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2008 Ducati Monster 695

2008 Ducati Monster 695Ducati Monster

695 is not merely a name, a number or an engine size. 695 represents a most unique offering in the world of motorcycles and in the Ducati Monster family. It is a motorcycle that is welcoming to novice riders but, at the same time, is a Ducati delivering a level of performance that can even thrill more advanced riders.

While remaining the entry point to the Ducati Monster family of motorcycles, the Monster 695 transforms a motorcyclist into a Ducatista, a member of a tribe of fans whose motorcycle looks, feels and sounds like no other.

The Trellis frame and engine area has a  ‘clean’ and uncluttered look, as electrical wires and connectors have been hidden, and the need for numerous wire ties has been eliminated. What’s left is the simple elegance of the Trellis frame surrounding the 695 engine. 

Three different colour schemes are available with the 695: traditional Ducati Red, with red frame and black wheels, aggressive glossy black, with red frame and black wheels and distinctive matte black, with matte black frame and black wheels


The Monster 695 takes full advantage of the confidence-inspiring road-holding and stability of the unique Ducati Trellis frame design. The Trellis frame is light, rigid and beautiful, and distinctively Ducati.

The rider’s environment on the 695 is a perfect mix of sporting character and a confident upright rider position that allows optimal control and comfort. Every Monster 695 rider will feel perfectly at ease thanks to Ducati’s lowest seat height, 30mm lower than all other Monsters.

The Monster 695 sports quality Marzocchi 43mm upside-down forks and a Sachs rear shock with adjustable spring preload and rebound damping.

At the front, the 695 employs a Brembo braking system made up of two 300mm floating discs, together with floating twin-piston calipers. The single 245mm rear disc sports a fixed twin-piston Brembo caliper.

  1. As on every model in the Monster family, the electronic dash is multi-functional, allowing the rider to switch to either the oil temperature or clock readout even while riding.


This L-Twin has high levels of horsepower and torque, but maintains a smooth and fluid power delivery that ensures an exciting performance in all conditions.

It has a power of 73hp, an high output per cubic centimetre of air-cooled engines and a significant torque of 6.2kgm.

The Monster 695 takes full advantage of the Ducati exclusive Adler Power Torque Clutch, a unique system that makes the 695 even friendlier, safer and more comfortable.  It provides an amazingly light clutch pull that is a true benefit especially in urban riding, where frequent stops require frequent clutch use. Another advantage of the ‘slipper’ clutch, typically found on race bikes, is that it reduces the destabilising rear wheel ‘lock-up’ or ‘chatter’ phenomenon when downshifting abruptly or aggressively. It also benefits advanced riders, and racers alike, for the very same reasons.