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2010 Ducati Monster 696

2010 Ducati Monster 6962010 Monster 696

Ducati Monster 6962010 Ducati Monster

Monster 696 2010Ducati Monster 696 2010

In 2008 the debut of the Monster 696 began a new era. The 2010 version maintains the same design and technical specifications as the original, but now there's an additional feature: ABS. The optional ABS system is equipped with new adjustable brake and clutch levers, and a new silencer guard design.

Enhancing the “less-is-more” philosophy that has made the Monster a global legend, the Monster 696 continues to redefine expectations.

Every finely engineered element of the chassis and engine is on display, allowing the true beauty of the 696 to be showcased for all to see. Naked ambition has never been so graphically exposed.

With its thinner waistline and wide handlebars, the Monster 696 provides unrivalled ergonomics for all riders, whether cruising the concrete jungle or carving through canyon asphalt.

The Monster 696 strikes a carefully designed balance between performance and everyday usability, appealing to a wide range of riders as a result.

With identical chassis technology to Ducati’s World Championship MotoGP bike and the proven power and flexibility of the legendary Ducati L-Twin engine, the Monster 696 is as comfortable in city traffic as it is on the open road.

In the seat of the 696

The riding position of the Monster 696 has been specifically designed to put the rider firmly in control. With its low 770mm (30.3in) seat height, easy-to-reach handlebar position and feather-light controls every rider will find it easy to master.

The new user-friendly brake and clutch with 4-point adjustable levers provide easy-to-reach control for all hand sizes.

Visually simple digital instrumentation provides an array of data on command or, at a glance, just speed and revs. Information available at your fingertip include: scheduled maintenance warning, oil temperature, air temperature, trip odometer, lap time, fuel reserve, warning light for low oil pressure, turn signals, over-rev warning, immobilizer and neutral warning light. The system is also ready for DDA (Ducati Data Analyser, which is the official Ducati Data Acquisition System). All this information can be accessed without removing a hand from the handlebar as the scroll function is ingeniously mounted on the left-hand handlebar switchgear.

The heavily tapered and deeply sculpted fuel tank cover allows maximum comfort and control. The narrowing of the ‘waist’ area of the 696 has the same effect as lowering the seat height, making it easier to get both feet flat on the ground. Compared to previous models, the 696 has a completely new ride position, allowing superior control and offering increased levels of comfort.

Careful attention to every detail has led to a substantial weight saving, making the Monster 696 the lightest bike in its class at an impressive 161kg (355lb) dry.

Passenger comfort and safety are also carefully considered, with neat, under-seat grab handles moulded into the seat unit itself. This solution maximises pillion security without detracting from the legendary Monster 696 styling.

An immensely strong but light tubular steel Trellis frame with aluminium rear sub-frame is the visual and structural backbone of the Monster 696. Delivering unparalleled rigidity with minimal mass, the chassis design is pure Ducati in its ingenuity and simplicity. A separate, all aluminium subframe saves weight and adds a pleasing continuity with the aluminium footrest hangers and matte finished swingarm.

Dynamics and aesthetics aside, the revolutionary chassis design also permits a narrow waist area and a low seat position. The steering-lock is vastly improved with a useful 64 degrees of lock-to-lock steering travel. Incredible attention to detail has gone into maximising the effective steering-lock.

The deeply contoured air intakes on the plastic tank ‘skin’ not only provide cool fresh air for the integral 10 litre airbox, but also provide an indented area of clearance for the handlebar’s switchgear on full lock.

Chassis components

Like the rest of the Ducati range, the Monster 696 is equipped with only the finest parts.

Outstanding control and road holding is provided by some of the best suspension components in the business. 43mm Showa inverted forks offer a pliant 120mm (4.7in) of finely controlled travel. At the rear, a Sachs monoshock unit with progressive linkage provide a wide spectrum of both spring and damping setting.

Lightweight 3-spoke aluminium alloy wheels increase agility and reduce rider effort. The 3.50x17 front wheel wears a 120/60ZR tyre while the 4.50x17 rear wheel runs 160/60ZR rubber. By resisting the temptation to over-tyre the 696 for style’s sake, the end result is light, predictable and confidence-inspiring steering qualities at a wide range of speeds with truly outstanding stability.

The latest in Brembo braking hardware delivers exceptional braking power front and rear, improving rider safety. At the front, 320mm floating discs are gripped by four-piston, radially mounted callipers, while a 245mm rear disc works in combination with a twin-piston calliper. This powerful braking set-up offers unrivalled feel and feedback making the 696 safer across a broader spectrum of riding abilities.

Every carefully selected component of the Monster 696 has a net benefit to the overall light weight of the machine. The dry weight of 161kgs (355lb) has dramatic effects on not just manoeuvrability and ease of use, but also by contributing directly to increased performance, braking and acceleration.
Providing a deep and rich exhaust tone within current noise and emissions regulations is no mean feat, but the Monster 696 definitely provides the L-Twin sound famous of Ducati. Its bold, high-level twin mufflers also make a striking style statement. Two pleasing advantages of the intricate high-level exhaust routing has been a healthy increase in both power and torque and a discrete positioning for the two exhaust-mounted Lambda exhaust gas sensors – so crucial for the optimisation of the fuelling and emission regulations.

The new exhaust pipe positioning also redirects excess heat away from your body and makes the machine slimmer for optimised footrest positioning, thus improving comfort.

Power trip

Power output gets a 9% boost to 80hp (59kW) and an 11% increase in torque to 50.6lb-ft.
This engine continues to have the best horsepower per litre ratio of all Ducati’s air-cooled units, and it ensures a smooth and powerful delivery for a relaxed but thrilling ride in all conditions.
This increase in power has been achieved by the introduction of new cylinder heads, which are now similar to the one on the 1100 2V engine fitted to the Hypermotard. Bore and stroke remain identical to the previous 695 model at 88x57.2mm, but the pistons and combustion chamber have been revised to optimise the fluid dynamics of the new ports.

The camshafts now rotate on bearing surfaces directly in the cylinder head and are supported by means of oil pressure. The elimination of the bearings has enabled the weight of this unit to be reduced considerably and the layout simplified.

Furthermore, the cooling fins of the cylinders and the cylinder heads have a new shape, and an improved casting process allows them to be produced closer to one another so as to increase their number and improve thermal exchange.

Like its predecessor, the new Monster 696 has an advanced APTC clutch, which makes down-shifting safe and helps keep the clutch lever action light and easy, especially in urban riding where frequent stops require high use.

Like every bike in the new range, the Monster 696 also has a new scheduled maintenance programme that reduces costs for the customer.


Throughout its long and established history, the Monster’s cult following has always attracted personalisation. With Ducati’s tempting in-house accessory range offering so many custom-fit parts, nearly every Monster is different.

The 696+ is a factory-personalised model featuring some neat designer touches to help you stand out from the crowd. A beautiful single seat cover creates the clean look of a racing seat. The cover easily unclips to allow room for your favourite passenger while the neat micro-bikini fairing adds a custom touch to the front end.


Ducati with Colour Therapy offers ten brand new colours ranging from “Rosso GP” red and “Arancione Scrambler” orange to “Lilla Glamour” lilac and “Oro Puro” gold.

On everybody can “paint” the Monster in the 13 different colours to determine which is the favourite. Once decided, customers can visit the local Ducati dealer and order a “Monster 696 ART”.

The Monster ART Kit is also available as a Ducati Performance accessory, consisting of tank covers, front mudguard, micro-bikini fairing and seat cover.

Monster Style

HEADLIGHT: The triple-parabola headlamp uses the latest optical technology to provide a deep, wide beam which makes riding at night both easier and safer. The highly advanced construction of the assembly provides one of the most compact headlamps available.

AIRBOX AND FUEL TANK: The use of advanced moulding techniques have not only enabled greater fuel capacity but also a larger airbox. The new fuel tank now holds 15 litres (3.8 US gal) while the airbox contains a power-enhancing 10 litres of air.

MIRRORS: The rear view mirrors have been completely redesigned, making them lower, smoother and more aerodynamic while ensuring a clear view to the rear. Their design accentuates the curves and lines of the handlebars and fuel tank.

LED REAR LIGHT: The minimalist spirit of the Monster and the desire to reduce weight to a minimum were the reasons behind the choice of an LED lighting system for the rear.

GULL-WING FORK CLAMPS: Just like the race-winning Ducatis, the Monster 1100 is fitted with extremely robust fork clamps. Their ‘gull-wing’ shape achieves exceptional torsional strength.