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2009 Kawasaki KLX250

2009 Kawasaki KLX250

Enduro Racer-Based Dual Purpose Machine

Capitalising on its already potent package, the new KLX250 not only gets a complete makeover, a number of engine and chassis changes further enable serious riding both on and off the road.

Originally a road-going version of the KLX300R enduro racer, the KLX250 retained a significant amount of character and performance from its larger brother. Lightweight and compact, its 250cc liquid-cooled DOHC engine, largely based on the power plant of the 300R, had wide torqueband, pulling from down low and continuing well into the over-rev. The lightweight, high-tensile steel perimeter frame offered both great cornering performance and straight-line stability. And the 43 mm inverted cartridge fork and fully adjustable gas-charged rear shock allowed the KLX to be enjoyed both off-road and on.

In addition to the sharp, aggressive new styling package, the big news for the new KLX250 is the change to fuel injection. In addition, lightweight high-capacity radiators offer space and weight savings, revised suspension settings and internals result in increased stability and a more planted feel, new seat and handlebar deliver increased mobility and ease of control, and a host of other changes further increase the KLX250's performance - both on and off the road.


249cc Liquid-Cooled DOHC 4-Stroke Engine

The KLX250 retains its compact liquid-cooled 4-stroke Single engine, but the new fuel injection system and a number of other changes contribute to increased performance.

Fuel injection

To offer maximum performance, the KLX250's fuel injection system utilises an ultra-fine atomising (10-hole) injector.

The result is a very smooth engine character, especially in the rpm range most used in day-to-day riding. From the mid-range onward, the engine revs quickly and easily. Further, the fuel injection contributes to clean emissions, easier starting and improved fuel economy.


Gear ratios were revised to best suit the new fuel injection system. The gear ratios, which vary by market, facilitate shifting for increased performance off-road and on.
Revised change cam shape offers better shift feeling, with gears clicking into place more firmly.

Compact high-capacity radiators

Dual high-capacity Denso radiators like those used on our KX motocross bikes deliver superior cooling efficiency and contribute to space and weight savings. The radiators are very slim and feature tightly packed cores and a fin design for excellent heat dispersion.

Exhaust system

The new KLX features an all-stainless steel exhaust system. A honeycomb catalyser (located in the muffler) and secondary air system ensure Euro-III emissions regulations are met.

Engine features maintained from the previous model

With a bore and stroke of 72.0 x 61.2 mm, the power unit displaces 249 cm3. The engine is mounted low in the frame, contributing to a low centre of gravity.

Flat-top piston and pentroof combustion chamber deliver a 11.0:1 compression ratio. Lightweight piston, piston pin and connecting rod allow power-producing revs.

4-valve DOHC cylinder head provides maximum valve area for optimum flow. Low reciprocating weight (thanks to the use of a cam lobe for each valve, with shim-under tappet arrangement) contributes to higher efficiency at high rpm.

The KLX250 engine features an electrofusion cylinder. The ultra-hard coating in the aluminium cylinder bore offers superior heat transfer with light weight. It also contributes to engine reliability: the coating holds lubrication well, resists abrasion and seizure, and allows a tight piston-cylinder clearance for increased horsepower.

A gear-driven engine balancer ensures smooth power delivery from idle to redline. On long riders this means greater rider comfort and less fatigue.

With an electric starter and Kawasaki Automatic Compression Release (KACR), which automatically lifts an exhaust valve at cranking rpm, starting the KLX250 is a breeze.

Precise control of ignition timing by the digital CDI contributes to easy starts and reliability under extreme conditions.

Rust-resistant fasteners contribute to engine quality.


Racer-Based Chassis

Frame and chassis components based on those of the KLX300R are the source of the KLX250's high-level of off-road performance. Performance updates increase rideability and control both off-road and on.

Frame and swingarm

The KLX250's box- and tubular-section high-tensile steel perimeter frame creates a slim, lightweight package. The 26.5o caster angle and short wheelbase contribute to quick handling, while the high rigidity of the frame ensures straight-line stability.

The new lightweight, highly rigid aluminium D-section swingarm contributes to reduced unsprung weight.
New KX racing-type chain adjusters allow precise adjustment of chain slack, helping to minimise drivetrain power transfer loss.


Lower seat height (care of the suspension's reduced stroke) makes it easier for riders to reach the ground with their feet, for added confidence when stopped.

Revised handlebar is straighter and moves the hand position up and in. The more relaxed position makes the bike easier to ride and control.

Footpegs are positioned close to the bike's centreline for a slim riding position conducive to both on- and off-road riding.

A new seat shape and stiffer urethane make it easier to change seating position.

Suspension / Brakes


The 43 mm inverted cartridge-style front fork comes with 16-way compression damping adjustment. The cartridge provides consistent damping force by minimising aeration of the fork oil. KX-style fork guards protect the inner tubes from rocks and brush.

Uni-Trak rear suspension provides great road holding ability and bump absorption. The gas-charged shock with remote reservoir has 16-way compression and rebound damping and fully adjustable preload adjustability.

All new linkage and revised damping settings reduce some of the bike's front-rear pitching motion, resulting in increased straight-line stability and a more planted feel in corners.

Petal disc brakes

Front and rear disc brakes offer impressive stopping performance. A twin-piston caliper grips a 250 mm disc up front. At the rear, a single-piston caliper operates a larger 240 mm rear disc.
The larger rear disc (previously 220 mm), revised lever ratio, new pad material and different caliper offer increased rear brake control, facilitating minute adjustments.


Increased wheel rigidity care of thicker spokes (3.5 mm >> 4.0 mm) contributes to lighter, smoother handling and offers greater durability for off-road riding.

Aggressive New Styling

Completely made over, the KLX250 features aggressive new styling that is sure to turn heads whether riding in the city or off the beaten path.


Front and centre, a new front cowl and two-bulb headlamp design give the KLX an aggressive new visage.
New off-road front fender contributes to the aggressive design.

Radiator shrouds are two-piece constructions like those on our KX motocrossers.

Off-road style rear fender is a two-piece construction. Sharp tail light design offers increased visibility and further contributes to the KLX's aggressive new styling.

All-digital instrumentation

All-digital instrument console gives at-a-glance information. Features include a digital bar-graph tachometer, digital speedometer, clock, and dual trip meters. The fuel-injection lamp also doubles as a low-fuel warning lamp.



  • Engine type: Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke Single
  • Displacement: 249 cm ³
  • Bore x stroke: 72.0 x 61.2 mm
  • Compression ratio: 11.0:1
  • Valve/Induction system: DOHC, 4 valves
  • Fuel system Fuel injection: 34 mm x 1 (Keihin)
  • Ignition: Digital CDI
  • Starting: Electric
  • Lubrication: Forced lubrication, wet sump


  • Transmission: 6-speed, return
  • Final Drive: Chain
  • Primary reduction ratio: 2.800 (84/30)
  • Gear ratios: 1st 3.000 (30/10)
  • Gear ratios: 2nd 2.000 (30/15)
  • Gear ratios: 3rd 1.500 (27/18)
  • Gear ratios: 4th 1.250 (25/20)
  • Gear ratios: 5th 1.050 (21/20)
  • Gear ratios: 6th 0.952 (20/21)
  • Final reduction ratio: 3.000 (42/14)
  • Clutch: Wet multi-disc, manual


  • Frame type: Perimeter, high-tensile steel
  • Wheel travel, front: 255 mm
  • Wheel travel, rear: 230 mm
  • Tyre, front: 3.00-21 51P
  • Tyre, rear: 4.60-18 63P
  • Rake/Trail: 26.5 / 105 mm
  • Steering angle, left / right: 45 / 45


  • Suspension, front: 43 mm upside-down telescopic fork 16-way
  • Suspension, rear: New Uni-Trak
  • Compression damping: 16-way
  • Rebound damping: 16-way
  • Spring preload: Fully adjustable


  • Brakes, front: Single 250 mm disc Dual-piston
  • Brakes, rear: Single 240 mm disc Single-piston


  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 2,200 mm x 820 mm x 1,205 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,430 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 285 mm
  • Seat height: 890 mm
  • Curb Mass: 138 kg
  • Fuel capacity: 7.7 litres


  • Maximum power: 16 kW {22 PS} / 7,500 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 20.5 N ·m {2.1 kgf ·m} / 7,000 rpm


  • Lime Green

The specifications mentioned here apply to and have been achieved by production models under standard operating conditions. We intend only to give a fair description of the vehicle and its performance capabilities but these specifications may not apply to every machine supplied for sale. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice. Equipment illustrated and specifications may vary to meet individual markets. Available colours may vary by market.