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2010 Ducati Apparel

Ducati Corse suit

Ducati Corse suitThe all-in-one Ducati Corse suit is designed to provide maximum protection on the track and ensures an excellent fit, thanks to the 1.1 - 1.3 mm thick D-skin cowhide. Distinguished by thermoformed composite protectors on the shoulders (pre-formed aluminium inserts), elbows, knees and shins, and with the sides and upper back protected by soft inserts, this suit also works with the optional T2 vertical back protector. It has a distinctive racing look, thanks to the aerodynamic hump and the Ducati Corse shield in authentic carbon fibre, which is emblazoned on the shoulders and on the front. It brings you to the track in style. Sizes: 48-60.

Ducati Corse leather jacket

Ducati Corse leather jacketHi-tech and comfortable at the same time, the new Ducati Corse jacket in D-skin cowhide is perfect both for the track and everyday riding. Complete with composite protectors on the shoulders and elbows, it also fits the optional G2 back protector (98261010). Every detail of this jacket is a reference to the Ducati racing world, from the white, red and black colour scheme to the essential Ducati Corse shield in pure carbon fibre which stands out on the front and sleeve. Only for die-hard Ducatisti. Sizes: 48-60

Ducati Corse leather-fabric jacket

Ducati Corse leather-fabric jacketPerfect for everyone who loves riding with the feeling of complete freedom but without compromising safety. Made of fabric with washable leather inserts, the jacket is eye-catching with its white stripe running along the sleeves and the Ducati Corse inscription emblazoned on the back. Safety is assured with the removable CE-approved protectors on the shoulders and elbows and aluminium inserts on the shoulders. This jacket is perfectly adaptable, thanks to the adjustable collar fastener and air vents on the inner arms. In addition, the fully waterproof and breathable D-dry membrane with a removable thermal lining make this jacket perfect all year round. Inspired by Ducati Corse. Sizes: 48-62.

Ducati Corse fabric jacket

Ducati Corse fabric jacketWith essential and clean lines, the Ducati Corse fabric jacket is an extremely versatile garment. The characteristic sporting soul of the Bologna brand emerges through the cut, as well as through the two red features of the logo and the Ducati Corse shield in true carbon fibre, located on the right cuff and chest respectively. With adjustable waist fasteners, three external and one internal pockets, it's an ideal travel companion. Sizes: S-3XL

Speed '10 leather jacket

Ducati Speed '10 leather jacketMade entirely of soft cowhide, this jacket is ideal for people who like combining the best in design and performance. It also features red vertical stripes and the white Ducati logo on the front and on the right arm. Complete with composite protectors on the shoulders and elbows, this jacket also fits the optional G2 back protector. Great style and comfort along with safety.

Speed '10 leather pants

Ducati Speed '10 leather pantsMade of 1.1 - 1.3 mm thick black cowhide, the Speed pants are one of the most technically advanced items in the 2010 collection. They feature composite protectors on the knees and shins, as well as black sliders, making it ideal for serious riders out to perform. The Ducati logo adorns the garment, adding a touch of the classic red that identifies the bikes from Bologna.

Company leather jacket

This jacket combines comfort with style. Made of cowhide, it includes composite protectors on the shoulders and elbows and fits the optional G2 back protector. This black jacket features white highlights and red accents. Sizes: 48-62Ducati leather jacket

Company leather pants

Ducati Company leather pantsThese simply styled pants are made of breathable, black cowhide. They feature composite protectors on the knees and shins to boost the level of physical protection as well as rider confidence. Also available in women's version.

Women's Company leather jacket

Ducati Women's Company leather jacketThe Company jacket in pure soft cowhide offers a simple but stylish look. With the Ducati logo on the front, composite protectors on the shoulders and space for the optional G1 back protector, this is a garment with clean lines and cool design. Perfect Ducati style for on or off the bike. Sizes: 40-50

Flow fabric jacket

Ducati Flow fabric jacketThis super-light jacket incorporates two fabrics in its aggressive design. The abrasion and tear-resistant breathable polyamide microfibre is combined with durable structured polyester on the front panels, perforated to offer maximum ventilation. Produced with 100% breathable materials, the jacket is equipped with composite protectors on the elbows and shoulders, along with the optional insertion of the G2 back protector (attached by a zipper in the lumbar area). The bi-axial elastic inserts allows total freedom of movement without compromising the safety or durability of the garment. Two external pockets, neck fastener, adjustable sides, and fringed inserts complete the garment. Touches of personalisation are added with “Ducati” on the collar, back and right sleeve, and the new Ducati logo visible on the left shoulder.

80s leather jacket

Ducati 80s leather jacketWhat's old is new again – like this 80s jacket that features a contrasting, linear black and white colour scheme. Made entirely of cowhide, it fits the optional G2 back protector (982621010) and includes integrated composite protectors on the shoulders and elbows. In addition to its technical features, it's an extremely fashionable jacket thanks to the original touch of the 1980s Ducati logo designed by Giugiaro. Also available in women's version. Sizes: 48-62.

80s fabric jacket

Ducati 80s fabric jacketThis fabric version of the classic Ducati 80's jacket is lightweight and super comfortable. In 1977, top Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro created an innovative new logo, launching Ducati forward into the world of design. This signature logo appeared on race bikes in the 70s and 80s, and now it's prominently featured across the front and on both sleeves of this stylish jacket. It includes removable CE-approved protectors on the shoulders and elbows, and has a space for the optional G2 back protector. This jacket looks great on or off your Ducati. Sizes: S_3XL

Legend leather jacket

Ducati Legend leather jacketA tough yet elegant garment, the Legend jacket is just right for those who want to express their motorcycling spirit on and off the bike. In breathable black cowhide, this item features the historical Ducati Meccanica logo on the front and back: two wings with the letter D and a laurel wreath. Also available in a women's version. Style bows to the legend. Sizes.S_3XL

RX GP-7 Ducati Corse helmet

RX GP-7 Ducati Corse helmetDesigned to ensure riding comfort and safety, the RX GP-7 Ducati Corse helmet is outstanding in its class. The outer shell is made of composite laminate fibre and ensures excellent impact protection. In addition, extra strength is provided with a protective strip on top of the skull cap. The ergonomic internal padding is lined with lightweight Dry-Cool material which can be removed for cleaning. The extra-wide visor improves peripheral vision and increases safety.

DTR '09 helmet

The DTR 09 full-face helmet features an eye-catching graphic design. Produced by Arai for Ducati, it features a resistant, lightweight fibreglass shell. The single-piece inside liner is made up of multiple material densities to improve energy absorption and increase comfort. This helmet includes a thermoformed, CE-approved visor which is scratch and fog-resistant. The strap uses a racing type D-ring fastening and has a snap fastener to secure the end.

Dark helmet

Dark Ducati HelmetThe aggressive style of this helmet makes it one of the most distinctive in the Ducati range. With an outer shell made of composite laminate fibre, it ensures excellent impact protection. The polycarbonate visor is scratch and fog-resistant, improving visibility in all conditions. The helmet is extremely lightweight and includes a strap with a rapid unhooking closure. The hypoallergenic sanitized fabric liner is detachable and washable. Front and back air vents, protected by mechanical mesh, provide excellent ventilation. Dark style.

Ducati 1000 V2 boots

The Ducati 1000 V2 boots are the height of technology, featuring Exo Low protection, a 360° one-piece forming which encases the foot to below the heel, ensuring maximum stability and greater protection in case of a side impact. The upper is made from PU microfibre, which is extremely resistant to scratches, and uses the Ghost Doctor system to protect the ankle. The high density rubber sole ensures stability, grip and scratch resistance.Ducati 1000 V2 boots

Ducati Corse gloves

Ducati Corse glovesThe Ducati Corse gloves, made of cowhide, are the perfect combination of comfort and technology: they include Kevlar protection and titanium inserts on the knuckles, as well as stretch leather inserts on the back.

Company gloves

Ducati company fabric glovesThe fabric and leather Company gloves offer excellent protection thanks to the carbon fibre on the wrists and polyurethane reinforcement on the knuckles and fingers. Provided with two-way stretch to improve hand movement and an anti-slip strap on the wrists, these gloves are extremely comfortable. Simple and innovative, they are ideal for everyday trips.

Ducati Corse half-zipped sweatshirt

Ducati Corse half-zipped sweatshirtThe Ducati Corse sweatshirt, with the famous shield in pure carbon fibre, is a sign of true distinction. Comfort and fit are ensured by the soft fabric and the half-zipper. Wear Ducati Corse style. Fabric: 100% cotton.

Ducati Corse short sleeved polo

Ducati Corse short sleeved poloAvailable in red or black, this polo shirt features the Ducati Corse patch in real carbon fibre. Comfortable and versatile, it will add a touch of racing style to your look. Fabric: 100% cotton.

Ducati Corse short sleeved T-shirt

The Ducati Corse short sleeved T-shirt is available in red or black and features the Ducati Corse patch in authentic carbon fibre. Made of pure cotton, it's an extremely practical and versatile garment with an unmistakeable style. Ducati Corse short sleeved T-shirt

Women's Ducati Corse tank

Women's Ducati Corse tankThe Ducati Corse tank is the ideal addition to a bold, sporty look. Available in red or black, it features the Ducati Corse logo in pure carbon fibre on the front. You can match it with the Ducati Corse shorts.

Ducati Corse cap

Ducati Corse capThe Ducati Corse cap with its simple, sporty line works with just about any outfit. The adjustable strap on the back keeps it snug. Available in red and black. Fabric: 100% cotton.

80s sweatshirt

The 80s sweatshirt is made of pure cotton and includes a full zipper. A print of Giorgetto Giugiaro's Ducati logo makes it stand out. Wear the thrill of retro style. Also available in women's version.

80s short sleeved T-shirt

Ducati 80s short sleeved T-shirtThe 80s short sleeved T-shirt is an authentic designer item you can wear anytime. It features the classic Ducati logo by Giorgetto Giugiaro. Available in black or white. Fabric: 94% cotton and 6% elastane.

80s cap

80s Ducati CapBased on Giorgetto Giugiaro's Ducati logo from the 70s. Reproduced in red on the front of the 80s cap, it has an unmistakeable style. The Italian tricolour flag appears on the side, to celebrate the deeply rooted national spirit of Ducati.

80s belt

Ducati 80s BeltThe buckle on this fabric belt features the Ducati logo, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro in 1977. The logo was used on race bikes in the 1970s and will give a vintage feel to your style.

Kid's Company short sleeved hooded T-shirt

Kid's Ducati short sleeved hooded T-shirtDucati style for the youngest members of the team. The short sleeved, hooded Company T-shirt features a Ducati logo print. Fabric: 100% cotton.

Ducati Corse rubber keyring

Ducati Corse rubber keyringMade of rubber and in the shape of a shield, you can carry your Ducati passion everywhere you go.