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2008 Royal Enfield Sidecar Motorcycle Range

Sidecar outfits

Since its launch over 50 years ago, the Royal Enfield Bullet has proved a successful and popular choice for sidecar users. Now UK distributors Watsonian-Squire has developed specifically matched outfits, which are on sale fully assembled, tested and ready to hit the road.

Stratford 350 Outfit

2008 Royal Enfield 350 Stratford SidecarThe 350cc Bullet has been matched to a Watsonian Stratford, a single seat lightweight sidecar manufactured from fibreglass on a platform chassis. Its 16” spoked wheel, deeply valenced mudguard and lustrous paintwork give it a real Fifties look.



GP Jubilee Electra-X Outfit

2008 Royal Enfield GP Jubilee Electra-X SidecarBritain’s biggest surviving sidecar manufacturer, Watsonian-Squire, has created a sidecar for the new Bullet Electra-X from Royal Enfield, one of the world’s oldest motorcycle marques.  The classic styling of the Bullet compliments the GP Jubilee sidecar, which, although manufactured in fibreglass, retains the traditional aluminium struts used in the days of sheet metal sidecar bodies.  Powered by a modern single cylinder 499cc lean burn engine, the Bullet Electra-X is re-geared for sidecar work to give extra pulling power at low revs.  Watsonian-Squire also replace the OE front tyre with an item with a squarer profile that is better suited to sidecars.  Customers can expect classic cruising speeds of 60mph to match the classic looks, but with the benefit of modern levels of reliability.

Price OTR
Max Power
Seat Height
ELECTRA 500 MANX OUTFIT £6,578 25bhp@5500rpm 29.5@3000 rpm 499cc 4-str a/c single 251KG 820mm