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2010 Ducati 1198

2010 Ducati 1198Ducati 1198

2010 11981198

World Championship-winning technology

The 1198 was born to perform and with a colossal 97lb-ft (13.4kgm) of torque from its Testastretta Evoluzione engine and dry weight of just 171kg (377lb) it always delivers. Its victory-driven technology comes directly from Ducati's World Championship-winning race bikes – and it's evident in every detail of the bike.

Fully adjustable Showa front suspension carries radial mountings designed for the awesome stopping power generated by Brembo Monobloc callipers and 330mm discs. Fully adjustable Showa suspension behind and lightweight 10-spoke wheels complete an impressive set-up.

For 2010 the 1198 is available in a traditional Ducati red or stunning pearl white with both liveries using racing black frames and graphite grey wheels.

The 1198 Testastretta Evoluzione engine

The Testastretta Evoluzione engine is the crowning glory of Ducati's development and perfection of the L-Twin engine. World Superbike dominance for almost two decades is the result of continual commitment to their twin-cylinder configuration. Ducati share the reward for that commitment with World Championship-winning technologies constantly flowing from the factory race team into production engines.

The incredible 1198, 1198 S and 1198 S Corse are all powered by a liquid cooled, L-Twin, Desmodromic engine that produces 170hp (125kW) @ 9,750rpm and a class-beating 97lb-ft (13.4kgm) of torque @ 8,000rpm.

The 1198 achieves its capacity by using exactly the same 106x67.9 bore and stroke as the factory race bike. Volumetric efficiency through the four valves per cylinder is optimised with valve diameters at 43.5mm for the inlet and 35.5mm for the exhaust. They are actuated by racing-type rocker arms, 'super-finished' for reduced friction and fatigue, and double overhead camshafts with radical profiles.

The incredible valve performances achieved are only possible because of Ducati's unique Desmodromic system, where valve closure is activated mechanically. At high rpm it would be almost impossible for the valve to follow the steep closure profile of the cam lobe if it were relying upon a normal valve spring. With the Desmo system, the valve is closed mechanically with the same accuracy as it is opened, enabling steep cam profiles and radical cam timings. This system is used on every single Ducati motorcycle including their world-beating Superbike and Desmosedici MotoGP bikes.

To keep Ducati's highly efficient Testastretta cylinder heads breathing to their full potential, the injection system uses the same size elliptical throttle bodies as the 'R' model, which is an equivalent diameter of 63.9mm.

The race-designed 1198 pistons have a distinctive double-ribbed undercrown to achieve high strength and reduced friction by using minimal piston wall surface area. Using technology developed for the Desmosedici MotoGP project, the design enables reliable operation of the 106mm diameter pistons when performing at high rpm.

The 1198 Testastretta Evoluzione engines are the lightest ever used in Ducati Superbikes, thanks to Vacural® technology, a crankcase vacuum die-cast manufacturing process yielding weight reductions of 3kg (6.5lbs) compared to the 1098 cases. The vacuum die-cast process ensures consistent and precise wall thickness and increased strength from absolute material purity. The weight-saving cam covers in magnesium-alloy are evident by their gold colour, while the alloy outer clutch and generator covers sport a black finish.

In line with the increased power and torque output, the 1198 gearbox uses 'R' model internal ratios. The gears are machined from the same high-strength steel used in Ducati Corse race applications and are subjected to a shot-peening treatment that further ensures their strength and reduced fatigue.

The 1198, 1198 S and 1198 S Corse feature a beautiful and efficient exhaust system. Incredibly lightweight, it has been engineered with a power-increasing symmetrical 2-1-2 layout that uses 52mm-57mm diameter tubing with a wall thickness of 0.8mm (.030in). It is equipped with a catalytic converter and two lambda probes for optimum engine mapping and Euro3 conformity. The system terminates with Ducati's trademark twin under-seat silencers, delivering that unmistakable signature sound of the big bore Desmo 90° L-Twin.