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2009 Ducati Streetfighter

2009 Ducati Streetfighter Ducati Streetfighter Ducati Streetfighter  S

Ducati Streetfighter Voted 'Most Beautiful Bike of the Show

Soul of a Superbike – Attitude of a fighter

The Streetfighter’s Superbike soul combines fighter attitude and naked sophistication to create a machine of pure adrenaline.

Stripped to the bare essentials, its combination of state-of-the-art race technology, exposed styling and cultured design takes Ducati’s big naked concept to the very top of the fighter food chain.

With 155hp of awesome Ducati L-Twin muscle harnessed in a stripped-down, super-light bike that packs more punch for its weight than any other contender, this fighter is gloves-off and ready for action.

Whether laying down the miles on open roads or ripping up the urban asphalt, no other bike in town will roll with the same stylish fire-power.

The Streetfighter is the ultimate naked.


The Streetfighter culture was born on the backstreets of Northern Europe during the late 70s and 80s. If the Café racer movement had taken traditional bikes and transformed them to establish out-and-out sport bikes, then Streetfighters were definitely anti-establishment. They evolved by removing the fairings from sport bikes, fitting higher bars and customising to create high-performance, over-the-top nakeds. Now, Ducati have taken that concept and applied their own Italian sophistication to a stunning, factory-prepared Streetfighter.


Ducati’s Streetfighter project was inevitable. The passion to build the most successful Superbikes ever, mixed with the desire to create iconic, naked motorcycles was a cocktail of adrenaline just waiting to happen. Who else would create a bike for out-and-out purists to celebrate naked power in all its forms? A bike with muscle-engine performance, aggressive chassis engineering and intelligent electronics all laid bare to appreciate, respect and enjoy. Ducati build bikes for connoisseurs - for bikers who appreciate the details that come together to make an awesome bike, for perfectionists who instantly recognise excellence when they see it.

Ducati motorcycles aren’t just a means of transport, they’re a lifestyle that set the rider aside from the rest of the world. They are an extension of character and the ultimate personal statement. The Streetfighter is built with pure Ducati sophistication and it’s ready to impress. Riding downtown? Arrive in style. Out of town carving a line through the turns? Do it with naked passion. Do it all on a Ducati Streetfighter and it will own the road with complete and utter Desmo domination.


The Ducati Streetfighter is equipped with everything that made the Superbike a legend: Awesome L-Twin muscle with brutal, big-bore torque, thoroughbred chassis technology featuring Ducati’s famous Trellis frame, beautiful single-sided swingarm and planet-stopping Monobloc brakes.

While the tank and seat shapes leave no doubt as to the Streetfighter’s roots, it is the upright and commanding riding position that really starts to shape the character of this ultimate naked. New, minimalistic controls, instrumentation and headlight design leave the front looking clean and mean, while twin-stacked right-side mufflers at the rear leave the tail-end high and sharp. No other Ducati has ever achieved such an aggressive stance while providing a comfortable, empowering and controllable ride.

Born to fight

The purpose-built Trellis frame, huge fork clamps, and longer swingarm create a chassis geometry special to the Streetfighter. Its revised steering angles and longer wheelbase provide rock-solid handling, even under the extreme acceleration of Ducati’s incredible L-Twin torque.

Power house

Producing a ballistic 87.5lb-ft (11.7kgm) of torque, the Streetfighter’s awesome 1098 power house will have no fear of the sports naked competition. The L-Twin, 4 valves per cylinder, Desmo, Testastretta Evoluzione engine is fuel injected by Marelli and exhausts through massive diameter pipes and into twin mufflers to sound as mean as it looks.

Streetfighter S

Ducati’s ‘S’ treatment of the Streetfighter takes its sophistication way off the scale. Superbike spec Öhlins suspension front and rear with lightweight forged Marchesini wheels add extra street credibility when in town and that all-important ‘feel’ when exploring the Streetfighter’s sports soul.

Add street-going Ducati Traction Control and Ducati Data Analysis as standard equipment and it’s clear that the Streetfighter S is not just muscle – it’s intelligent too.

The colour of adrenaline

While the Streetfighter looks stunning in either red or sophisticated pearl white set against a black frame and subtle graphite grey 10-spoke wheels, the Streetfighter S positively seduces in red and menaces in midnight black with carbon fibre front fender and cambelt covers contrasting superbly against the sophisticated bronze finish of frame and 5 y-shape spoke wheels.

The Ducati Streetfighter will be ripping-up the asphalt from Spring 2009.