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Kawasaki Versys wins prestigious award

1st December 2008

Reflecting the phenomenal growth of interest in the versatility of “all-rounder” motorcycles, the award for best machine in its class for 2008 has been presented to the Kawasaki Versys by Motor Cycle News.

With a name that is intended to promote its versatility, the All Rounder “Machine of the Year” is a 650cc twin cylinder contemporary styled machine with an upright riding position and distinctive looks.

Created to conquer city streets in style during the urban commute, and yet provide fun and involving riding on weekend roads, Versys owners say the machine has the essential combination of manoeuvrability, style and fuel economy to make it the outstanding all rounder in its field – and now the judging panel of the world’s largest bikers’ publication agree.

“Mid capacity motorcycles that answer a variety of rider needs are now rapidly increasing in popularity, and this class is one that is targeted by many major manufacturers.” commented Kawasaki’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Michael Johnstone. “In the current climate many people require a machine that is big on fun but small in terms of running costs. The Versys proves that a true all-rounder, that ticks all the boxes many riders require, is available for a very reasonable budget”

KMUK’s Branch Manager, Howard Dale, added that the standard machine is to be joined by a new touring version in the UK for 2009.

“Such is the growing popularity of the Versys among those that want to go further afield, as well as daily commuting, we have created a new touring addition to the Versys family. This 2009 model includes colour coded detachable panniers as standard as well as an adjustable blade angle screen and crash protectors. Along with the standard machine, and models offering ABS braking, we feel there is now a Versys all rounder for every rider and every riding situation”.