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2010 BMW F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer

2010 BMW F 800 R Chris PfeifferBMW F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer2010 F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer

Overall concept and vehicle properties.

With the BMW F 800 R, BMW Motorrad expanded its F 800 model series for 2009, presenting a sporty roadster designed for a high level of riding dynamics and maximum riding pleasure in the segment of the medium category naked bikes. In addition to the two roadsters R 1200 R and K 1300 R, it was the third BMW roadster to see its international premiere in the BMW Motorrad Urban world of experience.

But it wasn’t just on public roads that the dynamic BMW naked bike swiftly made a name for itself. The extreme ease of handling which the F 800 R allows its rider was demonstrated by four-times World and European Stunt-Riding
Champion Chris Pfeiffer as long ago as 2007 and 2008 on an F 800 S specially adapted to his needs and closely resembling the later F 800 R. Since the official presentation of this model in November 2008 in Milan, motorcycle acrobat Chris
Pfeiffer has now been riding the new F 800 R at international competitions and shows – on a version which is only distinguished from the serial production machine in some details.

In the course of 2008, Chris Pfeiffer took part in stunt shows and contests on 85 days - and this year his appointment schedule is equally full. Chris Pfeiffer says: “No matter whether it’s about me as an individual, as a freestyle rider or as a racing rider: it’s always a question of being creative and showing the audience new, exciting things. It is simply amazing when the crowd starts to cheer even before you’ve started. I really appreciate the great support provided by BMW, and for me the F 800 R is simply the perfect stunt motorcycle – as demonstrated by my recent success.”

All this was reason enough for BMW Motorrad to mark Chris Pfeiffer’s success on the new F 800 R by bringing out a special model, the BMW F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer, closely resembling his competition bike. In addition there are the elaborate
paintwork , the special edition sports Akrapovic® muffl er and other features to enhance the motorcycle’s sporty style. The basic technical characteristics remain unchanged from the standard model.

The engine in the F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer is again the liquid-cooled parallel twin with 4-valve technology and with a capacity of 798 cc. As in the F 800 R, the in-line 2-cylinder engine provides especially impressive pulling power, spontaneous
response and a low level of fuel consumption.

Even in the lower engine speed range, the 4-valve engine - not especially shortstroke in design, with a bore/stroke ratio of 82.0 to 75.6 millimetres - quickly increases engine speed, building up 90 per cent of maximum torque at just 5,000 rpm. Between 5,000 and 8,000 rpm the engine provides an impressively dynamic level of power delivery, to the accompaniment of a unique sound. With a nominal output of 64 kW/87 bhp at 8,000 rpm, the engine produces a torque of 86 Nm at 6,000 rpm. Chris Pfeiffer on the unique twin: “The engine is loads of fun - I love its response even in the low and medium engine speed range, as well as its enormously wide rpm range, both when riding on the road and for stunt riding. Then there is the perfect throttle response and sensitive controllability of the 2-cylinder engine - absolutely imperative to be able to perform
spectacular stunts.”

In its design, the F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer is the same as that of its eponym from the Allgäu. The multicolour paint fi nish in the BMW Motorsport colours of Alpine White non-metallic, Lupine Blue metallic, Magma Red non-metallic and Black
silk matt contrast with the black drivetrain and swing arm; a white front wheel completes the sporty outfi t. The standard, painted pillion passenger seat cover of the F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer also refl ects the machine’s sporty purpose. The
fact that it does not have cockpit fairing merely serves to emphasise the powerful, purist character of this special model. The F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer also attains a very high level of individuality, authenticity and value due to the overpainted
Chris Pfeiffer signature on the central cover and the sponsor stickers which are supplied with the bike and can be optionally applied.

In terms of riding dynamics, the F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer delivers everything its sporty exterior promises. The “little roadster” by BMW Motorrad has already found more than 3,000 fans since May for its very agile, sporty performance.

This is just what Chris Pfeiffer wants for his shows and competitions and will be much appreciated by sports-oriented motorcyclists on winding country roads or in the mountains.

Features which contribute to the exceptional dynamic performance in the F 800 R are the low weight of just 199 kg fully fuelled, the sprint-oriented gear ratio and the chassis, which is specially adapted to the demands of a sporty naked bike with light alloy bridge frame and dual rear wheel swing arm. Uniquely for the special model F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer, the spring of the rear spring strut is fi nished in red to match the bike’s sporty multicolour paint finish.

Chris Pfeiffer himself is happy to confi rm the excellent chassis properties from his virtually day-to-day contact with the F 800 R: “The fact that no changes have been made to by competition version shows just how easy the F 800 R is to ride. I simply vary the tyre pressure, depending on road conditions. That really says it all.”

The new F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer is fi tted as standard with the very sporty rear silencer by Akrapovic®, otherwise only available as a special accessory. Its main advantages over the standard silencer are reduced weight and a throatier
sound. Like the sporty rear silencer, the LED direction indicators (for Canada: white direction indicators) contribute to the dynamic appearance of this special model.

In addition to this, the F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer can also draw on the extensive BMW Motorrad option and accessory program to fulfi l any further customer demands in terms of individual equipment features.

The market launch will be at the beginning of September 2009. Chris Pfeiffer was at the Berlin Spandau plant in person at the beginning of July 2009 for the start of serial production of this F 800 R special model: he lent a hand himself and even rode the very fi rst BMW F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer off the assembly line. As a small thank-you for this fi rst special model bearing his name, the four-times World and European Stunt-Riding Champion provided a “best of” selection from his numerous stunt shows and competitions for the staff at the BMW Motorrad production plant. As he said when it was all over: “I am very
pleased and proud that there will be a BMW Motorcycle on sale which bears my name. I regard this as both a great honour and powerful source of motivation.

Riding the first machine to bear my signature off the production line really was a unique experience.”

Here is an overview of the main features of the new BMW F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer as compared to the standard model:

  • Akrapovic rear silencer for a dynamic appearance and a sporty sound.
  • Spring of rear spring strut fi nished in red.
  • Painted pillion passenger seat cover.
  • Highly sporty visual appearance with paint fi nish in the BMW Motorsport colours of Alpine White non-metallic, Lupine Blue metallic and Magma Red non-metallic, contrasting with elements in black silk matt.
  • Front wheel fi nished in white.
  • Clear overpainted Chris Pfeiffer signature on the central cover.
  • Set of sponsor stickers supplied.
  • No cockpit fairing.
  • LED direction indicators.

As compared to the standard version of the BMW F 800 R and the F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer, only very slight changes were made to Chris Pfeiffer’s own machine as used in shows and competitions. These are as follows:

  • No modifications to the oil circulation and engine ventilation system. Instead simply an increase of the oil level to approx. two litres above maximum so as to prevent any air intake in very extreme situations.
  • Much shorter gear ratio by means of altered ESJOT pinion and sprocket for stunts at low speeds.
  • Special MAGURA stunt bike handlebars (prototype).
  • Additional rear wheel brake for activation using left middle fi nger with MAGURA 195 radial pump and BMW 4-piston brake caliper.
  • Shortened brake pedal for reduced lever force.
  • MAGURA 195 radial pump with small hydraulic reservoir for front brake system.
  • CASTROL SRF brake fl uid for maximum heat stability.
  • Adjustment lever to increase idling speed for so-called no-throttle and no-hands tricks.
  • Individual mapping adapted to Chris Pfeiffer’s needs for gentle power delivery and earlier activation of ventilator.
  • Lowered ignition lock to prevent unintentional deactivation.
  • Air box cover with reinforcement bracket for certain stunts.
  • Specially shaped seat by OSENSTETTER.
  • Wheelie bar for additional foot position.
  • Modified position of pillion passenger footrests
  • Grooved off-road footrests of the F 800 GS for safer grip on the wet.
  • Additional footrests on the front wheel axis (axle pegs).
  • Engine protection bracket by BMW, with additional reinforcements.
  • Special Akrapovic® exhaust system in titanium.

Special equipment features and special accessories.

BMW fulfils individualisation wishes not only with special equipment features fitted at the Berlin plant but also by means of retrofi tted accessories which can be fitted by a local dealer or by customers themselves. The F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer
is available with the special equipment features and the special accessories of the F 800 R except the sport windshield, the lower rider seat, the LED direction indicators as well as the Akrapovic sports silencer and the pillion seat cover.

Special equipment features.

  • BMW Motorrad ABS
  • Heated grips.
  • Higher rider seat (825 mm seat height).
  • Anti-theft warning system.
  • Tyre pressure control.
  • On-board computer.
  • Power reduction to 25 kW/34 bhp.
  • Socket.

Special accessories.

  • Heated grips
  • Luggage rack.
  • Pannier holder.
  • Sports pannier with variable volume.
  • Topcase, small.
  • Inner bag, Topcase.
  • Back pad, Topcase.
  • Tank rucksack.
  • Tank bag.
  • Main stand (with mounting kit).
  • Service tools.
  • Higher rider seat (825 mm seat height).
  • Helmet cord safeguard.
  • BMW Motorrad Navigation IV including holder.
  • TMC-Modul for BMW Motorrad Navigation IV.
  • Engine spoiler.
  • Radiator trim panel, black grained, and radiator trim panel, aluminium.
  • Power reduction to 25 kW/34 bhp.
  • Anti-theft warning system.
  • Engine protection bar.
  • Socket.
  • LED rear light.