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Peugeot HYbrid3 compressor - best of both worlds

23rd November 2009

Peugeot HYbrid3 compressorPeugeot unveiled their HYbrid3 concept at the Milan motorcycle show. Occupying a half-way house between the world of the scooter and the car, this concept project (there are no plans for production in the immediate future) is based on the extensive experience of Peugeot Motorcycles, specialists in the scooter field, and the creativity and innovative capabilities of stylists and engineers working for Automobiles Peugeot. The end result is a three-wheel drive vehicle offering fuel consumption in the combined cycle of just 141 mpg and CO2 emissions of 47 g/kph!

Three wheels offer maximum stability and driveability, while its width of 82cm enables it to thread a path through urban traffic with all the efficiency of a two-wheeler. It incorporates HYbrid technology, also featured on other concept-cars in the Peugeot range, and combines it with the supercharged petrol engine technology already featured in the Peugeot Jetforce Compressor scooter. Combined with two electric motors located in the front wheels, this configuration develops a maximum power of 29 bhp. Fuel consumption is just 141 mpg in the combined cycle and CO2 emissions only 47 g/kph. Or zero mpg/emissions in electric only mode.

The HYbrid3 compressor can the be ridden in three different ways; in electric only mode (when starting up or at low speed), in petrol engine mode, (at constant speeds when the engine attains optimum efficiency), or with the petrol/electric motors combined, (for acceleration/power boost).

The ABS braking system relies on three ventilated discs, which recover energy to recharge the batteries of the front electric motors, and this assembly also reduces the braking distance by around 30% compared to a two-wheel scooter equipped with traditional brakes. Another item contributing to the vehicle’s efficiency is the STOP & START system, which switches the petrol engine to standby mode during stop phases (e.g. at a red traffic light). Although the HYbrid3 is only a concept at this stage, Peugeot’s range of petrol-driven scooters, (from 50 – 500cc), offers excellent fuel economy. Typically a 50cc scooter will return 100mpg, while the 500cc Satelis will deliver 65 mpg at motorway speeds.

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