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2009 URAL Motorcycles

The Factory. The Ural factory in Irbit, Siberia, produces two complete combinations for the UK market - the Dalesman, and the Dalesman Gear-up. Ural do not make change for change’s sake, and the current models are the result of around 50 years of steady development. Some things have remained as they were 50 years ago such as reverse gear, hand brake, integral steering damper, strong duplex frame design, and an incredibly torquey engine. To bring the bikes up to date, many detailed changes have taken place under the surface of this well-proven package, including a high output 12 volt alternator, electric start, electronic ignition, CV carburetors, unleaded valve seats, disc front brake, improved gearbox, European seals and bearings, and new timing gears.

URAL Dalesman

In 2008 F2 Motorcycles Ltd became the biggest selling Ural dealer in Europe

Ural motorcycle and sidecar combinations offer a unique and exciting way to tour and explore. Rugged and reliable, the Ural is at home both on twisty, tarmac roads and more demanding off-road tracks. With good ground clearance, reverse gear and large carrying capacity, the Ural is a truly versatile and capable machine both for every day use and long distance adventures.