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2008 Honda CBF600S

2008 Honda CBF600S

The New Standard of the Mid- Displacement Class

Featuring a new compact and high-powered CBR600RR-based engine, a lightweight new cast aluminium frame and light, sporty new styling, the new 2008 CBF600 charges to the front of the mid-displacement Naked class with a lithe new look, stronger performance and crisp, sporty handling that combine to accentuate the limitless joys of riding.

The CBF’s timeless European styling and slim, adjustable riding proportions are designed to ‘just fit’ an even wider range of riders, providing long-distance riding comfort and confidence-inspiring performance on every road it travels. With its more exhilarating power delivery, smoothly responsive handling and choice of faired or naked versions, the CBF600 boldly reasserts its position as the perfect mid-sized riding machine for novices, weekend motorcyclists, returnees to the sport or anyone looking to rediscover the fundamental pleasure of motorcycle riding.

New Features

New and more exciting in every way, the totally revamped CBF600 features the latest in engine and frame design for a lighter, more inviting form, smoother, more
accommodating performance and an always friendly disposition that offers the best fit for a wide range of riders and riding styles.

New Styling Features

• New lighter sculpted form gives impression of having been cut with a sharp knife, with new indents contributing to enhanced high-speed control.

• New air management ports under sides of tank and side cowl draw air out from inside to deflect air around rider for both enhanced comfort and lighter, easier
changes of direction.

• Instrument panel features new HISS, ABS, FI indicators on left and new fuel gauge on right.

• Fuel tank capacity increased by 1 litre to 20 litres for extended touring range.

• New seat design features smoother, more rounded and more narrow frontal area for increased comfort, especially for shorter riders. New seat foam also helps
reduce long-term riding fatigue.

• 3-position adjustable seat features all-new mounting hardware with new mounting positions and new rubber dampers to minimise vibration.

• New dogleg levers feature easier, more comfortable operation.

• New chipping guard under forward section of seat cowl protects rear damper from road grime.

• New Pearl Nightstar Black, Pearl Siena Red, Quasar Silver Metallic and Dolphin Grey Metallic colour variations.

New Performance Features


• Lighter, more compact and higher-revving new fuel injected 600cc engine derived from that powering the 2007 CBR600RR and CB600F Hornet, but retuned
for a more comfortable balance of performance and acceleration.

• Lighter engine weight realises stronger performance potential, with a focus on enhanced low-rev power that offers easier control for beginners and women.

• Engine power, performance, fuel economy and exhaust emissions all improved over current model.

• Stronger low-rev engine power and torque eases starts, with no stalling even when starting out at idle.

• Transmission 3rd, 4th & 5th gear ratios shortened for quicker acceleration.

• Shift pedal linkage position changed for improved shift feel.

• Exhaust note tuned for deeper, more impressive sound.

• New, higher-capacity radiator carried over from Hornet.

• New 300-cell catalyser and O2 sensor integrated into front section of stainless steel silencer, ensuring full conformity with EURO-3 emissions regulations.


• All-new gravity die-cast aluminium Mono-Backbone frame based on 2007 Hornet achieves lighter weight and sharper handling.

• Stronger seat rail construction accommodates mounting of panniers and top box mounting, etc.

• Lighter frame and engine keep vehicle weight under that of current model, even with addition of HECS3 catalyser system.

• Front fork features new adjustable preload.

• 46mm longer box-section steel swingarm and 4mm longer wheelbase contribute to enhanced high-speed control, particularly under fully loaded conditions.

• New Combined-ABS version features 3-piston front brake callipers optimised for Performance Naked riding characteristics, like 2007 Hornet.

• ABS tuned for smoother, more reassuring operation.

• New lightweight 6-point floating disc brake rotors.

• Centrestand pivot and foot tang repositioned for increased leverage and easier operation.



Type - Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC inline-4
Displacement - 599.3cm³
Bore x Stroke - 67 x 42.5mm
Compression Ratio - 11.6 : 1
Max. Power Output - 57kW / 10,500min-1 (95/1/EC)
Max. Torque - 59Nm / 8,250min-1 (95/1/EC)
Idling Speed - 1,300min-1
Oil Capacity - 3.5 litres

Fuel System

Carburation - PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Throttle Bore - 32mm
Aircleaner - Dry, cartridge-type paper filter
Fuel Tank Capacity - 20 litres (including 4-litre warning light reserve)

Electrical System

Ignition System - Computer-controlled digital transistorised with electronic advance
Ignition Timing - 4° BTDC (idle) ~ 60° BTDC (12,000min-1)
Sparkplug Type - CR8EH-9 (NGK); U24FER-9 (DENSO)
Starter - Electric
Battery Capacity - 12V / 8.6AH
ACG Output - 333W
Headlights - 12V, 55W x 1 (low) / 55W x 1 (high)


Clutch - Wet, multiplate with coil springs
Clutch Operation - Mechanical; cable-actuated
Transmission - 6-speed
Primary Reduction - 2.111 (76/36)
Gear Ratios - 2.750 (33/12), 2; 1.938 (31/16), 3; 1.556 (28/18), 4; 1.304 (30/23), 5; 1.150 (23/20), 6; 1.042 (25/24)
Final Reduction - 2.625 (42/15)
Final Drive - O-ring sealed chain


Type - Mono-backbone; gravity die-cast aluminium


Dimensions - 2,160 x 765 x 1,240mm
Wheelbase - 1,490mm
Caster Angle - 26°
Trail - 110mm
Turning Radius - 2.8m
Seat Height - 785mm (± 15mm)
Ground Clearance - 130mm
Kerb Weight - 217kg (F: 107kg; R: 110kg), *222kg (F:109kg; R: 113kg)
Max. Carrying Capacity - 195kg
Loaded Weight - 417kg (F: 144kg; R: 273kg), *417kg (F: 144kg; R: 273kg)


Type Front - 41mm telescopic fork, 120mm axle travel
Rear - Monoshock damper with 7-step adjustable preload, 125mm axle travel


Type Front - U-section twin 6-spoke cast aluminium
Rear - U-section twin 6-spoke cast aluminium
Rim Size Front - 17M/C x MT3.50
Rear - 17M/C x MT5.00
Tyre Size Front - 120/70 ZR17M/C (58W)
Rear - 160/60 ZR17M/C (69W)
Tyre Pressure Front - 250kPa
Rear - 290kPa


Type Front - 296 x 4.5mm dual hydraulic disc with dualpiston (*Combined three-piston) callipers, (*ABS) and sintered metal pads
Rear - 240 x 5mm hydraulic disc with (*Combined) single-piston calliper, (*ABS) and sintered metal pads

* Combined ABS version

All specifications are provisional and subject to change without notice.