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Kawasaki announce April retail price changes

4th March 2009

The current exchange rate, which has witnessed a marked deterioration in the value of the pound, has been cited by Kawasaki Motors UK as the reason for adjusting their road motorcycle retail prices. This will be effective from 1 April 2009.

Whilst striving to maintain competitive retail pricing, the exchange rate has inevitably forced the decision on the UK branch of Kawasaki Motors Europe.

Explaining the move, KMUK’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Michael Johnstone, highlighted the considerable external financial pressures that have been rapidly increasing for all players in the UK motorcycle market.

“The plain fact is that we have been trying our best to resist the steady tide of price increases for the products we import for some considerable time. The adjustments we are announcing today go some way towards reflecting the real world economic pressures that all companies feel right now. That said, we feel sure our new retail pricing structure will still be seen as being among the most competitive in the market.”

Johnstone stressed that current exchange rates were at the core of the decision.

“Some of our competitors have already announced retail price rises and we expect others to issue upward adjustments soon. Obviously, for the whole of March all models will remain at the current lower retail price, with the added benefit of six popular machines available with 0% APR typical finance”.