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2010 BMW G 450 X

2010 BMW G 450 X2010 G 450 X

Fine-tuned for even more competitive potential.

BMW Motorrad has set yet another milestone in the company's 80-year offroad tradition. It is the first uncompromising, pure-blooded sports enduro to be produced in the popular 450cc class and to have been developed especially for enduro use, fit for taking part in the most demanding contests in the world.

Meanwhile BMW Motorrad can look back proudly at the numerous sporting successes it has achieved with the G 450 X. Preliminary highlight was the second place in the WEC, short hand for world enduro championship, for Juha Salminen in class E2 enabled by top-professional factory entries over the course of an entire season. As well as chalking up several sporting successes in the German Cross Country Championships, the Erzberg Rodeo, and most recently, the Red Bull Romaniacs. At this event in Rumania, Andreas Lettenbichler won through decisively with his G 450 X against an entire legion of worldwide motorcycling elite at a legendary City Prolog event. Four racing days in the Carpathians, with extremely steep uphill and downhill slopes, fast rally-style sections, and difficult and selective single trails through dark forests. To cap it all was a veritable daredevil ride on the roof of a five-storey building in the centre of the city of Sibiu.

And now, numerous technical optimisations have been planned for the BMW G 450 X in the model year 2010. For instance, a new dataset has been developed for the ECU (engine control unit) of the bike's digital engine management system. This results not only in an improvement in fuel consumption but also a reduction in engine break torque, improved start characteristics and more sensitive responses, particularly with load changes.

In addition to the usual standard features, an optional extra is available in the form of a slip-on racing silencer (without ABE and not homologated for on-road use), which serves to further enhance the technical concept of the G 450 X as a pure-blooded, uncompromising sports enduro. Its main benefit compared to the standard silencer is that it is around one kilogram lighter. The stainless steel manifold, designed as a combined reflective and absorptive silencer, fulfils FIM regulations, is easy to assemble, and reduces the G 450 X's dry weight in competition conditions to no more than 110 kilograms.

The chassis of the BMW G 450 X has also received a number of modifications. The offset of the front axle to the middle of the fork rod has been reduced by 2.5 millimetres, resulting in more neutral handling with optimum directional stability.

Furthermore, the new of the upside-down fork has been recalibrated with a stronger damping progression, resulting in more sensitive response characteristics and improvements in overcoming bumps, even in very tough off-road terrain.

The calibration of the rear strut has also been modified, with the result that its damping characteristic now also displays a more progressive line, favouring more sensitive response characteristics. Ergonomics have been improved with a new seat design; it is now filled with soft foam and also displays an enlarged radius in the upper thigh area. The new design features increased comfort and affords the rider increased control over his machine.

The design of the new G 450 X is oriented towards the successful factory racing models of the BMW Motorrad Motorsport team, with matching, gold-anodised fork inner tubes.

The market launch of the new BMW G 450 X has been set for October 2009.