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2008 Ducati Monster S4R S Testastretta

2008 Ducati Monster S4R S2008 Ducati Monster S4R S Testastretta

2008 Ducati Monster S4R2008 Ducati Monster S4R

MONSTER S4R S Testastretta

This true masterpiece of technology and styling cannot fail to take your breath away. Its superbly-balanced lines exquisitely engineer the magnificent “Testastretta” powerplant into a state-of-the-art Trellis frame. The character of this top of the range Monster represents the true hallmark of all Ducati Monsters.
The headlamp fairing, the dual, vertically stacked silencers and the racing stripe that characterises all the naked bikes in the ‘single-sided swingarm’ family, is now enhanced by several pure racing features that underline its thoroughbred looks.
2008 Ducati Monster Special Edition Tricolore SR4 SFor 2008, a Special Edition Tricolore S4R S makes its debut appearance at the head of the family. It combines the Tricolore colour scheme of the tank, tailpiece and headlamp fairing with the gold Trellis frame and y-spoke wheels.

The S4R S is characterised by a Ducati Trellis frame and black swingarm, a front end derived from the 999, and by the Y-spoke wheels. There are many more details taken directly from the Ducati race division that would normally go unnoticed on a faired bike, but are exposed for all to see on this Monster street fighter. Such as the triangular oil cooler and numerous carbon fibre parts, including the silencer cover, front mudguard, cam belt covers, exhaust system heat shield, radiator covers and the side panels. As proof of the painstaking attention to the tiniest details, even the cooling circuit ducts are now forged in aluminium rather than moulded in rubber.
Two attention-grabbing vertically stacked silencers in aluminium, complete the overall super-aggressive but beautifully styled statement of performance and technology.
The same attention to detail was dedicated to the cockpit which is equipped with the same instruments as the S2R 1000 but with dedicated model graphics.
Two different colour schemes for the tank and headlamp fairing are Ducati red and pearl-white. All schemes are distinguished by the racing stripe (white for the red tank, red for the pearl white, and grey for the black) that slashes the machine from fore to aft and is located in a more central position and wider than that of the previous SR machines.

The end result of the S4R S Testastretta is nothing short of stunning, and that’s before you even have a chance to experience its astonishing performance.


One of the most beautifully engineered components on the most powerful of all Monsters is the super high strength steel tube Trellis frame. Stiffened still further on this model the frame is combined with the same single-sided aluminium swingarm that is found on all versions of the SR family.

The main differences are to be found with the suspension and brakes. The front end is equipped with parts taken from the Superbike, starting from the Öhlins 43mm upside-down forks, with low friction TiN treatment to reduce sliding resistance, which are fully adjustable for preload and damping.

Two 320mm discs and radially mounted calipers represent the top of the range front brake solution fed from radial master cylinders mounted on variable section aluminium handlebars. An Öhlins  rear shock, fully adjustable in compression, rebound, and preload and Y-spoked wheels with exceptional rigidity and low weight complete the chassis set-up. 


The previous S4R model was billed as a machine at the top of its class in terms of performance but the S4R S Testastretta raises the bar much further by producing a massive 130hp. This engine needs no introduction, it has won fame and respect on the circuits of the World Superbike Championship and in so doing represents the technological expression of Ducati genius: a twin-cylinder engine able to beat the power of its massive rival four-cylinder competition.
For the S4R S the engine was given a dedicated oil cooler designed to offer optimum performance on a naked machine. Further details designed specifically for the powerful Monster can be found in the airbox and throttle bodies with IWP 189 injectors. The exhaust system with catalytic converter brings emission levels to within Euro 3 regulations,  a pretty impressive feat for a 130hp.

MONSTER S4R Testastretta

Founder of the SR family, the S4R takes on a very important role alongside the ‘S’ version which is the current performance and equipment leader of the Monster range.

Equipped to catch the attention of the most performance hungry ‘Ducatisti’, the S4R Testastretta is more than capable of fulfilling its important role in the Ducati 2008 range.

The new S4R Testastretta is now available in two colour schemes, Titanium with central black stripe, and traditional Ducati red with central white stripe.  Both colour versions have a red Trellis frame with black swingarm which matches the new Showa front fork sliders. The black component colour scheme is continued with headlamp mounts, fork clamps, handlebar risers, footrests and radiator side covers.


The fully adjustable Showa upside-down forks provide a perfectly balanced front-end while the rear is fully adjustable with a Sachs piggy back reservoir shock. A vitally important feature of the rear suspension system is the ability to adjust rear ride-height independent of spring pre-load, enabling the rear-end to be adjusted to an exact ride-height set-up without changing the shock’s other settings thanks to the adjustable push–rod.

Radially mounted Brembo front brake calipers provide world-class stopping power while giving the front-end a decidedly race-orientated look.


The S4R has a power of 130hp of the Testastretta and continues to feature twin-stacked silencers, aluminium Trellis single-sided swingarm, sporty headlamp fairing, exclusive paint schemes and high quality suspension. The addition of the powerful deep-sump Testastretta engine represents a milestone in the development of the Monster S4R.