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Honda Environment Initiatives


Honda is committed to environmental issues and as the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturer, has a 2010 vision for reducing our impact on the environment from motorcycles in two ways:

Firstly by reducing the CO2 emissions of our products by 10% (using 200 as a baseline)
Secondly, by achieving a 20% reduction per unit in CO2 from the manufacturing of our motorcycles

To help achieve this goal Honda is:

working to improve the fuel economy and lower the emissions of our products through engine developments such as:

  • the conversion to 4-stroke engines (as opposed to 2-stroke)
  • development of Variable Cylinder Management on larger displacement motorcycles
  • implementing electronically controlled fuel injection (PGM-FI), due to be on all Honda motorcycles by the end of 2010
  • PGM-FI adjusts the timing of engine the ignition, plus the timing and volume of fuel injection, to ensure maximum fuel efficiency with minimum emissions
  • Performance is also improved on cold starts and when the engine has not been run for an extended period
  • PGM-FI has featured on many of Honda’s larger motorcycles for some years, but recently we have expanded its use into 100 - 125cc models
  • developing noise reduction technologies such as:
  • 3-part muffler to reduce exhaust noise
  • 2-part air cleaner to reduce intake noise


Whilst all motorcycles in the current range meet and exceed noise regulations, Honda is developing environmentally responsible noise reduction technologies to further address the impact of noise on the local environment. These technologies will first be introduced in Honda’s mid-range scooters before being extended to the full range.