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Motorcycle Industry Steps Up To Current and Future Opportunities

27th November 2009

The UK motorcycle industry is “a credible, worthwhile, responsible industry, contributing to the economy and taking care of its customers.” according to MCI CEO Steve Kenward, speaking at the show’s official opening.

Congratulating the show team for their achievement in delivering one of just two motorcycle shows being held in Europe this year, and in the challenging economic context which saw the Car Show cancelled, Kenward said that this was a time of great opportunity for the motorcycle industry.

The MCI is working on behalf of industry to ensure that motorcycles and scooters take their rightful place in the UK’s transport mix, to create growth by attracting new customers, to raise awareness of the important contribution made by the motorcycle industry to UK PLC, and to improve rider safety. Kenward explained that these actions include:-

- The Carole Nash International Motorcycle Show 09: As one of only two European bike shows this year, the NEC show is a significant achievement in itself and shows that the industry is capable of determination and perseverance in this economically challenging period.

- Understanding the Economic Contribution of Motorcycling to UK PLC: The MCI has commissioned an independent study of the industry’s contribution to to the UK economy. Results will be available in the New Year and will form a strong foundation for the MCI’s arguments that motorcycles, scooters and mopeds must be taken seriously as part of the transport mix.

- Growing the number of motorcyclists through the Get On Campaign: The industry-funded campaign is bringing motorcycling to new publics by giving potential riders the opportunity to have a free ride, without any need to buy kit or travel out of their local area. The industry-funded campaign allows people previously unaware of the benefits of biking to have a go. So far 80% of those riders who’ve taken the Get On experience have gone on to take their CBT.

- Working for safer riders: This is always of paramount importance for the industry, who want all riders to be safe riders. Future legislation offers an opportunity to further develop rider skills that are recognised to a National Rider Standard. The MCI will work in partnership with the relevant bodies to capitalise on this opportunity to have better trained riders, but it will not be responsible for ill-informed implementation of such legislation

- Serving our customers better: The launch of an NVQ in Sales and Customer service by Kawasaki will ensure that new recruits to motorcycling receive consistently excellent levels of service. This initiative is just one more example of the industry taking care of customers.

Steve Kenward, CEO of the Motor Cycle Industry Association concluded: “The motorcycle industry is going forward. Our house is in order. We are encouraging new people to recognise the benefits of individual mobility that a powered two-wheeler affords. We are also working to persuade the Government that motorcycles and scooters are part of the solution to the transportation, congestion and environmental issues that face the country.

“The motorcycle industry can help. Please embrace us.”