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2009 Ducati Accessories


1- Complete racing exhaust system with carbon silencers - 1198/S

Complete racing exhaust system developed in collaboration with Ducati Corse; includes carbon silencers with removable DB killers, 2-1-2 stainless steel manifolds (Ømax. 70 mm), dedicated ECU and racing air filter. Designed to improve the fluid dynamics of exhaust gas, this system increases engine performance by about 8%.

2- Engine upgrading kit - 1098R/1198S

Factory engine upgrading kit designed by Ducati Corse. The kit includes exhaust camshafts with racing profiles, 70 mm intake funnels in aluminium and ECU with dedicated map for use with the complete exhaust system part .The same technology used in the World Superbike Championship allows a power increase.

3- Carbon racing full fairing kit - 848/1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore/ 1098R/1198/S

Carbon racing full fairing kit developed by Ducati Corse for the Superbike World Championship. The kit includes: headlight fairing, oversize air scoops, right and left side fairings and belly pan. Easy to install, this kit allows a weight reduction while lending the bike an appealing, unique look.

4- Öhlins TTX rear suspension - 1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore/1098R/1198/S

Rear suspension unit developed by Ducati Corse for the Superbike World Championship. The kit includes the Ohlins TTX rear shock, with Factory multi-adjustable hydraulics and fitting for a potentiometer, a one-piece linkage with central setting and link flat that, by decreasing the rigidity on the ground, improves grip when the throttle is opened and decreases wear of the tires.

5- Single-sided swingarm - 1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore/1098R/1198/S

Developed by Ducati Corse for the Superbike World Championship, the new single-sided swingarm provides greater torsional and bending stiffness for the utmost riding accuracy. In addition, it accepts larger-diameter slick tyres and enables wheelbase adjustment (according to selected final ratios).

6- Carbon swingarm guard - 848/1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore/ 1098R/1198/S

7- Carbon wheel rims - 1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore/ 1098R/1198/S

Set of 7-spoke carbon wheel rims. Exceptionally lightweight to minimise the gyroscopic effect of the rotating masses, making the bike easier to handle; the fine workmanship gives the bike a top class racing look. Dimensions: front 3.50 x 17; rear: 6.00 x 17.

8- Slipper dry clutch - 848

Slipper dry clutch for 848, prevents rear wheel from locking even under aggressive downshifting. This complete kit consists of primary gear, hub with clutch drum, clutch housing, plates set, pusher plate and billet aluminium cover.
9- Power shifter - 848/1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore

Power shifter with reversed gear change lever. Can be mounted both to standard footpegs and the Ducati accessory billet aluminium footpegs.

10- Racing seat - 848/1098/1098S/1098S Tricolore/ 1098R/1198/S

This innovative fabric with neoprene look, used for the new racing seat, ensures the rider a perfect grip together with great sensitivity.


11- Complete exhaust system with titanium silencers

Complete 2 into 1 exhaust system with Ø54 stainless steel manifolds and titanium silencers. This unit is about 7 Kg lighter than the standard system and provides better performance. Comes with removable DB killer, ECU with dedicated mapping and racing filter cover. Also comes with more parts enhancing system integration with the bike rear end, such as a set of side body panels.
12- Upgrade kit for racing exhaust system

Upgrade kit for racing exhaust system consists of a set of camshafts with racing profiles and ECU with dedicated map, for a considerable power increase.

13- Carbon front fairing

Carbon front fairing including headlight fairing and the unique "nose" of the Hypermotard.
14- Carbon plate holder

Designed to enhance Hypermotard rear end, this new carbon number plate holder comes with number plate light and the necessary hardware for repositioning the turn indicators in the tail light assembly.

15- Öhlins rotary steering damper

Öhlins rotary steering damper with separate adjusters for low speed and high speed damping. Selection of steering angle within which user wants damper to operate is possible. So that rider won't overdo it when tackling slow and narrow turns while perfectly controlling the bike when making sudden and tricky changes in direction.

16- Aluminium footpeg kit

Raised rider's footpeg kit with a more backward stance, with articulated controls in billet aluminium. They match the standard passenger footrests, but these racing-derived controls allow for even steeper leaning angles and perfect control of the bike, thanks to their different position: more raised and further back than standard. The plastic element - that can be replaced - protects the controls in case of rubbing on asphalt while the special design ensures a safe grip of the boot.

17- Throttle control

Racing reduced travel throttle control. Wider throttle opening and violent accelerations when riding out of turns just by a light twistgrip rotation.

18- Electronic Shifter

Electronic shifter that allows full-throttle clutchless upshifts for faster acceleration.

19- Rear sprocket gearing Interchangeable hard-anodized Ergal 7075 rear sprocket gearing, pitch 525.

20- Rear chain sprocket carrier

Rear chain sprocket carrier made from elastomer-reinforced techno polymers; provides smoother power delivery and enables quick sprocket gearing changes.


21- Complete racing exhaust system kit with carbon silencers.- 1100/S

Complete exhaust system in larger diameter stainless steel with carbon race silencers fitted with removable DB killers. The layout replicates that used with the standard system ensuring maximum flow dynamics and further enhanced by the kit-included ECU with race mapping and a high-efficiency air filter.

22- Aluminium number plate holder - 696/1100/S

A more streamlined rear end enhancing Monster profile. The bikes seems even more compact and spirited, but no misuse of the space for the passenger. Made in ABS, it comes with aluminium number plate holder and LED number plate light.

23- Cross-mounted aluminum steering damper - 696/1100/S

Fully adjustable cross-mounted aluminium steering damper to enhance front-end stability under extreme conditions.

24- Billet aluminium lever kit - 1100/S

Billet aluminium articulated brake and clutch lever kit

25- Ergal clutch pressure plate - 1100/S

Billet Ergal clutch pressure plate, radial design, surface anodized.

26- Magnesium casing - 1100/S

Magnesium clutch-side casing with titanium screws. Kit weight: 1.060 Kg. Weight reduction: 0.130 Kg.

27- Magnesium alternator cover - 1100/S

Magnesium alternator cover with titanium screws and dedicated billet aluminium front sprocket cover. Standard item weight 1.300 Kg. Kit weight 0.900 Kg. Weight reduction 0.400 Kg

28- Front fender - 696/1100/S

One-piece carbon front fender adds a high-tech finish

29- Top tank covers in carbon fibre - 696/1100/S

Top (front) and bottom (rear) tank covers in carbon fibre add a high-tech finish to the Monster’s tank centre, creating a seamless panel of pure carbon.

30- Carbon rear hugger - 1100/S

Carbon rear hugger, specifically designed for single-sided swingarm.


31- Homologated exhaust system kit

Homologated exhaust system kit for road use, consists of stainless steel silencer with carbon cover, high- efficiency air filter and ECU with a dedicated mapping.

32- Front mudguard

One-piece carbon front mudguard. Its quality finish makes it a stylish add-on for your motorcycle

33- Rear mudguard

Carbon rear mudguard with chain guard

34- Touring seat

Touring seat with gel padding, capable of absorbing vibrations and distribute pressure more effectively. Superior adherence over the iliac area guarantees maximum comfort.

35- Touring passenger seat

Touring passenger seat with gel padding and foldaway hooks.

36- Luggage rack and rear top case mount

The Ducati rear top case is made in high-resistance polyamide and is supplied with aluminium alloy rack. Perfectly anchored to the vehicle tail guard, it can accommodate two full face helmets with its 46 litre capacity. Color-matched to the bike. This top case combined with the side panniers is fundamental accessory to enhance Multistrada functionality. Both in everyday use and for touring.

37- Tyre monitoring system

Tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system for tubeless tyres. It receives real-time data from sensors incorporated in special tyre valves that replace standard valves. Tyre information is shown on the display for rider to identify even minor problems right at the onset. Battery-operated wireless system requires no electrical connections. Lightweight and compact, it installs on the handlebar or near the instrument panel. Critical tool to improve riding safety and tyre performance, achieve ideal motorcycle setup and reduce fuel consumption.

38- Set of side panniers

Set of side panniers made in reinforced plastic for utmost protection against deformation and shocks. They come with support subframe and allow storage of full-face helmet to accommodate every storage need. They stand out for their exclusive and accurate construction. Capacity: 34 litres

39- Heated grip kit

Heated grip kit with dual temperature setting, complete with instrument trim with provisions for control button.

40- Rear-view mirrors with LED turn indicators

New-design rear-view mirrors incorporate LED turn indicators


41- Stainless catalyzed silencers - GT1000

Set of catalyzed silencers, homologated to EU Standards. They are made from polished stainless steel and fitted with a filter box and injection ECU which optimise performance.

42- Ergal tank - SC

Billet Ergal tank plug.

43- Chain guard - SC

Aluminium chain guard.

44- Fuel tank cover and bag - GT1000

Fuel tank cover and bag made from Sky fabric. It has a 12 litre capacity and can hold a rain-proof riding suit, a map and all the other accessories needed during bike trips

45- Leather side bags - GT1000

Beauty and timeless style blend with technology to produce these leather side bags. They are water-proof and have an innovative hook-on system, and an easy to use key lock. The assembly brackets come with the Kit. Capacity: 10 litres each

46- Steel rear luggage rack - GT1000

Chrome-plated steel rear luggage rack; max capacity 5 kg

47- Adjustable shock absorbers - GT1000

Set of adjustable rear gas shock absorbers (2 pcs.)

48- Raised handlebar - GT1000

Designed for improved touring comfort, the raised handlebar is approximately 40 mm wider and 90 mm taller than the standard version.

49- Comfort seat - GT1000

Thanks to a new contour for accommodating the rider and passenger and the special material used for its construction, the comfort seat increases riding comfort and improves the ergonomic position of the rider without altering the motorcyclès style.

50- Black spoked rims - SC

Set of black spoked rims with alluminum channel; weight saving compared to steel rims is about 3kg.