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Free Ducati Back Protector

6th May 2009

Free Ducati Back ProtectorGreat success for the safety campaign launched by Ducati at last year’s Cologne trade show. More than 5000 back protectors have already been distributed across Europe.

Ducati’s safety campaign, to provide every new Ducati customer in Europe with a free back protector, continues to grow. The fact that over 5000 back protectors have already been delivered to new Ducati owners is a clear sign of the validity of this campaign.

Since October 2008 each client that buys a new Ducati in Europe has received a top of the range back protector, ready to be worn on any occasion, whether riding in the city, in the country or on track. Ducati’s initiative is not only designed to heighten a biker’s road safety awareness but is also intended as a way to persuade all motorcycle riders to wear the correct riding gear, which includes the use of a back protector.

Ducati is taking an active approach to the promotion of road safety in its efforts to contribute to the EC’s objective of reducing the number of fatal road accidents by 2010. Ducati has gone as far as to sign the European Road Safety Charter – 25,000 lives to save, a programme that encourages the taking of direct action in order to help reduce the number of victims resulting from road accidents.