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2009 Bimota DB7

2009 Bimota DB7Bimota DB7DB7DB7 Bimota

Superbike – DB7

On June 2nd 2008, near the Adriatic sea in Italy a new star was born, the 2009 Bimota DB7. This was the date of the international press launch of the newest Superbike from Bimota Motorcycles of Rimini Italy. Journalists from around the world gathered at the demanding Misano Adriatico World Circuit in Italy to put the new DB7 to the ultimate test for a sport bike – professional pilots at full race speeds on a world-class racetrack. Misano challenged both pilot and the DB7 with blurring top speed, arm straining braking and knee-dragging lean-angles hour after hour. The day began with journalists falling in love with the unique design and style of the DB7, described as “sex on wheels”. The day ended with applause for a motorcycle as capable on the track as its aggressive sporting look implies. Praise for the track manners, stability and ease of riding fast were poured upon the DB7 Superbike. Hand-built and available in limited numbers, the DB7 is the most sought after Bimota motorcycle ever.

The DB7 looks like no other Superbike, never to be mistaken for another brand. Shaped by the pen and hands of designer Enrico Borghesan, the Bimota family dna is clear to see. Powered by the incredible Ducati 1098 Testastretta Evoluzione engine, the DB7 enhances the performance of the motor with Bimota chassis concepts and exceptional lightweight. The new Bimota Superbike introduces a long list of innovations including a beautiful oval tube hybrid-trellis frame, distinct Bimota styling, a structural carbon fiber rear sub-frame and unrivalled component details. Bimota performance and innovation has never been more beautiful.

This Superbike dares true motorcyclists to get close and indulge in its details. The beauty and drama of the DB7 at a distance is surpassed only by its detail. Each and every assembly, fastener and chassis component is elegantly fashioned and manufactured with care using advanced materials. From billet machined sub-frames, footrests and control levers to the structural carbon fiber tail section and titanium silencer, no compromise was ever considered nor made. The details are simply spectacular.

The DB7 livery continues with the favorite Team Bimota colors of red, white and black, plus two newly offered colors. The first is a new brilliant white body and contrasting black frame with a flash of the Italian flags red, green and white applied to the fairing. Possibly the most striking new color scheme is not a color at all but simply the application of a glossy clear coat over the DB7’s all carbon fiber body.

DB7 Oronero -- The handcrafted DB7 remains at the pinnacle of the sportbike world, but the Bimota engineers, led by Andrea Acquaviva, wanted to go even further. During this year’s International Motorcycle Exposition (EICMA) in Milan Italy, Bimota unveiled an even more extreme and technologically advanced DB7 -- the Oronero.

Bimota has exploited weight saving structural carbon fiber for tail sections in both in its DB7 and signature hub center steering Tesi 3D with tremendous success. Now in the next natural step, Bimota DB7 Ononero boasts a carbon fiber frame and swingarm.

Appearing for the first time in a production motorcycle, Bimota has now developed a structural carbon fiber frame material in cooperation with the engineering and manufacturing of BRBike. This is advanced technology formerly exploited in Formula 1 race cars and military aircraft, substitutes the traditional steel and aluminium structures with this incredible ultra light material.

The Ononero’s frame and swingarm share the same external dimensions of the standard DB7, but are devoid of traditional welds and mitred junctions. The result is an up-to-now unthought-of featherweight chassis.

The 6 Kg reduction in weight with this advanced frame and swingarm results in a completed bike with an astounding overall dry weight of 164Kg, and with 164 hp, the Oronero has an almost the magical ‘power to weight’ ratio.

Additional weight saving innovations include a titanium rear shock spring and lightened ‘wave’ front brake discs.

Further innovations for the Oronero includes new race derived all digital GET instrumentation, which is virtually a stand alone, dedicated computer. The advanced meter monitors the Oronero’s engine systems but also the bike’s dynamic performance including lap times, service due warning, time and a long list of customizable features. Further the instrument features built-in onboard GPS, that recognizes which track you are circulating, automatically records lap times via GPS, and later allows you to visualize and analyse track sessions on your PC. The Get instrumentation has many expandable functions, including active suspension monitoring and more.

Even with the praise poured upon the DB7 for its ultimate attention to details, beauty and track confidence, the Oronero version achieves an even higher standard. A new standard of light-weight, rigidly stable chassis dynamics and astounding track performance.

The Oronero version of the DB7 will be crafted in a limited series and is available for reservation now.

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