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Sporty Harley-Davidson XR1200 seduces young tennis ace

22nd July 2009

Sporty Harley-Davidson XR1200 seduces young tennis ace A passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles has become the latest leisure pursuit of Spanish tennis champion Rafa Nadal, who says he "feels captivated" by the legendary styling, iconic designs, and unrivalled heritage of the brand.

It was the Harley-Davidson XR1200 that caught Nadal’s eye with its "unique combination of sporty edge and classic style". In addition to this, he claims to "love the power, strength and aggressive overtones of the bike."

Taking its cues from one of the world’s most successful racing machines — the iconic XR750 — the XR1200 range was born out of a desire for a street smart Harley-Davidson motorcycle that is just as dominant through the twisties. Combining American racing heritage with European style, XR1200 motorcycles are built for sheer riding pleasure.

It was precisely these qualities which attracted the tennis ace: “The XR1200’s unique appearance and the fact that it is a Harley-Davidson appealed to me from the beginning”, says Nadal. The Spaniard, who was the youngest to debut in the Davis Cup as well as the first ‘teenager’ to win five titles in one season since Agassi in 1988, lists riding his new Harley-Davidson amongst his favourite hobbies, “I can show it off whilst riding around the city.”

Both Nadal and Harley-Davidson are leaders in their chosen fields, brought together by their similar attitudes. Rafa Nadal shares many of the same values that define Harley-Davidson: a free spirit, an independent character and a love for adventure, combined with the unique mystery, self-assertion and rebelliousness that is associated with the iconic American brand.

Josep Grañó, director general of Harley-Davidson Spain and Portugal, commented: “It is a true honour for us here at Harley-Davidson Spain to count Rafa Nadal as part of the Harley-Davidson family, not only because of the value he brings to us as a brand advocate, by being one of the greatest players in tennis history, but also because of the sporting values that he represents, and which set a great example for us in our daily lives: the constant struggle to better ourselves and the desire to prevail.”