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2009 Yamaha WR125X/R

Yamaha WR125XYamaha WR125R

New Enduro and Supermoto join Yamaha’s 125 line up

For the 2009 model year Yamaha introduce two exciting and stylish new motorcycles which underline the strength of the company’s 125 model line up. The new WR125X Supermoto and the WR125R Enduro have been developed using some of the same advanced technology that is already featured on the popular WR250X and WR250R models which were launched for the 2008 season.

These two new motorcycles have been built with full-sized chassis designs and feature a class-leading specification that includes a highly responsive 124.7cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke 4-valve SOHC single-cylinder engine, long-travel 41 mm diameter front forks and large-diameter disc brakes slowed by a floating two-piston caliper at the front and a compact one-piston caliper at the rear.

The design of the beautifully-styled bodywork represents Yamaha’s very latest next-generation off-road look, which has been influenced by our larger WR models. This radical new styling gives both models an imposing presence on the street and dirt that few other 125s can match.

Featuring Yamaha’s first-class build quality, as well as close attention to detail, and equipped to a high overall specification, the WR125X Supermoto and WR125R Enduro offer our customers an even wider choice of Yamaha 125cc models, and add an exciting new dimension to this important class.

Because both of these exciting new 125cc models develop 11 kW (15 PS) maximum power, many car drivers in European countries will be entitled to ride them using their existing car license (B).

Model Overview - WR125X / WR125R

  • WR125X – the new 125 Supermoto 4-stroke
  • WR125R – the new 125 Enduro 4-stroke
  • 124.7cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valve, SOHC, single-cylinder engine
  • Highly responsive engine performance
  • Rugged and full-sized steel chassis
  • Top-class suspension and braking systems
  • Radical next-generation off-road styling
  • High overall specification and top quality components


Both of these stylish new models are powered by a specially-adapted version of the 124.7cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke 4-valve SOHC single-cylinder engine which is already used in the hugely popular YZF-R125. Featuring a bore x stroke of 52.0 x 58.6 mm and a compression ratio of 11.2:1, this fuel-injected engine has been designed to deliver maximum power at 9,000 rpm, with maximum torque at 8,000 rpm, giving strong performance.

This free-revving and ultra-reliable powerplant has already established a reputation as being one of the most impressive performers in the 125 category, and in order to achieve the best on and off road potential in the new WR125X and WR125R, a number of changes have been made to the engine.

Revised inlet and exhaust

In order to ensure superb responsiveness and a strong power delivery, the WR125X and R feature a number of modifications to the inlet and exhaust. These detail changes are designed to give smooth and predictable throttle response at low to mid speeds for improved controllability in a variety of road and off road riding situations. At the same time, Yamaha’s engineers have also ensured that the strong power feeling which has made the YZF-R125 such a success is retained, and both the WR125X and WR125R are ready to deliver exciting performance on the road and in the dirt!

Slick-shifting 6-speed transmission

Both models run with a slick-shifting 6-speed transmission equipped with a revised final drive ratio which is designed to optimize the performance potential in all situations, including urban, highway and off road riding.

Low-emission EU3 engine

The 124.7cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke 4-valve SOHC single-cylinder engine which powers the WR125X and WR125R benefits from Yamaha’s very latest design and technology. As well as being one of the strongest and most responsive performers in the class, these two new Yamaha lightweights are also two of the cleanest running 125s in the category.

The high compression 11.2:1 combustion chamber is fed by an advanced fuel injection system which not only ensures crisp and instantaneous throttle response, but also delivers remarkably efficient combustion processes. An Air Induction System (AIS) helps to reduce harmful emissions by introducing fresh air directly into the exhaust for more complete burning of gases. Together with the exhaust catalyser and O2 sensor, this advanced 4-valve cylinder head design ensures that the WR125X and WR125R deliver optimal performance with minimal emissions which comply with the latest EU3 regulations.

User-friendly character

The engine specification used on the new WR125X and WR125R ensures that both the Supermoto and Enduro model will deliver an equally satisfying and exciting two-wheeled experience, on and off the road.

As well as the smooth, responsive and predictable power delivery, the new WR125X & R are equipped with an electric start and automatic decompressor for easy starting – and for increased durability when riding off road, both models feature a folding-peg type gear change lever which is similar to the design used on our WR enduro race bikes.

Engine– Technical Highlights

  • 124.7cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valve, OHC, single-cylinder engine
  • Bore x stroke 52.0 mm x 58.6 mm
  • Compression ratio of 11.2:1
  • Maximum power 11 kW (15 PS) at 9,000 rpm
  • Maximum torque 12.2 Nm at 8,000 rpm
  • Specially adapted version of the successful YZF-R125 engine
  • Revised inlet and exhaust for smooth and predictable throttle response
  • 6-speed transmission
  • Low emission EU3-compliant engine
  • Electric starter
  • Folding gear change lever
  • Automatic decompressor


The first impression of the new WR125X and WR125R is that they are both physically large machines which are sure to stand out amongst a crowd of other 125cc models.

Both bikes share a number of features in common with the larger WR250X and R models, as well as with the WR250F enduro race bike. The high overall specification and leading build quality of the chassis, bodywork and cycle parts seen on these new 125 4-strokes is sure to appeal to new riders who are looking for Yamaha technology, style and performance.

These two exciting new additions to the Yamaha range reinforce the company’s comprehensive 125 line-up and offer our customers the widest choice.

Full size body

With their full-sized chassis designs and next-generation off road bodywork, the WR125X and WR125R are two of the most stylish and exciting machines in the 125cc category, and could easily be mistaken for larger capacity models.

Yamaha’s designers set out to create two physically impressive models in the WR125X and WR125R, and this has been achieved by using a newly designed diamond-shaped steel frame and WR-enduro race bike type tank and seat design.

This new chassis features a seat height of 920 mm on the WR125X, and 930 mm on the WR125R, giving these bikes the looks, feel and riding experience usually associated with larger capacity models.

Radical on / off road styling

Both of these exciting new 125s feature all-new bodywork which represents a new direction in Yamaha’s off-road styling. While featuring familiar elements from Yamaha’s WR-F and YZ-F competition models, the new-generation off road styling brings a radical and exciting new look to the 125 class, and ensures that the WR125X and WR125R will always stand out in a crowd.

Just like our competition bikes, the tank and seat units on the new WR125X and WR125R are designed to allow optimal mobility so that the rider can easily shift their weight forwards or backwards to suit the terrain. The handlebar/seat/footrest positioning has also been designed to allow the rider to stand up when riding off road, for optimal control and manoeuvrability.

Serious off road potential

Both models are equipped with 41 mm diameter front forks giving 210 mm (WR125X) and 240 mm (WR125R) of front wheel travel to ensure high levels of comfort on the highway, together with sure-footed handling performance in the dirt.

At the rear end the single shock Monocross suspension system offers a choice of seven preload settings that can be adjusted to suit solo and two-up riding, as well as a range of different riding conditions – on or off road.

The chassis on both models also features plenty of ground clearance, giving both models a rugged hardcore look, and this high ground clearance also ensures that the WR125R rider can fully exploit the bike’s genuine off road capabilities.

High specification wheels and tyres

The fitment of high quality wheels and tyres to both models underlines Yamaha’s total commitment to making the very best chassis technology available to today’s 125 rider.

In order to match its strong dual purpose performance and enhance its excellent off road capabilities, the WR125R Enduro is equipped with a 21-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear wheel, just like our WR250F enduro race bike. The lightweight aluminium wheels are fitted with dual-purpose tyres which offer good performance on the road and in the dirt, allowing the WR125R rider to enjoy the machine to its full potential.

The WR125X Supermoto runs with 17-inch front and rear wheels, and these are fitted with sticky sports tyres that deliver high levels of traction. To complement the bike’s full sized chassis a massive 140-section rear tyre is fitted, giving the WR125X serious big bike looks and outstanding cornering potential.

Large diameter front disc brake with floating two-piston caliper

Both models run with high quality braking systems which are designed to offer ample stopping power together with plenty of accurate feedback for optimal controllability on and off road.

The WR125X Supermoto is equipped with a 298 mm diameter front disc which is slowed by a floating 2-pot caliper, while stopping power at the rear is generated by a compact single-pot caliper gripping a 220 mm diameter disc. To suit its greater off road bias, the WR125R Enduro features a 240 mm wavy front disc slowed by a floating 2-pot caliper, and 220 mm wavy rear disc slowed by a single-pot caliper.

Newly-designed LCD instrument panel

Another feature which graphically underlines the high overall specification and first class build quality of the new WR125X & R is the stylish instrument panel. Featuring an easy-to-read LCD speedometer, this newly-designed panel includes a fuel gauge, distance meter and two tripmeters.

Folding-peg type gear change lever

Our designer team’s close attention to detail is also evident in the use of a folding-peg type gear change lever which is standard fitment on all Yamaha’s off road racing bikes. In the event of a small fall, or a close brush with an obstacle when riding off road, the tip of the gear change lever folds back to prevent damage to the main lever or shaft.

Factory-racer type footpegs

The footpegs are another of the components fitted to the WR125X and WR125R that have been developed from our off road race bikes. The lightweight design offers plenty of support and grip for the sole of the boot which is particularly important when riding off road.

Frame protectors

Lightweight frame protectors help to prevent scuff marks caused by the rider’s boot where it rubs on the chassis, and allows the WR125X and WR125R owners to keep their machine in first class condition.

Chassis– Technical Highlights

  • Newly-designed full-sized chassis and bodywork
  • Ergonomic tank/seat design allows optimal rider movement
  • Radical next-generation off-road styling
  • High ground clearance
  • High quality components and class-leading build quality
  • 41 mm diameter long-travel front forks
  • Preload-adjustable Monocross rear suspension
  • Comprehensive, high-specification LCD instrument panel
  • Dual trip meters
  • Factory-racer type footpegs
  • Frame protectors
  • 2-pot front brake caliper / single-pot rear caliper

WR125X Specific Features:

  • 17-inch front wheel, 17-inch rear wheel with sports tyres
  • Large-diameter 298 mm front disc / 220 mm rear disc
  • Massive 140-section rear tyre
  • 920 mm seat height

WR125R Specific Features:

  • 21-inch front wheel, 18-inch rear wheel with dual-purpose tyres
  • 240 mm front wavy disc and 220 mm rear wavy disc
  • 930 mm seat height
  • Serious off road capabilities

Available colours:

  • Racing Blue Racing Blue
  • Sports White Yamaha Black

Technical Specification


  • Type - Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, forward-inclined single cylinder, 4-valves, SOHC
  • Displacement - 124.7 cc
  • Bore x stroke - 52.0 x 58.6 mm
  • Compression ratio - 11.2:1
  • Max. Power - 11 kW (15 PS) @ 9,000 rpm
  • Max. Torque - 12.2 Nm (1.24 kg-m) @ 8,000 rpm
  • Lubrication system - Wet sump
  • Fuel supply system - Fuel Injection
  • Clutch type - Wet, multiple-disk coil spring
  • Ignition system - TCI (digital)
  • Starter system - Electric
  • Transmission system - Constant mesh, 6-speed
  • Final transmission system - Chain
  • Primary reduction ratio - 73/24 (3.042)
  • Secundary reduction ratio - 53/14 (3.786)
  • Gear ratio; 1st gear - 34/12 (2.833)
  • Gear ratio; 2nd gear - 30/16 (1.875)
  • Gear ratio; 3rd gear - 30/22 (1.364)
  • Gear ratio; 4th gear - 24/21 (1.143)
  • Gear ratio; 5th gear - 22/23 (0.957)
  • Gear ratio; 6th gear - 21/25 (0.840)


  • Frame - Steel double cradle
  • Front suspension - Telescopic forks
  • Front wheel travel - 210 mm
  • Rear suspension - Swingarm (link suspension)
  • Rear wheel travel - 230 mm
  • Caster angle - 25.5º
  • Trail - 78.5 mm
  • Front brake - Single disc, Ø 298 mm
  • Rear brake - Single disc, Ø 220 mm
  • Front tyre - 110/70-17 M/C 54H (TUBELESS)
  • Rear tyre - 140/70-17 M/C 66H (TUBELESS)


  • Overall length - 2,095 mm
  • Overall width - 835 mm
  • Overall height - 1,165 mm
  • Seat height - 920 mm
  • Wheelbase - 1,430 mm
  • Min. ground clearance - 255 mm
  • Wet weight (including full oil and fuel tank) - 137 kg
  • Fuel capacity - 8.5 litres
  • Oil capacity - 1.15 litres

Specification are subject to change without notice, in accordance with national regulation and legislations