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Honda (UK) Motorcyclists Carry A Colleague In Support Of National Motorcycle Week

14th July 2009

Honda Bike WeekStaff at Honda (UK)’s head office in Slough are supporting this week’s annual National Motorcycle Week, with the company’s motorcyclists coming to work on two-wheels every day, but also, bringing colleagues as pillions to experience the ease and convenience of commuting by bike, as well as the fun and excitement of motorcycling.

To help promote National Motorcycle Week and Ride 2 Work Day (Wednesday, 15 July) Honda (UK)’s riders and their pillions gathered together yesterday morning for breakfast and a photo shoot, along with a special and surprise guest – Honda’s humanoid robot – ASIMO.

By Honda’s regular motorcycle riders volunteering their services to take non-motorcyclist colleagues pillion during this week, it is hoped that more staff will experience the benefits of two-wheels for commuting and enjoyment for leisure, and spread the word!

Honda (UK) Motorcycles’ General Manager, Steve Martindale, commented, “Honda is passionate about raising awareness of the benefits of motorcycles as a transport option, as well as highlighting the lifestyle and enjoyment benefits riding can bring. Our ‘bring a pillion to work’ initiative will give non riders the chance to experience what it’s all about and hopefully, be encouraged to take their CBT or Direct Access course and become a rider. Riding to work is increasingly being considered a more appealing option. For the rider the commute is quicker and often cheaper, but other road users also benefit as motorbikes help reduce congestion. This, coupled with lower costs, faster journey times and greater convenience all highlight why powered two-wheels are increasing in popularity for commuting.”

A Honda employee who travelled to work today as a pillion commented, “I have never been on a bike before in my life but when this opportunity for staff came up I thought, ‘why not?’! I’ve always thought bikes were maybe a bit dangerous and that being a pillion would be uncomfortable. But, I came in today with one of my colleagues and I now fully appreciate the skill involved in riding a bike and also, how much more aware you are of other road users around you, which can only be a good thing for road safety. And, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all – just great fun, and quicker than my usual journey to work in my car!”

A recent survey* revealed that commuters can reduce their journey time by up to 34 per cent in London and 12 per cent across the UK just by using a motorbike rather than a car.

Now in its 11th year, Ride 2 Work Day traditionally sees motorcyclists from across the country taking to the roads, and even taking colleagues or friends with them, in support of National Motorcycle Week. The week aims to highlight to the public, media and politicians, the importance and popularity of motorcycling in the UK and emphasises that motorcyclists come from a whole range of backgrounds, lifestyles and interests and that riding has social, environmental and economic benefits.

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