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2009 Ducati SportClassic

Ducati Sport 1000 S | Ducati GT 1000 | Ducati GT 1000 Touring

The SportClassic family recreated the original styles produced by Ducati throughout the 1970s, motorcycles characterised by minimalist, sports designs with exposed frames and classic bodywork shapes typical of the ‘Café Racer’ era. To emphasis the unique style of these bikes, Ducati applied modern engineering techniques and finishes to original component designs, featuring plenty of chrome and polished finishes that literally mirror the beautiful details of the original motorcycles.

The SportClassic family is represented by these versions: the Sport 1000 S, using a classically shaped half-fairing with central round headlamp in keeping with the 70s styling, the GT 1000 and the new GT 1000 Touring, a special version of the elegant black with white stripe livery.

As well as its traditional colours of red with white stripe, the Sport 1000 S is now available in black with white stripe while the GT 1000 also arrives with the new black with white stripe livery alongside the two-tone scheme of classic silver & smoke grey.

The Ducati SportClassics – engineered for performance

The GT and Sport are both powered by the outstanding Desmo 1000 Dual Spark engine. The torquey air-cooled 90º L-Twin is the perfect match to power bikes with a sporting soul. The cylinders, with their traditional cooling fins and classic ‘L’ configuration, are direct descendents of the original Taglioni design. Slim and exposed for all to see, the latest 2 valve Desmo system, fuel-injection and computer controlled engine management ensure that the 1000 Dual Spark engine is powerful, dependable and thrilling to ride.

The SportClassic design takes advantage of the beauty of the signature Ducati tubular Trellis frame. The renowned strength and rigidity of the ALS 450 tubing has been further improved with complex triangulation and using the engine as a ‘stressed member.’

The beauty of wire-spoke wheels grace Ducati road bikes once again. Starting with an alloy hub, the wheels use 36 chromed stainless steel spokes. 17” alloy Excel rims, famous in racing circles for their lightweight performance and durability, are used on the Sport 1000 S, while the GT 1000 is fitted with classic 17” chrome rims. Mounted to the rims are modern interpretations of classic sport tyres, replicating the original patterns, but with modern radial construction techniques and rubber compounds.

The alloy hubs mount dual 320mm brake discs up front and a 245mm disc in the rear, both using lightweight black Brembo floating calipers to provide extra stopping power. Braking performance is further enhanced by classic black, steel-braided brake lines.