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2008 Royal Enfield Bullet Motorcycle Range


Bullet 350 Classic

2008 Royal Enfield 350 ClassicThe Bullet is unique in being a machine of the 1950’s but made today with the benefit of modern technology and a full national dealer network. Over 100 modifications have been made to the Bullet in the past ten years but, with the exception of the indicators, it still looks much the same as it did 50 years ago. 



Bullet 350T

2008 Royal Enfield 350TRoyal Enfield had an outstanding record of success in the ISDT [International Six Days’ Trial], acknowledged as the longest and most strenuous of all motorcycle competitions, during the glory years for British riders between 1948-1953.  Watsonian have developed a 350-T, which is evocative of pre-’65 trials bikes, made internationally famous by Johnny Brittain. Based on the classic Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle, the motorcycles are built with a number of modifications, including many British-made parts. These include painted silver tank, single sprung seat, wide handlebars, upswept sports exhaust system, alloy mudguards, bash-plate and off-road “knobbly” tyres.

Bullet 500 Classic

2008 Royal Enfield 500 ClassicAlthough not significantly faster than the original 350, the 500cc Bullet offers considerably more torque, giving noticeably swifter acceleration and more tractable power.  Its higher gearing than the 350 helps the 500cc model to achieve a higher cruising speed too.



Bullet 500-ES

2008 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 ESIt took 52 years for the Royal Enfield Bullet to benefit from an electric starter, but most enthusiasts believe it has been well worth the wait.  Although the basic design remains un-changed from 50 years ago, the addition of an electric starter is only one of a number of refinements added over recent years including up-rated 12 volt electrics, modern halogen headlight, indicators and coil ignition plus alternator, (replacing the magneto & dynamo).

Bullet 500 Clubman-S

2008 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Clubman SRiders looking to recapture the Sixties spirit with a cafe racer can now satisfy their cravings with the Clubman 500-S.  Based upon the Indian-made 500cc Bullet, the 500-S is a joint development between Watsonian-Squire and performance specialist Norman Hyde. Obvious changes from the standard Bullet are the big polished aluminium tank, ace bars, single seat and sports exhaust. All of these unique components are British-made, many by craftsmen who worked in the original British factories.  Available with an electric starter as an optional extra. 

Bullet 500 Clubman-GT

2008 Royal Enfield Glubman GTCreated in response to demand from some customers for a café racer styled bike, but with a more relaxed riding position and the capacity to carry a passenger.  Hence the flat bars and twin seat.


Bullet Army 5-Speed

2008 Royal Enfield Bullet Army 5-speedRoyal Enfield opened a plant in Madras shortly after the Second World War to supply motorcycles to the Indian army. Since then the plant has supplied over 100,000 machines to the Indian army and a further 25,000 to the Police.  These rugged 500cc single cylinder machines are painted olive green (including the mudguards and engine casings) and fitted with a heavy-duty rack with “ammo box” panniers and crash bars, as supplied to the Indian Army. This export model enjoys the added luxuries of 5-speed gearbox & electric starter.

Price OTR
Max Power
Seat Height
BULLET 350 CLASSIC £2,195 18bhp @5625rpm 20@2875 rpm 346cc 4-str a/c single 165 KG 760mm
BULLET 350 TRIALS £2,795 20bhp @5625rpm 20@2875 rpm 346cc 4-str a/c single 165KG 760mm
BULLET 500 CLASSIC £2,695 22bhp@5400rpm 26@3000 rpm 499cc 4-str a/c single 168KG 760mm
BULLET 500 TRIALS £3,295 22bhp@5400rpm 26@3000 rpm 499cc 4-str a/c single 168KG 760mm
BULLET 500 ARMY 5-SPEED £3,495 22bhp @5625rpm 26@3000 rpm 499cc 4-str a/c single 175KG 760mm
BULLET 500 CLUBMAN £4,100 24bhp@5400rpm 26@3000 rpm 499cc 4-str a/c single 168KG 760mm