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2009 Aprilia Scarabeo 50 2T

2009 Aprilia Scarabeo Street

Ever since it was introduced back in 1993 Scarabeo has led the field in technology and style, becoming the trend setter for the scooter market. All the large wheel scooters launched after Scarabeo have copied it to a greater or lesser extent, but Scarabeo’s unique lines still represent the most successful mix of classic and modern styling you can find.

Scarabeo’s simple, friendly looks are always the height of fashion, and its easy-going character and reliable, modern engines always never let you down. The recipe behind Scarabeo’s incredible success is so simple that it is impossible to copy. That is why riders who have come to appreciate Scarabeo over the years would never dream of riding another scooter. Scarabeo believes in evolution, not revolution.

Its harmonious shape, defined by simple, rounded lines and reassuringly smooth surfaces, is totally unmistakable. Scarabeo’s superior finish and refined details stand out at first glance and first touch. Scarabeo is simply Scarabeo, unique and unmistakable.

Distinctive elegance, impressive comfort, plus advanced performance and safety give Scarabeo across-the-board appeal. Scarabeo is loved by teenagers, lady riders, students and managers – in fact everybody who wants a scooter of distinction and class. Scarabeo does not follow fashion – it leads it. Like all true classics, Scarabeo is an object of cult design, and evolves without losing its identity.

Scarabeo has become an undisputed symbol of two-wheeled elegance. One quick glance is all you need to recognise Scarabeo among a thousand others. And one quick trip is all you need to appreciate its superb riding qualities.

Over the years Scarabeo has developed a chameleon-like ability to change its skin, and to evolve along with the changing needs of the market. The emphasis today is on practical mobility: riders want scooters that are small outside but big inside, and able to overcome any challenge.

Scarabeo satisfies all the needs of modern mobility thanks to a complete range of engine sizes, from the city-loving 50/100 to the 250, 400 and flagship 500cc models. And there is Scarabeo 125/200 too, dedicated mainly to riders who want to combine agility, performance and comfort.

Technical Specification;

  • Engine - Single horizontal cylinder two stroke
  • Displacement - 49 cm3
  • Bore and stroke - 40 x 39.3 mm
  • Fuel - Unleaded petrol
  • Maximum power - 3.4 kW (4.6 bhp) at 5,750 rpm
  • Max torque - 6.0 Nm at 5,250 rpm
  • Fuel system - Dell’Orto 17.5 mm carburettor
  • Starting - Electric and kick start
  • Alternator - 70 W
  • Ignition - Electronic
  • Lubrication - Separate mixer with mechanical pump
  • Gearbox - Twist-and-go CVT (continuously variable transmission)
  • Clutch - Automatic centrifugal dry clutch
  • Primary drive - V belt
  • Final drive - Gears
  • Frame - Split single beam with double cradle
  • Front suspension - Hydraulic fork; wheel travel 89 mm
  • Rear suspension - Hydraulic monoshock; wheel travel 74 mm


  • Front: 220 mm disc
  • Rear: 140 mm drum


  • Alloy
  • Front: 1.60 x 16”
  • Rear: 1.85 x 16”


  • Tubeless
  • Front: 80/80 x 16”
  • Rear: 90/80 x 16”

Dimensions (mm)

  • Length: 1875 (mm)
  • Width: 710 mm (at brake levers)
  • Wheelbase: 1245 mm
  • Seat height: 700 mm
  • Fuel tank capacity - 7.5 litres (including 1 litre reserve)
  • Emissions - Euro 2


  • New Concept 32 litre black textured top box
  • Comfort windscreen
  • Backrest for New Concept 32 litre top box
  • RH mirror
  • Seat with strap (Nabuk Black, Malibu Grey)
  • Passenger seat mounting bracket

Colour schemes

  • Aprilia Black, Cult White, Aster Blue, Fruit Orange, Virtual Yellow