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Ducati Monster success

The new Monster 696 arrived in the UK in April of this year and has since become the most successful Monster in Ducati UK’s history beating previous records held by the original 600 in 1995 and the 600/620 combined in 2001.

The story of the Monster has been of an iconic bike that has fused critical and commercial success since its inception in 1992 through to the present day. The latest incarnation of the Monster - the 696 heralds a new era and is the latest generation naked bike that has captured the imagination of the UK public.

The first 696 arrived in April and has since gone on to break all previous sales records for a Monster. Such has been the demand that Ducati UK have found it necessary to order twice the number bikes compared to the 695 model of last year. Extra production has been secured to satisfy all current customer orders by the end of October. So far sales have exceeded over 400 bikes and show no sign of slowing down.

This is yet another success story from Ducati UK, following on the heels of the 1098 being the fastest selling Ducati model on introduction to the market and is further evidence of the mounting momentum of the brand in this country.

Damiano Chini the Ducati Sales Manager of London dealer Metropolis commented on the success of the 696, “It is the best selling small bike we have had in years. I don’t think there is anything as perfect in that sector for that kind of money.”
Martin Rees of Ducati Glasgow echoed Damiano’s sentiments, “This has been a phenomenal success for us, the best selling Monster we have ever had, our customers have really taken to it.”

It is a similar story around the world; none more so than in Italy where over 3000 of the Monster 696 have been sold to date.

The new Monster comes in a choice of three colour schemes: traditional Ducati red, matte black, and a striking pearl white and is available in two versions - standard and 696+. The ‘+’ version comes with a colour-matched rear seat cover which gives the bike an even cleaner, sportier look and is quickly removable for the passenger and a unique head-turning micro-bikini fairing that embraces the digital instruments and rounds off the sporting appeal of the new Monster 696.

To locate your nearest dealer or to book a test ride visit: or call 0845 1222 996 for further details.

The standard Monster 696 is priced at £5,500 and the 696+ at £5,750.