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2009 Aprilia SR 50 R Factory

2009 Aprilia SR 50 R Factory

Aprilia’s launch of the SR 50 represented a milestone in the history of 50 cc scooters. The SR 50 was the world’s first ever supersport scooter. Ever since its launch many have tried to copy its winning recipe, without ever succeeding. The Aprilia SR 50 is still the undisputed market leader. The continuous technical upgrades the SR has seen over the years have established it as the scooter the others still struggle to match. The Aprilia SR 50 has set records at regular intervals throughout its career: the first ever sports scooter and the first ever Racing Replica to start with, then the first scooter with liquid cooling and two disc brakes, followed by the first 50 with electronic fuel injection. Of course, we shouldn’t forget the SR 50’s famous big bike characteristics like large diameter wheels, super low profile tyres, and top quality hydraulic suspension.
Faithful to its supersport origins, the SR 50 is improving every year in technology and style, just like the hypersport motorcycles that inspire it.

For the Aprilia SR, the definition “race replica” goes well beyond graphics and extends deep into technology. Clearly inspired by Aprilia’s flagship supersports, the SR 50 benefits from the latest technical solutions that normally grace only high power motorcycles. Unique design, exceptional performance and miserly fuel consumption are all achieved thanks to the new fuel injected Purejet 2T engine. The refined frame really does produce a ride like that of a motorcycle, thanks also to top quality suspensions that deliver solid and effective damping. 13” wheels (always fitted to the SR) and ultra-low profile tyres also confirm the technical excellence of the SR 50 R Factory.

Engine: Pace-Setting Technology

The SR was the first ever scooter to be powered by a fuel injected two-stroke engine. The Aprilia SR is now driven by the latest generation Purejet engine. This generous, 50 cc, single cylinder powerplant boasts a long list of improvements that have refined its functioning and made it superbly reliable – so much so that servicing is now only required at intervals of 12,000 to km, reducing running costs even further.

The Purejet engine has exceptional characteristics: negligible fuel consumption (as little as 50 kilometres per litre, an autonomy of 300 km, and minimal oil consumption), higher power, better acceleration, smoother power delivery, fantastic reliability and durability, easy maintenance, and dramatically reduced emissions. In practice, this engine offers all the economic and ecological benefits of a four stroke plus the exciting performance of a sports two stroke.

The engine management system is controlled from the instrument panel, which is connected to the ECU via a K line, allowing computer diagnostics to be used if necessary. The Aprilia SR 50 R FACTORY is also fitted with electronically controlled fuel and oil pumps.

Frame: Precision Handling At Its Best

The completely renewed, high strength steel frame ensures perfect weight distribution and higher front wheel loading than the average scooter. As a result riders benefit from front wheel feedback that normally only motorcycles can offer, and a level of chassis performance that improves both agility and safety. The braking system, characterised by two 190 mm discs, combines with 13” wheels and super-low profile, 130/60 motorcycle-style tyres to guarantee even better grip.

Only The Best In Ergonomics and Equipment

The riding position is designed to give total control, while comfort is guaranteed by an anatomically shaped seat. The under-seat storage compartment is big enough to hold a full face helmet and is complemented by a second compartment in the tip of the seat, offering another 1 litre of space.

The Aprilia SR 50 R Factory is fitted as standard with an advanced, active matrix instrument panel. More than a mere dashboard, this unit incorporates a terminal that communicates with the engine control unit to provide advanced engine management and offer the rider an incredible amount of information. The unit provides 12 different functions, including rev counter, chronometer, battery voltage, 2 trip counters, trip time, and top speed.

35 Watt twin headlight, big-bike style switchgear, electronic transponder, and dynamic front air intake.

Aprilia SR 50 R

The SR 50 R shares with the Factory all the latest technical advances but comes with a simplified level of equipment and an attractive price tag. The engine is a modern, liquid cooled two-stroke with carburettor fuel supply. Excellent engine performance plus the superb chassis (shared with the Factory) guarantee a top class ride.

The SR 50 R differs from the Factory for its carburettor fed, liquid cooled, two stroke engine, analog-digital instruments with LCD display and the absence of a transponder.

Aprilia SR R/R Factory: Technical Specifications

  • Engine - Liquid cooled, single horizontal cylinder, two stroke
  • Displacement - 49 cm3
  • Bore and stroke - 40 x 39.3 mm
  • Fuel - Unleaded petrol
  • Compression ratio - 12.1:1 (SR R), 11.5:1 (SR R FACTORY)
  • Maximum power - 2.7 kW (3.7 HP) at 6,500 rpm (SR R); 4.0 kW (5.4 HP) at 7,750 rpm (SR R FACTORY)
  • Max torque - 4.3 Nm at 6,000 rpm (SR R); 4.8 Nm at 7,500 rpm (SR R FACTORY)
  • Fuel system - Dell’Orto 17.5 mm carburettor (SR R); electronic fuel injection (SR R FACTORY)
  • Starting - Electric
  • Alternator - 70 W (SR R)’ 165 W (SR R FACTORY)
  • Ignition - CDI capacitor discharge ignition (SR R); high power inductive ignition (SR R FACTORY)
  • Lubrication - Separate with mechanical oil pump (SR R); injected with oil pump (SR R FACTORY)
  • Gearbox - Automatic with continuous speed variation
  • Clutch - Automatic centrifugal dry clutch
  • Primary drive - V belt
  • Final drive - Gears
  • Frame - Split single cradle in high strength steel tube
  • Front suspension - Hydraulic fork; wheel travel 90 mm
  • Rear suspension - Engine acting as swingarm, coupled to frame by linkages mounted on two silent-block. Radial vibration dampers; wheel travel 69 mm


  • Front - 190 mm disc with racing caliper and two 32 mm opposing pistons
  • Rear - 190 mm disc with racing caliper and two 30 mm opposing pistons


  • Light alloy
  • Front - 3.50 x 13”
  • Rear - 3.50 x 13”


  • Tubeless
  • Front - 130/60 13”
  • Rear - 130/60 13”


  • Length - 1,860 mm
  • Width - 705 mm
  • Wheelbase - 1,260 mm
  • Seat height - 795 mm
  • Fuel tank capacity 7.0 litres (including 1.2 litre reserve)
  • Under-seat storage Big enough for a full face helmet
  • Emissions - Euro 2


  • New Concept 32 litre textured top box in black
  • comfort windscreen
  • sports windscreen
  • passenger backrest for New Concept 32 litre top box
  • luggage rack
  • side stand
  • racing rear monoshock
  • baffles kit

Colour schemes for 2009

  • Black Diablo, Silver Crowd, Aprilia White, Code Orange