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2010 Ducati Monster 1100 S

2010 Ducati Monster 1100 SDucati Monster 1100 S

Ducati Monster 1100 S 2010Monster 1100 S

2010 Monster 1100 SDucati Monster 1100S

The Monster 1100 S is a pure concentrate of lightness, power, design and exclusivity

The ‘S’ features fully adjustable 43mm titanium nitride-coated Öhlins forks and a rising rate linkage Öhlins rear shock absorber with adjustable pre-load and return damping.

Front brake disc carriers in aluminium help reduce rotating mass, while carbon fibre cam belt covers, new silencer guards and front fender reduce weight by a further 1kg (2.2lb).

The distinctive racing gold coloured 5-spoke wheels of the Monster 1100 S give it an elegant style and the same sporting look as historical Ducati racing models.

Dream Personalisation

Customise your own personal object of desire and make your Monster a one-off with Ducati’s complete range of accessories. Whether creating a whole new look, improving performance further or simply styling your own Monster, the accessory collection is intended to make your Monster experience even more rewarding. Both versions of the new Monster 1100 already come factory-personalised with removable single seat covers and neat micro-bikini fairings. From there, interchangeable tank covers offer an easy way to personalise your Monster while carbon fibre and titanium exhausts enhance the performance and sound of the Desmo engine – whatever you desire, you’ll find endless ways to make your Monster special.

Performance-hungry owners can choose carbon fibre components to make the Monster even lighter or the Ducati Data Analyser (DDA) to analyse the performance data of the bike and rider. Alternatively, the extra comfortable touring seats and soft pannier bags for seat and tank are perfect for longer, more relaxed rides.