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2009 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

2009 BMW R 1200 GS AdventureBMW R 1200 GS AdventureBMW R1200GS Adventure2009 BMW R1200GS Adventure

A summary of the main features of the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

• Even more dynamic drive and improved traction.
• Reworked transmission and short first gear (if required).
• Even more universal use through optional Enduro ESA.
• Reworked design emphasising the off-road and world travel character.
• Perfect, tried and tested series equipment for extreme tours.
• Colour options: Magnesium metallic matt, plain red.
• Special equipment and tailor-made accessories in accordance with familiar BMW standards.

More powerful and better for off-road use – the world-trip enduro in a new trim

With the new R 1200 GS Adventure, BMW Motorrad is now presenting the third version of the ultimate long-distance enduro for globetrotters and adventurers. The reworked basic model was already characterised by a unique mixture of sporty handling and suitability for touring and off-road use. But the Adventure also wins hearts and minds with improved performance and traction, additional off-road qualities and a level of long-distance comfort that has been further enhanced. These unique qualities combine with the extensive range of series equipment to make the new R 1200 GS Adventure suitable for world trips the moment it leaves the factory. In comparison with its predecessor (the R 1150 GS Adventure)
the new model is entering the market with numerous improvements and benefits from extensive new developments that have also been introduced on the basic version.

More dynamic drive and improved traction

The new, even more dynamic drive of the R 1200 GS Adventure outperforms the 1170cm3 engine of its predecessor model, which provided confident propulsion in all conditions. With 105HP of power at 7,000 rpm, a maximum engine speed of 8,000 rpm, and an even broader engine speed range, it provides the perfect characteristics for confident driving whatever the conditions. This is in line with the special demands that a world trip enduro must meet.

Reworked transmission and short first gear (if required)

Like the basic R 1200 GS version, the R 1200 GS Adventure puts its trust
in a completely reworked 6-gear transmission which, with shortened transmission ratios and a shorter secondary ratio, provides improved traction and acceleration. Combined with the reworked engine, the R 1200 GS Adventure is much more lively and dynamic in the upper half of the engine speed range but still provides more traction in the lower ranges.

With enlarged bearing diameters and improved shaft distance, the completely revised six-gear transmission takes account of the often extreme demands made of a world-trip enduro. A shorter first gear is offered for the R 1200 GS Adventure as a special option – this provides additional advantages when riding over very confined, difficult terrain.

Even more universal use via the optional Enduro ESA

The frame of the R 1200 GS Adventure, which is factory fitted with spring travel 20mm longer, also benefits from the new Enduro ESA (available, as with the R 1200 GS, as a special option). This allows the springing and shock absorption to be modified to all sorts of different operating conditions and loads simply by pressing a button.

With the additional electro-hydraulic adjustment of the spring base at the front suspension strut, the Enduro ESA also enhances the specific requirements of a travel enduro. This provides greatly improved impact safety during off-road travel without any of the associated disadvantages on the road – such as reduced negative spring travel or higher seat height. The Enduro ESA distinguishes between various road and off-road modes, within which the rider can also make further modifications in line with specific requirements by selecting particular springing and shock absorption modes.

Revised design emphasizing the off-road and world travel character

With its sturdy masculine persona and emphatic enduro attributes, the new R 1200 GS Adventure continues the successful design concept of its predecessor. While the tank section has been carried over from its predecessor without change, the upper mudguards (at the front) have been designed. The modified fin to the cooling air guide and the white LED rear light and white indicators combine with the new colours and surfaces to make the bike look even tougher.

Power and sportiness, dynamics and technical elegance in equal measures characterise the R 1200 GS

Adventure through a deliberate contrast between black components and two new colour variants. Magnesium metallic matt underlines the technical character of the R 1200 GS Adventure, while a strong plain red emphasises the sporting nature. The colour-coordinated seat is another obvious difference from the basic model.

Tried and tested, perfect standard equipment for extreme touring.

Compared with the basic R 1200 GS version, the R 1200 GS Adventure is appearing on the market with the much expanded standard equipment taken over from its predecessor model. Its 33 litre tank, for example,
allows the rider to drive for much longer stages. At a speed of a constant 90 km/h, the theoretical range is around 750 kilometers. In this way, the new R 1200 GS Adventure can cover far greater distances than any
of its competitors.

On fast stretches, the windscreen of the new R 1200 GS Adventure deflects air flows past the rider largely without any turbulence, thus effectively reducing the burden on the head and upper body at high speeds in particular. Additional specially shaped flaps attched behind the windscreen also reduce drafts in
the lower back area. The angle of the windscreen can be adjusted, providing outstanding wind and weather protection for riders of all sizes.

Wide enduro footrests and adjustable levers for the footbrake and gear shifts taken account of the often changing requirements in off-road use in particular and can be adjust both to personal driving styles and habits, and to different styles of boots.

The rough conditions on long-distance trips and over extreme terrain away from surfaced roads are taken into consideration by the new, double-butted handlebar in aluminium, which can be mounted in two positions, depending on the intended purpose, and new hand protectors, now mounted directly
on the handlebar.

As previously, a stable, sturdy pipe structure made from high-grade steel protects the tank and frame effectively from the consequences of accidental contact, especially over land. In addition, high-quality aluminium covers protect the valve covers against tough impacts.

As in the predecessor model, tough, practical luggage fixing devices are provided by the spacious, stable luggage bridge, made from high-grade steel, which will also take the aluminium topcase, available on request.
The two-part bench seat, which can be adjusted to two heights in the driver section, gives an optimum seat position. In the upper position, at 915mm seat height, it offers the rider the comfort of a continous seat surface without level changes and allows the necessary freedom of movement. In the lower position, the seat height of 895mm gives good ground reach and a stable postion. This is also supported by the special design of the bench seat, which is particularly narrow in the front part.

The main features of the new BMW R 1200 GS Adventure in comparison with the basic BMW R 1200 GS version

  • 33-litre tank.
  • Larger windscreen.
  • Tank, engine and valve cover protection.
  • High-grade steel luggage bridge.
  • Adjustable bench seat with off-road ergnomics.
  • Hand protectors.
  • Longer spring travel for improved off-road suitability.
  • Spoked wheels.
  • Wide rider footrests, adjustable gear shift and braking levers.

Equipment for the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

Special equipment and special accessories

In line with its extremely broader diversity of applications, a wide range of equipment, tailored to the vehicle and specific customer requirements, is available for the new R 1200 GS Adventure. Special equipment is supplied factory fitted; and special accessories are installed by BMW motorcycle dealerships.

Special equipment

  • Enduro ESA.
  • BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (partly integral by switching off).
  • RDC.
  • ASC
  • Off-road tyres (no extra cost).
  • On-board computer including oil level warning.
  • Theft alarm with remote control.
  • Chromium-plated exhaust.
  • Heated grips.
  • Short first gear.
  • Aluminium case luggage holder.
  • Additional headlights.
  • On-board computer.

Special accessories

Storage space programme

  • Aluminium case.
  • Luggage holder for aluminium case.
  • Aluminium top case.
  • Top case carrier.
  • Back cushion for aluminium top case.
  • Practical inside bag for aluminium suitcase and top case.
  • Carrying handle for aluminium case (for a single case, or top case).
  • Softbag Sport large, 51 l.*
  • Softbag Sport small, 19 l.*
  • Baggage roll 53 l, watertight.*
  • Tank rucksack Adventure.


  • Front wheel mudguard Carbon.*
  • Splash protection rear Carbon.*
  • Telelever and fork brace.*
  • BMW badge for fork brace.*
  • LED indicator lights.*/ **
  • White indicator lights.*


  • Sport silencer by Akrapovic ®.*

Ergonomics and comfort

  • Handlebar cross strut.*
  • Padding for handlebar cross strut.*
  • Tinted windscreen.*
  • Low driver seat (820 mm) black or grey.
  • High driver seat, adjustable (915/895 mm) black or grey.
  • LED light for onboard socket 410 mm.*
  • Additional socket.*
  • Heated grips.*/ **

Navigation and communication

  • BMW Motorrad Navigator.*
  • Holder for BMW Motorrad Navigator.
  • Function Navigator Bag.*


  • Large top spoiler for hand protection.*
  • Cylinder protection.
  • Heavy-duty enduro aluminium underbody protection.*
  • Extra headlight.*
  • Holder for extra headlight.
  • Off-road protective shield (for off-road use only).
  • Theft warning with remote control.*/ **
  • RDC.*

Maintenance and technology

  • Paddock stand.*
  • Set of on-board service tools.*
  • Add-on on-board tools.*
  • Safety screw, oil filler nozzle.*
  • Emergency kit, cylinder head.*

* As for R 1200 GS.
** Also available ex factory as special equipment.

Technical data for the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

  • Capacity cm3 - 1170
  • Bore/lift mm - 101/73
  • Power kW/PS - 77/105 at engine speed min–1 7500
  • Torque Nm - 115 at engine speed min–1 5 750
  • Design - Boxer
  • No. of cylinders - 2
  • Compression/fuel - 12.0/S
  • Valve/gas control - HC (high camshaft)
  • Valves per cylinder - 4
  • Diam. inlet/outlet mm - 36/31
  • Throttle valve diameter mm - 47
  • Mixture preparation - Electronic manifold injection BMS-KP
  • Exhaust purification - Regulated three-way catalyst

Electrical systems

  • Generator W - 720
  • Battery V/Ah - 12/14 maintenance-free
  • Headlights W - H7
  • Starter kW - 1,1

Power transmission/gears

  • Clutch - Single-disc dry coupling Ø 180 mm
  • Gears - dog-coupled six-gear transmission
  • Primary transmission - 1,737
  • Transmission, gear stages; I; 2,375, II; 1,646, III; 1,296, IV; 1,065, V; 0,939, VI; 0,848
  • Rear wheel drive - Cardan shaft
  • Transmission - 2,91


  • Frame - design Steel tubular frame, carrying the engine
  • Front wheel suspension - BMW Telelever
  • Rear wheel suspension - BMW Paralever
  • Spring travel front/rear mm - 210/220
  • Castor mm - 97.6
  • Wheel spacing mm - 1511
  • Headset angle ° - 63,8
  • Brakes - front; Double disc brake, Ø 305 mm, rear; Single disc brake Ø 265 mm
  • If required: BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (partly integral, can be switched off)
  • Wheels - Spoked wheel
  • front; 2,5 x 19, rear; 4,0 x 17
  • Tyres - front; 110/80 R 19, rear; 150/70 R 17

Dimensions and weights

  • Total length mm - 2 250
  • Total width with mirrors mm - 980
  • Handlebar width without mirror mm - 950
  • Seat height mm - 915/895
  • Dry weight kg - 223
  • DIN tare, full tank kg - 256
  • Perm. total weight kg - 475
  • Tank capacity l - 33

Travel data

  • Fuel consumption - 90 km/h l/100 km 4,6 120 km/h l/100 km 6,1
  • Acceleration, 0–100 - km/h s 3,9
  • Maximum speed km/h - >200