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2010 Honda ANF125i Innova

2010 Honda ANF125i Innova


The ANF125i Innova is fun to ride and economical to run. It is powered by a responsive fuel-injected aircooled 4-stroke engine with a strong reputation for reliability and smoothly delivered power. Integrating
the Honda PGM-FI fuel injection system, it combines easy starting and responsive performance with minimal
impact on the environment. An Idle Air Control Valve maintains steady idling and smooth low-rpm response.
Four-speed rotary transmission and an easy-operation automatic clutch deliver smooth, effortless
management of the engine’s power.

The step-through design provides optimal convenience and ease of use. Its low, comfortable tandem seat
conceals a roomy 7-litre carrying space that greatly increases versatility. Compliant suspension ensures
a smooth ride and the brakes are strong and dependable, contributing to reassuring control for riders of all levels of experience. Due to the Innova’s slim proportions and lightweight frame, handling is light and nimble, making it quick and easy to pick through city traffic.

Sporty-looking air vents, big 17" wire-spoked wheels, and a headlight integrated into the steering head give
the scooter’s styling a sophisticated edge, while its attractive two-tone colour options have an elegant,
contemporary appeal. In 2010 the ANF125i Innova also comes in a chic new Ross White version which
emphasises the sleek, classic lines of its bodywork.


  • Ross White
  • Force Silver Metallic/Terra Silver Metallic
  • Asteroid Black Metallic/Titanium Metallic
  • Candy Caribbean Blue Sea/Candy Lightning Blue

Main features

  • Strong and responsive air-cooled, fuel-injected 125cc engine delivers strong acceleration and excellent
    fuel efficiency.
  • One-touch electric starter and auxiliary kick starter contribute to reliability and easy operation.
  • HECS3 oxygen-sensing catalytic exhaust gas converter system minimises harmful exhaust emissions,
    ensuring full EURO-3 compliance.
  • Slim, lightweight chassis and comfortable stepthrough design ensure light and easy handling.
  • Easy-operation automatic clutch and four-speed rotary transmission ensure smooth power delivery.
  • Instruments include LCD odometer, 5-segment LED gear indicator and handy fuel gauge.
  • Comfortable tandem seat features a handy aluminium grab rail, and conceals a large, secure storage area.
  • Dual spring damper rear suspension enhances ride comfort.
  • Big 17" wire spoke wheels enhance the classic styling and provide reassuring stability on bumpy streets.
  • A range of Honda Genuine Accessories expands the ANF125i’s versatility. This includes quick-locking
    and easily detachable 26-litre and 35-litre top boxes, a 35-litre top box inner bag and a rear carrier.