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2008 Honda DN-01

2008 Honda DN-01

The New ‘Twist-and Go’ - Performance Cruiser

Radical new styling that grabs attention from every angle. Form-fitting comfort that invites one to both sit on and to ride. Smooth response to every rider input, reacting with dynamic performance at every twist of its throttle, and… no clutch! Not only that, no gear changer! With its revolutionary new HFT (Human-Friendly Transmission), the epoch-making new DN-01 introduces to motorcycling the most advanced fully automatic transmission ever developed for a two-wheeled vehicle,
and one that provides all the exhilarating power and acceleration one associates with ‘real’ motorcycle manual transmissions. The remarkable new DN-01 takes
to the avenues and winding roads of Europe with peerless performance and incomparable riding ease in a distinctly modern and sporty form that invites its riders to rediscover the profound joys of motorcycling on an allnew roadster—or ‘Ridester’—that offers wide appeal.

The future calls, and the new Honda DN-01 answers with a totally new concept in motorcycle riding enjoyment.


With its radical new Performance Cruiser styling and revolutionary automatic HFT transmission, the new DN-01 opens the door to a new world of smooth and
easy riding pleasure.


• High-quality, urban-oriented, organic bodywork design with relaxed and comfortable styling.

• Distinctive long-nose front cowl and short tail designs.

• Front cowl integrated into fuel tank, with integrated short front windscreen.

• Wide and low 690mm stepped seat offers relaxed riding position and easy reach to ground.

• Long and wide pillion seat assures comfortable tandem riding.

• American-style cruiser riding position and motorcyclelike knee grip enhance sense of oneness with motorcycle.

• New, narrow wrap-around headlight design with dual projector low beams and single central multi-reflector high beam.

• Wide, narrow taillight with clear lens covering red LED array and yellow indicator bulbs for strong visual impact.

• 2-into-1 exhaust system with chrome-plated triangular shaped tailpipe.

• Smoothly integrated undercowl and muffler design.

• Long, elegant back-swept handlebars.

• Spacious foot boards tapered upward for enhanced riding comfort.

• Large-scale, one-piece LCD instrument panel features wide-throw multi-segment tachometer display with 7,800rpm redline and large central digital speedometer readout.

• Colour variations include: Graphite Black and Pearl Amethyst Purple.


• Compact, liquid-cooled fuel-injected 680cc 8-valve Vtwin with shaft drive.

• Revolutionary new infinitely variable automatic HFT (Human Friendly Transmission) offers same powerful and easy ride as a motorcycle.

• HFT features three modes of operation: Drive, Sport and push button selectable 6-speed Manual.
• Hydraulic automatic clutch with switch-selectable mechanical neutral.

• Transmission automatically switches into Neutral when ignition is switched off.

• Innovative ‘lock-up’ system provides more direct engine-to-rear wheel drive for stronger, sharper acceleration than other automatic or belt drive systems.

• HFT offers advantage of higher load handling capability and better power transfer efficiency, permitting sportier acceleration than possible with conventional belt-drive systems.

• Smooth, stepless automatic HFT operation with throttle-controlled high-load ‘downshift’ capability featuring ramping ratio change, rather than stepped

• Easy operation: Simply press right-side DN switch (in D Mode) to engage drive. Hydraulic clutch eliminates‘clunk’ into first gear, instead smoothly switching into
gear, with movement initiated by throttle.

• Dual-chamber exhaust with catalyser in forward chamber for further enhanced mass centralisation.


• Rigid steel pipe double-cradle frame with bolt-on seat rail (also steel tube construction).

• Higher frame rigidity and front weight allocation ensure better high-speed stability than typical largedisplacement scooters.

• Mass centralized 15.1-litre (with 3-litre reserve) dual fuel tank permits lower seat height and better mass centralisation.

• Standard 41mm front fork with wide 130/70ZR17M/ C front tyre.

• Solid handling stability and riding comfort unprecedented in Custom class.

• Steeper 28° 30' caster angle ensures more enjoyable handling and manoeuvrability.

• Single-sided aluminium Pro-Arm swingarm with shaft drive and Monoshock rear suspension.

• Longer 120mm rear axle stroke offers enhanced ride feel.

• Elegant 17" dual 5-spoke cast aluminum wheels.

• Wide, low-profile 190/50-17 rear tyre.

• Smoothly responsive Combined-Antilock Brake System for confident braking control.

• Convenient parking brake.


• Honda Ignition Security System (HISS) helps prevent ride-away theft by disabling ignition system at its central ECU.


Engine Type - Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve SOHC 52° Vtwin
Displacement - 680cm³
Bore x Stroke - 81 x 66mm
Compression Ratio - 10 : 1
Max. Power Output - ND
Max. Torque - ND
Idling Speed - 1,200min-1
Oil Capacity - 4.0 litres

Fuel System

Carburation - PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Throttle Bore - 40mm
Aircleaner - Viscous, cartridge-type mesh net filter
Fuel Tank Capacity - 15.1 litres (including 3-litre LCD-indicated reserve)

Electrical System

Ignition System - Fully transistorised electronic
Ignition Timing - ND
Sparkplug Type - ND
Starter - Electric
Battery Capacity - 12V / 12AH
ACG Output - ND
Headlights - 12V, 55W x 2 (low) / 55W x 1 (high)


Clutch - HFT with internal hydraulic control
Clutch Operation - Automatic
Transmission - HFT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
Primary Reduction - ND
Final Reduction - ND
Final Drive - Enclosed shaft


Type - Double-cradle; steel tube


Dimensions - 2,315 x 820 x 1,115mm
Wheelbase - 1,605mm
Caster Angle - 28° 30'
Trail - 114mm
Turning Radius - ND
Seat Height - 690mm
Ground Clearance - 135mm
Kerb Weight - ND
Max. Carrying Capacity - ND
Loaded Weight - ND


Type - Front 41mm telescopic fork, 106mm axle travel
Rear - Single conventional dampers with 7-step adjustable spring preload, 120mm axle travel


Type Front - Aluminium Castwheel
Rear Aluminium - Castwheel
Rim Size Front - 17M/C x MT3.50
Rear - 17M/C x MT6.00
Tyre Size Front - 130/70 ZR17M/C (62W)
Rear - 190/50 ZR17M/C (73W)
Tyre Pressure Front - 225kPa
Rear - 250kPa


Type Front - 296 x 4mm dual hydraulic disc with Combined 3-piston callipers, ABS and sintered metal pads
Rear - 276 x 6mm hydraulic disc with Combined dual-piston calliper, ABS and sintered metal pads

All specifications are provisional and subject to change without notice.