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2010 Aprilia RX 50-SX 50

2010 Aprilia RX 50-SX 50

The Aprilia RXV and SXV were the first bikes in the world to break the ‘single cylinder’ taboo and install a high performance twin in enduro and supermotard motorcycles. At the time it was seen as an almost impossible challenge to develop an off-road twin that would still be accessible to the riding public. But Aprilia’s R&D had the conviction, determination and experience for the job, and victories in top level competitions soon came flooding in, followed by the world supermotard championship title.

But at Aprilia, we have never been satisfied to rest on our laurels. We see racing as the most effective method of testing new ideas and solutions that we can then introduce across the range, from our flagship model to our 50 cc machines.

The new babies in the Aprilia range, the RX and the SX, are inspired by Aprilia’s world-beating off road twins. The RX 50 and SX 50 are clearly dedicated to young riders seeking the best technology around plus head-turning good looks.

The RX 50 enduro and SX 50 supermotard are high performance 50 cc machines. They are both powered by an engine of the latest generation and feature the sort of chassis that many big can only envy.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the 50 cc engine. The RX and SX are real motorcycles, and just at home on tough racing circuits as they are on the daily trip from home to school or college.
Their design speaks for itself. Their sharp, clear-cut lines derive directly from the RXV/SXV off-road style icons. Just as their bigger sisters before them, the RX and SX are on their way to create a whole new fashion in 50 cc styling.

The new perimeter frame forms a direct connection between the steering head and the swingarm pivot, in line with the latest off-road developments. The frame is made from high strength steel to absorb all the stress that hard off-road riding can transmit. This synthesis of strength and lightness is the perfect match for the characteristics of the RX/SX 50. The suspensions are another one of the strong points of these exceptional motorcycles. At the front there is a mighty fork with 40 mm stanchions giving a wheel travel of 195 mm, more than enough to absorb even the hardest knocks. At the back, the high strength steel swingarm is damped by an advanced hydraulic monoshock giving a generous 180 mm of rear wheel travel to ensure that the RX/SX 50 can tackle even the toughest terrains.

The imposing front brake is abundantly over-sized to ensure safe, competition standard braking and stopping. The ventilated steel disc is 260 mm in diameter on the RX enduro and an amazing 300 mm in diameter on the SX motard, bigger than on any alternative 50 cc bike. The floating front caliper is a twin piston unit. The rear brakes are up to the job too, with a 180 mm stainless steel disc and a powerful caliper with two opposing pistons.

The wheels are another essential part of any competition machine, and one of the most distinctive elements on these small off-road Aprilias. Aluminium has been adopted for its light weight and exceptional stress resistance. The RX is equipped with a 21” front wheel and an 18” rear wheel, just as on real competition enduro bikes. The SX is fitted with two 17” wheels with wide profile tyres for superb handling around town or on a twisting cart track.

Such an amazing chassis obviously demands an engine to match. That is why the RX and SX are powered by Aprilia’s advanced liquid cooled, single cylinder two stroke engine with reed valve induction. Use of the latest technology ensures that this new engine delivers exceptional performance from a surprisingly low weight (only 15 kg). Lubrication is provided by a separate mixing system, with a variable displacement volumetric pump. A kick start has been preferred to save weight. A six speed gearbox makes the best possible use of the power delivered by this impressive engine.

On top of all this the RX and SX also benefit from the sort of prestige components normally found only on far bigger bikes. The ultra-compact digital instruments feature an innovative design and perform a range of functions to keep all parameters under constant control. Twin headlights add another touch of personality and guarantee superior night-time visibility.
The long seat extends over the compact fuel tank to provide ample room for movement under sport riding conditions. Tank capacity is 7 litres. Considering the extremely limited fuel consumption of the 50 cc engine, the Aprilia RX 50 and SX 50 therefore have plenty of autonomy for all types of use.

Just like all Aprilia motorcycles, the RX and SX also respect nature: the exhaust is fitted with a catalytic converter, and emissions respect euro 2 standards without penalising the advanced performance of the Aprilia 50 cc engine.