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2008 Ducati Multistrada Range

Ducati Multistrada 1100Ducati Multistrada 1100 S

The Ducati Multistrada defines a new generation of sport bikes, capable of excelling on every road you challenge with amazing sports performance, outstanding comfort and versatility for everyday-use. Ideal for a day in the mountains, the daily commute or a weekend tour, the Multistrada is aggressive like a sport bike when the road turns twisty, yet smooth and relaxed when scenery beckons.

The many technical innovations introduced last season on the Multistrada 1100 will continue to make the bike a class leader in 2008.  The Multistrada features a potent 1100 Desmo engine with a silent ‘wet’ clutch, comfort enhancing vibration-isolated handlebars, and a new maintenance program that reduces costs by as much as 50% - the Multistrada’s all-round performance is better than ever.

Developed on the winding mountain roads and city streets of Italy, the Multistrada is a real-world motorcycle for real-world riders, a dream come true, a high performance sports bike that doesn’t compromise comfort, versatility or practicality.

The Multistrada breaks down all barriers. Its unique versatility is a matter of design. On mountain roads its impressive cornering performance comes by way of Superbike-spec suspension, world-class brakes and its renowned Ducati Trellis frame. For extended journeys, the longer travel suspension smoothes the way, vibration isolated handlebars reduce fatigue and the relaxed riding position optimises comfort for both rider and passenger. In town the agile chassis, wide bars and broad power of the 1100 engine make crossing busy city traffic an adventure to look forward to.

It is this extreme versatility and all-round performance that prompted some important sector magazines to nominate the Multistrada as “Bike of the year” in the street segment.

The Multistrada is available in two versions: The impressive Multistrada 1100 and, for those who demand the ultimate in sport performance, an all-conquering ‘S’ version, the Multistrada 1100 S.

The Multistrada 1100 and 1100 S have also received a new lettering font in order to match the other new Ducati models.