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2009 Yamaha VP250 X-City 250

2009 Yamaha VP250 X-City 250

For professional people who go about their business with a strong sense of purpose and efficiency, and who need transport to get to appointments with total reliability and a degree of understated style, the X-City 250 is great news.

Maximising agility and comfort while minimising the rider’s profile, this high-wheel X-City 250 is the ideal enabler for a busy lifestyle. Its sweet and refined four-stroke 250cc engine is fuel injected to optimise performance and smoothness, turning high torque into instant action even from very low engine speeds. Strong flexibility and quick throttle response join forces with the beautifully cushioned low-loss drive of Yamaha’s V-belt auto transmission. Low-speed and stationary manoeuvring is made easy by a seat that’s been carefully designed and shaped to make the most of the X-City’s comfortably low chassis.

Even with two passengers, the 250 is a decisive overtaker. Handling is neutral, balanced, stable and secure thanks to those high 16inch front and 15inch rear wheels, telescopic forks, twin rear shocks and big disc brakes.

X-City 250 is an ‘anytime’ transport solution too because of the excellent weather protection provided by the hand deflectors and the beautifully sculptured windscreen which, for 2009, becomes height-adjustable to suit individual rider preference.

That ‘anytime’ ability isn’t just within business hours either. Generous underseat storage space means that when it’s time to cut loose, the X-City 250 will take two people and their personal belongings there in speedy comfort. Its capacity to fulfil touring needs is boosted by another new standard fitment on the 2009 model: a luggage carrier for mounting an original Yamaha Topcase from the accessory line up.

X-City downtime is kept to an absolute minimum by the long-range 10.5-litre tank, and the engine is fully EU3 emissions-compliant, allowing this talented scooter to deliver heavyweight performance with a light footprint.

Adapting to every situation with seamless ease, effortlessly cutting through both traffic and perceptions, and rich in contemporary style, X-City 250 is an inspired mobility solution which will quietly blend in with any professional’s focused approach to life.

Key features

  • new for ’09 rear topcase carrier
  • new for ’09 height-adjustable windscreen
  • high 16inch front and 15inch rear tyres for secure handling
  • 270mm front/240mm rear disc brakes
  • instant, decisive response fuel-injected four-stroke 250cc engine
  • uniquely elegant design
  • comfortable riding position
  • low seat for easy low-speed control
  • red-backlit aluminum-finish instrument panel

Technical Specifications


  • Type - Liquid cooled 4 stroke single cylinder
  • Displacement - 249.78 cc
  • Bore x stroke - 69.0 x 66.8 mm
  • Compression ratio - 10.0 : 1
  • Max. Power - 15.6 kW @ 7,500 rpm
  • Max. Torque - 21.5 Nm @ 5,800 rpm
  • Lubrication system - Wet sump
  • Fuel supply system - Fuel Injection
  • Ignition system - T.C.I.
  • Starter system - Electric
  • Transmission system - V-Belt Automatic


  • Front suspension - Telescopic fork
  • Front wheel travel - 100 mm
  • Rear suspension - Unit swing
  • Rear wheel travel - 105 mm
  • Front brake - Single Disc Ø 270 mm
  • Rear brake - Single Disc Ø 240 mm
  • Front tyre - 120/70-16
  • Rear tyre - 140/70-15


  • Overall length - 2.175 mm
  • Overall width - 785 mm
  • Overall height - 1,430-1,475 (adjustable windscreen) mm
  • Seat height - 790 mm
  • Wheelbase - 1,470 mm
  • Min. ground clearance - 165 mm
  • Wet weight (incl. full oil and fuel tank) - 173 kg
  • Fuel capacity - 10.5 litres

Specifications are subject to change without notice, in accordance with national regulation and legislations.