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2008 Honda XL700V Transalp

2008 Honda XL700V Transalp


The New Adventure Sports Trailblazer

With its dynamic new Adventure Sports styling, the all-new 2008 XL700V Transalp really sets the pace for exhilarating riding enjoyment on every road you can imagine. Powered by a new fuel-injected V-twin engine that carries it down the road with impressive power and confident cruising speed, the new Transalp strongly reasserts its position as Europe’s most versatile midsized motorcycle. Its cutting-edge style, strong, satisfying performance and always inviting sense of adventure make every ride a great escape and a time to remember.

The exciting new 2008 Transalp encourages you to break down barriers to riding enjoyment and seek out all the fun that lies just over the next horizon.

New Features

New Styling Features

• New-generation multi-purpose touring model features new, more sporty and attractive design reminiscent of the latest, most sophisticated outdoor gear.

• Aggressive new bodywork design and graphics give emphasis to a stronger, more modern outdoor Adventure Sports image.

• Frontal area made more compact and sporty, with narrower overall width.

• New air management design reduces emphasis on wind protection in favour of an enhanced and relatively comfortable wind feel.

• New, more compact front cowl and bikini windscreen reduce blast of air to chest area.

• Holes through front cowl to under backside of screen help lighten handling.

• Attractive, high-illumination over/under integrated dual headlight.

• New, more compact, functional and practical instrument panel.

• Fuel tank smaller, but riding range extended with improved fuel economy. Features new flat hinged fuel tank cap like Varadero.

• Seat area slimmer and more contoured for easier, more comfortable reach to ground.

• Compact, newly designed exhaust reaches up from the catalyser sub-chamber to under the side of the pillion seat.

• New, more sleekly designed resin carrier rack with comfortable built-in pillion hand grips wraps closely around tail and integrated taillight.

• Protective moulded resin undercowl features more attractive design.

• Graphics strongly evocative of a GPS readout design, incorporating numbers that correspond to the highest paved road in Europe: Col de la Bonette in the southern French Alps.

• New Barley Yellow Metallic, Carnelian Red Metallic, Anchor Grey Metallic and Moody Blue Metallic colour variations with Pearl Concourse Black fuel tank and
Vernier Grey Metallic undercowl, front cowl trim and rear carrier.

• Black anodised aluminium wheel rims.

New Performance Features


• New, lighter and more powerful 680cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine features 4-valve heads, new fuel injection system and HECS3 oxygen-sensing catalytic low
emissions system.

• New engine provides optimum power delivery for a wide range of riding conditions, including both motorways and off-road capability while being easy to
control in all situations. Peak top-end power eschewed in favour of a smooth and strong balance of performance.

• Lower maintenance, reduced running costs and full EURO-3 emissions compliance.


• Frame, chassis and suspension components essentially unchanged from the current model, however overall size is more compact and riding position is lower
and easier to use.

• Exhaust system’s catalyser chamber located below swingarm pivot for lower centre of gravity and enhanced control.

• Front tyre size reduced in size from 21" to 19" for easier in-town riding control.

• New 130/80 radial rear tyre replaces earlier 120/90 bias-type for enhanced stability, especially in corners.

• Longer wheelbase and new tyres contribute to smoother, more stable high-speed touring.

• New Combined-ABS version also available for supreme confidence and control in on-road braking situations.



Type - Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve SOHC 52° Vtwin
Displacement - 680.2cm³
Bore x Stroke - 81 x 66mm
Compression Ratio - 10 : 1
Max. Power Output - 44.1kW / 7,750min-1 (95/1/EC)
Max. Torque - 60Nm / 5,500min-1 (95/1/EC)
Idling Speed - 1,200min-1
Oil Capacity - 2.9 litres

Fuel System

Carburation - PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Throttle Bore - 40mm
Aircleaner - Viscous, cartridge-type paper filter
Fuel Tank Capacity - 17.5 litres (including 3-litre reserve)

Electrical System

Ignition System - Digital transistorised with electronic advance
Ignition Timing - 10° BTDC (idle) ~ 34.5° BTDC (7,750min-1)
Sparkplug Type - CPR8EA-9 (NGK); U24EPR9 (DENSO)
Starter - Electric
Battery Capacity - 12V / 11.2AH
ACG Output - 396W
Headlights - 12V, 55W x 1 (low) / 55W x 1 (high)


Clutch - Wet, multiplate with coil springs
Clutch Operation - Mechanical; cable-actuated
Transmission - 5-speed
Primary Reduction - 1.763 (67/38)
Gear Ratios - 2.500 (35/14), 2; 1.722 (31/18), 3; 1.333 (28/21), 4; 1.111 (30/27), 5; 0.961 (25/26)
Final Reduction - 3.133 (47/15)
Final Drive - O-ring sealed chain


Type - Semi-double-cradle; box-section steel tube


Dimensions - 2,250 x 905 x 1,305mm
Wheelbase - 1,515mm
Caster Angle - 28° 23'
Trail - 111mm
Turning Radius - 2m
Seat Height - 841mm
Ground Clearance - 177mm
Kerb Weight - 214kg (F: 101kg; R: 113kg), *219kg (F:103kg; R: 116kg)
Max. Carrying Capacity - 200kg
Loaded Weight - 369kg (F: 125kg; R: 244kg)


Type Front - 41mm leading-axle telescopic fork, 177mm axle travel
Rear - Pro-Link with adjustable compression damping, 173mm axle travel


Type Front - Aluminium rim/wire spoke
Rear - Aluminium rim/Tangentially Located (TL) spoke
Rim Size Front - 19M/C x MT2.15
Rear - 17M/C x MT3.50
Tyre Size Front - 100/90 R19M/C (57H)
Rear - 130/80 R17M/C (65H)
Tyre Pressure Front - 200kPa
Rear - 200kPa


Type Front - 256 x 4mm dual hydraulic disc with dualpiston (*Combined three-piston) callipers (*ABS) and sintered metal pads
Rear - 240 x 6mm hydraulic disc with (*Combined) single-piston calliper (*ABS) and resin mould pads

* Combined ABS version

All specifications are provisional and subject to change without notice.