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2008 Royal Enfield Electra Motorcycle Range


Bullet Electra-X

2008 Royal Enfield Bullet Electra-XThe future of the Royal Enfield Bullet, first produced in 1949, is secured thanks to a new lean-burn engine.  The Electra-X retains the traditional appearance, simplicity and sound of the British ‘single’ but with greater inherent reliability and performance coupled with better fuel consumption and the ability meet anticipated emissions legislation around the Globe.  In addition to electric starter and 5-speed gearbox, this machine has a modified frame with new front forks and mudguard, 280mm single calliper front disc brake and gas filled rear dampers.  It is equipped with Avon Super Venom and Roadrunner tyres front & rear and has higher gearing than previous 500cc models, giving improved cruising speeds.

Electra Classic

2008 Royal Enfield Electra ClassicRoyal Enfield have developed a 1950’s-styled version of the new Bullet Electra-X, which pays homage to the decade during which the classic Bullet first saw the light of day.  Two versions have been produced; the standard Electra Classic gets a chrome-sided tank and matching chrome mudguards front and rear, which combine to give the bike the appearance of the 1950’s Bullet at first glance.  For those seeking something that harks back to the original Bullet of 1949, there is a Solo Saddle model. This adds a leatherette solo sprung saddle and luggage rack to the chrome tank and guards, taking the Bullet Electra into another decade altogether.

Electra 500-T

2008 Royal Enfield 500-TThe ‘trials’ styled Electra 500-T is powered by the Company’s all-aluminium 499cc OHV single cylinder engine, which replaces the original 50 year-old British-designed unit, so that the Bullet meets current stringent emissions controls in Europe and the USA.   Royal Enfield had an outstanding record of success in the ISDT [International Six Days’ Trial], during the glory years for British riders between 1948-1953. The Bullet Electra 500-T has been designed to capture the sprit of the ‘unstoppable Bullet’ in a package that will be comfortable to ride on today’s roads.  The Bullet Electra 500-T shares the frame and running gear with the Electra-X road bike as well as electric start, 5-speed gearbox, 280mm single calliper front disc brake and gas filled rear dampers. Changes from the standard bike include alloy mudguards, scrambles handlebars, solo sprung saddle, revised rear sub-frame and tail light assembly, alloy bash-plate, smaller indicators and upswept sports silencer. Continental TKC 80 Rally tyres complete the picture, offering high levels of grip when used on or off-road plus long service life.

Electra Sportsman

2008 Royal Enfield Electra SportsmanProduced exclusively for the UK market, the Bullet Electra Sportsman is styled to capture the essence of the cafe racers of the 1960’s, but with user-friendly concessions to modern life, including electric start, 5-speed gearbox, halogen headlight and 280mm front disc brake.  Gas-filled rear shock absorbers and Avon Super Venom tyres enhance handling. The composite GRP tank, which encases a steel fuel tank, and GRP solo seat unit give the Sportsman a radically different appearance to the standard Bullet.  Chrome mudguards, rear-set footrests and ace bars, further enhance this.  An upswept “Gold Star” style silencer completes the picture and gives the Sportsman a truly authentic ‘British single’ exhaust note that will turn heads wherever it goes.  In terms of performance the Electra Sportsman is a significant leap forward from previous models that still used the 1950’s-designed engine. The new lean burn engine offers improved reliability, better fuel economy (regularly returning over 75mpg) and lower emissions. Perhaps even more importantly, the combination of a 32mm Dell'Orto carburettor and sport silencer allows the engine to breath more freely, producing 30 bhp.

Electra XR

2008 Royal Enfield Electra-XS RoadsterThe Sportsman XR shares its engine and bodywork with the Sportsman but the classic Bullet headlight nacelle is replaced by twin speedometer and rev counter. The XR also gets flat handlebars and stunning red paintwork, reminiscent of the iconic Continental GT of the 1960’s.



Electra-XS Roadster

2008 Royal Enfield-XS RoadsterIntroduced in 2007, this model has been developed exclusively for the UK market and gets more aggressive roadster styling.  The most obvious changes are to the front end, where flat handlebars and twin chrome speedometer and rev counter replace the nacelle that has served the Bullet for over 50 years.  Other changes from the standard model include chrome mudguards front and rear plus an upswept sport silencer that boosts power output by 10% compared to the standard model.

Electra Clubman

2008 Royal Enfield Electra ClubmanAlso new in 2007, the Bullet Electra Clubman combines the look and sound of the classic cafe racers of the Sixties with the reliability and performance of a modern lean burn all-aluminium engine.

The Clubman is based on the popular Electra 500cc single and has been developed by Royal Enfield’s UK distributors Watsonian-Squire and includes many unique components that are British-made.  Perhaps the most eye-catching feature is the 4.5-gallon polished aluminium tank, complemented by a glass fibre single seat unit.  Closer inspection reveals many other period details, including ‘ace’ bars, hand made rear-set footrests plus discreet mini indicators.  The upswept ‘Gold Star’ style silencer is key to the design changes, as it allows the lean burn engine, (designed to help Royal Enfield meet stringent modern emissions controls), breathe more freely.  Maximum power is boosted by 10% compared to the standard model, but owners can still expect to see fuel consumption in the region of 75MPG. 

Electra Woodsman#

2008 Royal Enfield Electra WoodsmanDue for launch Spring 2008.  The Woodsman is inspired by the street scramblers of the late 1950's that the company exported to the USA under the Indian brand, which is ironic as the current model is manufactured in India!  With its distinctive high level exhaust system, trials style bars and solo saddle the Woodsman looks every inch the classic British single, but is in fact powered by the company's modern all-alloy Electra engine, with 5-speed gearbox and electric starter. The exhaust system is not only higher than on standard Bullets, but has moved to left side, necessitating a re-styled side panel, all of which adds to this machine's distinctive appearance. Its short sports silencer boosts power by 10% compared to the standard model, for brisker acceleration. The Woodsman is equipped with a handy rear rack and alloy bash plate too.


Price OTR
Max Power
Seat Height
ELEXTRA-X £3,595 25bhp@5500rpm 29.5@3000 rpm 499cc 4-str a/c single 166KG 820mm
ELECTRA CLASSIC  £3,695 25bhp@5500rpm 29.5@3000 rpm 499cc 4-str a/c single 166KG 820mm
ELECTRA TRIALS £4,050 27.5bhp@5500rpm 29.5@3000 rpm 499cc 4-str a/c single 166KG 820mm
ELEXTRA XS £4,450 27.5bhp@5500rpm 29.5@3000 rpm 499cc 4-str a/c single 166KG 820mm
ELECTRA CLUBMAN £4,595 27.5bhp@5500rpm 29.5@3000 rpm 499cc 4-str a/c single 1646KG 820mm
ELECTRA SPORTSMAN £4,865 30bhp@5500rpm 29.5@3000 rpm 499cc 4-str a/c single 166KG 820mm
ELECTRA WOODSMAN £3,895 27.5bhp@5500rpm 29.5@3000 rpm 499cc 4-str a/c single 166KG 820mm
ELECTRA XR £5,595 30bhp@5500rpm 29.5@3000 rpm 499cc 4-str a/c single 166KG 820mm