formed tubing with an outer diameter of 60mm and wall thickness of 2mm, it features two legs linked by an elliptical cross-member, thus ensuring a high level of rigidity, which has a positive effect on ride precision.

Up front the bike is fitted with high performance 43mm Marzocchi upside-down forks, derived from the Sport 1000. As the GT 1000 is a contemporary interpretation of the GT 750 of the 1970s, the rear suspension layout uses twin shocks, which are adjustable for spring pre-load. The two Sachs shocks also have a refined finish; the aluminium top collar, black springs and the bright zinc-coated shock body all recall the style of the past.  

The front brake system of the GT 1000 consists of two Brembo floating callipers with 30 and 32mm diameter pistons which are thermally insulated. The discs are semi-floating with a diameter of 320mm and a thickness of 4mm. The rear brake system consists of a floating single piston Brembo 34mm caliper with high friction sintered pads and a 245mm disc. 

The GT 1000 sports a stainless steel chromed exhaust system. The system features distinctive twin silencers positioned symmetrically on both sides of the bike.

The Family Electronics

All the SportClassic models have a layout for the electrical system, which helps to conceal wiring while giving users easy access to all main components of the system, specially located beneath the seat in a well designed storage compartment.

A compact Magneti Marelli 5AM engine control unit manages the fuel injection and ignition of the 1000 DS engine. This contains the hybrid power circuits and a re-programmable Flash EPROM. Among the innovative features is the use of a stepper motor for automatic control of idling speed, and the advanced PICO fuel injectors.

Finally the multi-function display has a software which includes a trip-fuel function allowing remaining mileage to be checked whenever the fuel reserve light is on and auto light off system function that automatically switches off the lights after 60 seconds of ‘key-on’ if the engine is not running.

The Family Engine

All the SportClassic family is equipped by the Desmodue 992cc air-cooled twin-cylinder Ducati 1000 Dual Spark engine, known and appreciated for its great torque and excellent reliability.

The powerful mid-range of this highly advanced power-unit perfectly underlines the true sporting character of all SportClassic models.

The Dual Spark ignition, with its "double flame front", offers more complete combustion, while simultaneously boosting mid-range power and reducing emission levels.

These are some of technical improvements of this engine that was designed to respect the Euro 3 anti pollution laws.

The cylinder head has camshafts which rotate on bearing faces machined into the casting in order to reduce the overall dimensions, weight and the number of moving parts, while improving heat dispersal.

A closer look at the 1000 DS engine reveals a reduced angle between the intake and exhaust valves which allows for a more compact combustion chamber, reducing the volume and thus obtaining improved combustion. The improved efficiency of the combustion chamber allows the engine to run on a leaner air/fuel mixture without compromising performance at high temperatures and significantly reduces emissions of hydrocarbons (HC).

The crankshaft is of a more compact design and the oil passages have been strategically repositioned in areas less critical for its structural strength. The result is a crankshaft that is more rigid and with less flex, making for less vibration and improved reliability.