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2010 Ducati 1198 R Corse Special Edition

2010 Ducati 1198 R Corse Special Edition Ducati 1198 R Corse Special Edition

1198 R Corse Special Edition Ducati 1198 R Corse

The winning of both the 2009 World Superbike and Superstock Manufacturers’ titles is a fitting stage on which to present the 2010 1198 R Corse Special Edition, built to mark the historic introduction of a new Ducati Corse logo. It features all the usual high specification 'R' components, in addition to a new beautifully formed factory team-style aluminium fuel tank and bold red, white and black colour scheme with new Ducati Corse logo.

The 'R' is a race bike, pure and simple. Its competition specification and superior components together with advanced electronics and race-proven chassis technology deliver a level of performance that empowers with confidence and capability. On the road, it distinguishes its rider as a connoisseur of high-performance motorcycles. On the track it instantly promotes the rider to a higher level of skill.

The road-going 'R' version is as close as it gets to Ducati's factory race bike. The 1198 R is not a replica – it's the real deal. An incredible 180hp L-Twin Testastretta Evoluzione engine in a race-winning Trellis chassis set-up weighs in at 1kg (2.2lb) less than last year to become an unbelievably light 164kg (361.5lb) and is equipped with Ducati Corse's World Championship-winning traction control system.

The Ducati 1198 R Corse Special Edition raises the bar and sets the world standard for sportbikes while turning the heads and racing the hearts of enthusiasts throughout the world.

Stunning Superbike technology

The 1198 R takes all the Superbike family features, reduces weight even further and delivers an extra 10 horsepower over the 1198 engine. Sand-cast crankcases, titanium valves and con-rods, fully adjustable Öhlins TTXR rear suspension and much more contribute to the most awesome performance ever seen in this category.

Compared to the 1098 R, the 1198 R Corse Special Edition is 1kg (2.2lb) lighter thanks to the new factory team-style fuel tank, which also increases fuel capacity by 2.5 litres (0.66 US gal) to 18 litres (4.75 US gal). Formed in 2mm thick aluminium, the tank is brush finished, clear-coated and topped off with the new Ducati Corse logo to maintain a factory race tank feel.

Underlining its competition intention, the 1198 R is designed as a true 'monoposto' with no provisions to carry a passenger. This has enabled a 50% weight reduction of the rear subframe by producing it in aluminium alloy. Other specifications particular to the 1198 R includes carbon fibre construction of the fairing belly-pan, upper-fairing internal panels, tank lower side panels, seat assembly and front fender, making the bodywork a considerable contributing factor to the overall performance of the machine.

The 1198 R Corse comes in the red, white and black Corse Special Edition livery bodywork with the new aluminium fuel tank clear-coated for all to see. The Trellis frame is also in red with the front and rear 7-spoke Marchesini wheels finished in black. The front fender and side panels are left in a contrasting natural carbon fibre finish while the belly-pan is painted, but reveals its carbon fibre material inside the aerodynamic recess for the side-stand. A subtle '1198 R Corse Special Edition' graphic on the tail fairing leaves no doubt as to what this magnificent bike is.

Race kit

This top-of-the-range model is supplied with a race kit that includes a full racing exhaust system with 102dB carbon fibre mufflers by Termignoni and dedicated ECU which raises power output to approximately 186hp (intended strictly for track use only). Also in the kit is a unique Ducati Corse branded bike cover designed by Aldo Drudi and rear paddock stand as well as an official cased plaque of authentication that confirms the collectable value of this exclusive motorcycle.

1198 R Testastretta Evoluzione power

The 1198 R engine represents the finest twin-cylinder technology in the world. It produces 180hp (132.4kW) @ 9,750rpm and 99.1lb-ft (13.7kgm) of brute torque @ 7,750rpm in standard mode and an astonishing 186hp when using the supplied race kit (intended strictly for track use only).

The specification of this engine underlines its no-compromise race technology. To help contain the massive 'R' power output, the crankcases have been sand-cast produced, a process that improves the molecular quality of the casting, increasing strength while ensuring that intricate shapes are achieved with absolute accuracy. Confirming the 1198 R's race specification by minimising weight and increasing performance, the crankshaft connecting rods are made in titanium, achieving a 34% saving over the stock 1198 rods while reducing their reciprocating forces and improving crankshaft acceleration. Cam belt covers moulded in carbon fibre and cam covers cast in magnesium alloy enhance the lightweight package.

The 1198.4cc capacity is the product of a 106x67.9mm bore and stroke which is fed through four titanium valves per cylinder and compressed to a ratio of 12.8:1. The chrome nitride coated valves are larger in the 'R' engine, measuring 44.3mm for the inlet and 36.2mm for the exhaust. They are actuated by rocker arms that are super-finished for reduced friction and fatigue, and double overhead camshafts with radical race profiles.

The incredible valve performances achieved are only possible because of Ducati's unique Desmodromic system, where valve closure is activated mechanically. At high rpm it would be almost impossible for the valve to follow the steep closure profile of the cam lobe if it were relying upon a normal valve spring, but with the Desmo system the valve is mechanically closed with the same accuracy as it is opened, enabling steep cam profiles and radical cam timings. This system is used on every single Ducati motorcycle including their world-beating Desmosedici MotoGP bike.

The pistons utilise the same design developed for the Desmosedici in the Ducati MotoGP program by using a distinctive double-ribbed undercrown to achieve high strength with minimal piston wall surface area and, therefore, less friction.

The 1198 R elliptical throttle bodies equate to an area equivalent to 63.9mm in diameter and the 'R' remains the only road-going Ducati to use twin injectors for each cylinder. The first centrally mounted injector feeds through a 4-hole nozzle while the second offset injector feeds through a 12-hole nozzle ensuring progressive and fluid power delivery throughout the rev-range. With this configuration the system has the capacity to provide much heavier fueling when used in competition.

The gearbox's carefully calculated specification allows the use of a high ratio 6th gear, fully enabling the speed increase achieved from using the supplied race kit (intended strictly for track use only) or additional performance modifications. Also with performance in mind and because of its high resistance to fatigue, the gears are machined from the same high-strength steel used in Ducati Corse race applications and are subjected to a shot-peening treatment that further ensures their strength. Unique to the 'R' version, the dry, multiplate 'slipper' clutch reduces the destabilising effect of aggressive downshifting and helps provide the fine control required when used under extreme track conditions.

The 1198 R uses the same 2-1-2 exhaust system as the 1198; however, it terminates with Ducati's trademark twin under-seat mufflers beautifully formed in super lightweight titanium and stainless steel.