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2008 Victory Vision Street

2008 Victory Vision Street

Development History

Riders are celebrating the arrival of the new Victory Vision Street, a motorcycle that takes luxury-touring riding to a high new level.

This is the most complete motorcycle in its class and it offers: comfort, convenience, great power, a smooth ride, easy handling &
innovative new styling unlike anything on the road today.

• After over six years of development, the Victory Vision sets a new high standard for American luxury-touring cruisers
• The Victory Vision Street delivers tremendous comfort, easy handling, a smooth ride & outstanding power & performance
• Victory Vision Street is ideal for riders who primarily ride alone but want the capability to ride 2-up
• Designed for the rider who takes occasional long-distance rides; Pure Victory accessories are available to enhance its solo
or 2-up long distance touring prowess
• Bike has mounting points & electrical connections to accommodate devices such as helmet communicators, CB radio,
iPod® or GPS
• More than 40 Victory Vision accessories are available from Pure Victory & development of more items is ongoing

• Victory Vision has the lowest seat height in its class & the front of the seat is narrow so a rider’s legs have a direct reach
to the ground
• Seats have 4” of padding to ensure comfort over the long run
• For the driver, ergonomics create a relaxed position to ensure comfort, and all controls are close at hand, making it easy
to operate the bike & its equipment
• Long, integrated floorboards offer the driver the opportunity to reposition feet and legs as desired to remain fresh &
comfortable during long days in the saddle
• Adjustable windscreen (on premium models or available as an accessory) lets the rider control airflow
• With windscreen raised, wind & rain are deflected over riders & buffeting is minimized
• With windscreen lowered, riders enjoy cooling airflow
• Manually adjustable side wind deflectors can also be used to direct & deflect airflow as desired, to great effect
• Controls are positioned for easy operation & instrumentation is designed to make it easy to monitor operating conditions while riding
• Smooth ride is enhanced by 6-speed transmission’s true overdrive
• Controls for all electronics devices are close at hand, easy to see & operate
• Switches & controls are mounted adjacent to the handgrips or on the center console in front of the rider
• Small storage compartment with electronics connection is directly in front of the rider
• Dual side storage units found inside the bodywork alongside the rear wheel are spacious, weatherproof, lockable
• Electronic gauge makes it easy to monitor status of 6-gallon fuel capacity

• 106ci/1731cc engine produces 92 horsepower & 109 ft-lbs. torque
• New airbox enhances air intake to help produce more power
• New Engine Control System & Closed Loop Fuel Injection
• New throttle body, fuel injectors, oxygen sensors & idle air control
• New Engine Control Module (ECM)
• New cooling system has newly styled oil cooler & new internal & external oil routing
• New engine components that reduce NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) include: New cam shafts, pistons, rods, crankshaft,
balance shaft, crankcases & engine covers
• New transmission has new 1st & 6th gears
• New 6th gear has slightly higher ratio & runs more quietly
• New 1st gear has lower ratio & delivers improved low-speed drivability & acceleration
• New primary drive with new torque compensator reduces operating noise & improves smoothness

• Rear suspension features mono air shock combined with coil spring
• Rider adjusts the suspension to account for the weight of a passenger and/or cargo
• Using easy-access air valve on the side of the bike, rider adds air to accommodate heavier loads; reduces air pressure
for riding without passenger/cargo weight

• Rear brakes are controlled by the foot control and are hydraulically linked to the front brakes; right-hand brake lever
controls front brakes only
• On moderate to heavy braking with the rear brake pedal, a slight degree of front braking will be activated hydraulically
to enhance the bike’s overall braking
• Light braking with the rear brake pedal activates only the rear brake
• New brake system uses several new components: Hand brake lever, front and rear calipers, rear master cylinder, rotors & plumbing
• Front brake is dual disk with 3 pistons per caliper & floating rotors
• Rear brake is single disk with a 2-piston caliper & floating rotor

• New-style handgrips & end caps are styled to complement the new-style switch housings
• Grips can accept heated grip accessory; heated grips are standard on premium models & available as Pure Victory accessories
• New hydraulic clutch that provides smooth, easy operation; requires less effort to control clutch
• Cleanly styled new switch housings provide refined, more integrated styling
• Excellent lighting package with a highly effective HID headlight and distinctive V-shaped taillight

• Midnight Cherry
• Super Steel Gray
• Black