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2010 Aprilia Mana 850

2010 Aprilia Mana 850

Aprilia MANA represents the utmost technological evolution applied to a bike. A daring challenge that only the immense technological skills of Aprilia could face and win. Aprilia 850 MANA is a bike without equals on the world market, a unique, highly advanced project. A bike that eliminates the stress but at the same time knows how to provide great satisfaction and fun in all riding conditions, from the city slalom to those roads that allow a sportier style. Just press a button on the handlebar to enter a whole new world.

Its revolutionary and electronically managed Sportgear transmission offers unique riding pleasure: MANA satisfies every riding style and every type of need.

Three mappings for “Autodrive” transmission management, or Sequential 7-speed gears; with Aprilia MANA it's literally impossible not to find the configuration best suited to the specific traffic and/or riding conditions, or to your own needs. Whether you're travelling in the city or on a winding road, MANA always offers the right degree of exuberance and the same handling pleasure. In any situation, every rider - even the most demanding - will find the right solution for his own riding style, always obtaining the maximum power and discovering a previously unimagined potential.

The Euro 3 90° V twin engine is the ideal partner for this type of transmission. Compact, sparkling, clean. The power and torque ensure excellent performance levels, especially in acceleration (the Mana really takes off at the traffic lights). And all this with the utmost riding simplicity, bringing the Mana performance within everyone's reach. The technology on the Aprilia 850 MANA is user-friendly, to make life easier. There's no clutch lever because everything is electronically managed, leaving the rider to fully enjoy the riding experience. The sequential transmission is activated with the classic pedal command or, alternatively, via the command on the handlebar.

Like with all Aprilia vehicles, the painstaking chassis design guarantees top class handling. The tubular frame of the chassis ensures great sturdiness and torsional rigidity. The single piece aluminium swingarm and advanced suspension system mean that Mana is a bike to satisfy even the most demanding rider. The high quality braking system increases the active safety level, thanks to excellent stopping distances.

The special features of the Aprilia Mana:

  • twin cylinder 90° V engine with four valves per cylinder, Euro 3 homologated;
  • Sportgear transmission: electronically controlled sequential gearshift with two shift modes: seven speed manual or Autodrive with three different mappings: Touring-Sport-Rain;
  • helmet compartment with non-scratch lining for a flip up helmet, with mobile phone holder, toolkit/glove-box and 12V power socket;
  • fuel tank under saddle
  • brakes with radial callipers;
  • 43 mm upside down fork;
  • lateral shock absorber with adjustable preload and rebound damper;
  • steel trellis frame with single piece aluminium swingarm;
  • dual spark plug ignition;
  • electronic fuel injection system with a single throttle body;
  • new latest generation 2-channel ABS system (ABS version only).