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2010 Honda CB600F Hornet

2010 Honda CB600F HornetHonda CB600F Hornet

CB600F HornetCB600F


Since it first shook up the streetfighter scene in 1998, the CB600F Hornet has become one of the decade’s
most influential middleweight Naked motorcycles.

A close blood relative of the race-winning CBR600RR, the first CB600F presented an unprecedented package of sporty performance and light, user-friendly handling.

With its versatile power, comfort and convenience, it quickly became a firm favourite among riders of all levels of experience who want a motorcycle that’s both practical and enjoyable to ride. Its timeless Naked styling has a neat, contemporary edge which lends itself easily to any environment, ensuring its popularity in fashionconscious circles. The Hornet is also both affordable and easy to own. Its build quality is flawless, its reliability is well on the way to becoming legendary and its fuel consumption is as lean and mean as its distinctive styling lines.

Impressive as the 1998 debut was, owner feedback indicated two possibilities for improvement. In 2000,
Honda responded with a larger 17-inch front wheel, and in 2003 the size of the fuel tank was increased to 17 litres, both innovations adding to the bike’s impressive versatility.

These updates were the only major changes to the CB600F in the first nine years of its production, but
in 2007 Honda decidedthe bike’s many fans deserved a totally new model. The 07YM CB600F underwent
a complete makeover. Brimming with Honda’s newest developments in technology, safety and environmental
protection, it was restyled to reflect its prestigious position at the forefront of the mid-displacement Performance Naked class. The resulting sharp, sporty and hugely popular model reaffirmed the Hornet’s
popularity among a vast and loyal following all over Europe. It also set new standards for its Performance
Naked competitors in a growing midrange motorcycle class.

Without straying too far from the basic elements that built its remarkable popularity, the 2009 CB600F improves even further on the 2007 model’s ride comfort, performance, controllability and ownership pleasure.

Again, Honda has been guided by rider and customer feedback and made changes only where necessary, in
order to maintain the motorcycle’s near-perfect balance of power, build quality and value for money.
The carefully chosen improvements include new adjustable suspension, chic styling updates including
black metallic parts, a new meter panel and a brand new and exciting colour range to reflect its ever-widening appeal.

Development Concept

With fuel prices rocketing and city arteries congested with cars, a motorcycle like the CB600F Hornet takes on new relevance. Its speed and versatility, plus the pure pleasure to be gained from just owning and riding such a desirable machine, mean that it has huge potential for enhancing a wide range of lifestyles. It has already proven its value as a reliable commuter and swift way of getting around town. Its fun factor, both in the city and on the open road, is also renowned. This means that, for the steadily growing number of people who are looking for a cheaper, more reliable and more enjoyable way of getting around on their weekday business, and a stylish and exciting bike to play with at the weekends,the CB600F is a natural choice.

The 2009 CB600F Hornet is Honda’s response to this growing section of the motorcycling public and is aimed at improving the precise characteristics that are so appreciated by these riders. The styling updates are
designed to appeal to discerning and fashion-conscious riders of all ages, who will enjoy the prestige of classic Naked styling brought right up to date with stunningly contemporary colours and features. The chassis
updates add to its sporty appeal, matching the engine’s impressive performance with slick and confident handling that’s a perfect complement.

In the 2009 CB600F, the original streetfighter is back – strong, sultry and seductive as ever, still master of its
territory, and more ready than ever to conquer new ones.


When seeking direction for the CB600F’s chic new look, Honda’s R&D department took their cues from
the finest of Italian design, in everything from furniture to sports clothing. The result is a stunning response to
contemporary trends which is guaranteed to turn heads in any setting. True to the fundamentals of streetfighter performance, it’s lean and sharp with an aggressive predatory edge that advertises its sporting tendencies.

The message is clear. Step up, or get left behind! The aerodynamic lines of the distinctively muscular
bodywork flow back to integrate the bulging fuel tank and converge in a sharp, tapered tail that’s set off by
a brilliant LED tail-light. Up front, a dual bulb multireflector headlight adds to the bike’s dynamic appeal as
well as offering superior visibility. Eye-catching low and high beams behind a protruding polycarbonate lens
adorn the sharp, focused lines of the minicowl, augmenting the overall sense of movement and integrating beautifully with the bike’s sleek but basic image.

In front of the tank nestles the compact and attractive instrument panel which has been graphically redesigned
in keeping with the bike’s ultramodern styling and clean, functional ethos. Lightweight and fully electronic, it
features a large, race-inspired analogue rev counter in central position, surrounded by a digital LCD
speedometer, dual trip gauges, a multi-segment fuel gauge and a clock.

Colouring Concept

The new CB600F’s distinctively European styling is accentuated by five stunning colour choices. The most
daring is a striking pearlescent Acid Yellow that stresses the bike’s sporty performance characteristics and
muscular profile, creating a vibrant impression of fastmoving vitality. It’s a youthful and dynamic choice that’s
right at the forefront of street fashion.

The shimmering Pearl Night Star Black also creates a look that’s at home on the streets, emphasising
the prowling streetfighter image and creating a menacing presence that asserts its ownership of urban

The Pearl Siena Red is chic and sporty, making the sharp lines of the bike’s bodywork even more vibrant
and creating an acutely memorable impression. The Pearl Cool White and Quasar Silver Metallic shine
with a classic and understated sophistication, emphasised by the addition of new contrasting stripes on the sides of the headlight, tank and seat. It’s a subtle but striking feature that cleverly expresses the bike’s superior design and attention to detail.

The rich finishing of all colours presents a striking contrast to the solid, mechanical look of the CB600F’s
Axis Grey Metallic wheels and prominently displayed engine. Meticulously chosen and stunningly executed,
the new colours bring the Hornet’s image right up the minute without straying away from the understated
power, capable functionality and classic undertones that have made it a Naked icon.


  • Pearl Acid Yellow
  • Pearl Nightstar Black
  • Pearl Siena Red
  • Pearl Cool White (with stripes)
  • Quasar Silver Metallic (with stripes)

Engine - Sports-derived

Short, lightweight, compact and amazingly strong, the CB600F engine’s performance is characterised by
responsive delivery and powerful, torquey drive.

Originally developed alongside the 2007 CBR600RR’s powerhouse, its race-ready tendencies are evident in its sporty acceleration and precise response. Its performance is tuned for strong midrange power and
torque that deliver fast acceleration out of the corners, combined with a high-revving top end that creates its
exhilarating sporty excitement and thrilling streetfighter character.


Advanced PGM-FI electronic fuel injection provides instant throttle response, precise control of
the engine’s power and smooth, predictable changes in speed. Combined with Honda’s oxygen-sensing
catalytic converter system it also helps to keep harmful exhaust emissions to a minimum.

Mass centralised

The complete exhaust system is low-slung and positioned right beneath the engine for a low centre of
gravity and maximum mass centralisation. The engine itself is also positioned for an ideal balance of weight,
which combines with other chassis characteristics to create nimble, responsive handling. Response to steering inputs is quick and gratifying, adding even more enjoyment of the machine’s power and stability when
confidently executing quick or tight turns.


The Hornet’s solid reliability is one of its trademarks. Its overall build quality is impeccable and its engine is no exception. Developed with the advantages of race-bred technology, it is designed for daily, extensive and varied use. Durable and requiring little maintenance, it adds to the carefree and pleasurable ownership that is essential to the very spirit of the Hornet.


As well as requiring little in the way of maintenance, the CB600F Hornet’s engine is also extremely fuelefficient, delivering an impressive range from its 17L tank.

As a result,the Hornet 600 offers a balance of performance and value for money that is quite simply
unrivalled in its class.


The new CB600F is set to build on the Hornet’s already renowned easy handling characteristics. Its nimble
behaviour and comfortable ride position make both seasoned and relatively inexperienced riders feel at home
immediately. Its relatively low seat height provides easy reach to the ground for riders of all proportions and new suspension systems enhance comfort and ride confidence while complementing the machine’s sporty

Light, rigid frame

The 2009 CB600F retains the previous model’s Mono- Backbone frame. Its basic diamond configuration
incorporates the engine as its central stressed member to create the most effective balance of rigidity and light
weight. The frame is constructed of three sections, cast in gravity die-cast (GDC) aluminium. Its light weight and narrow profile contribute to the bike’s sharp, smooth handling and instantaneous response to rider input.

Mass centralisation

Also in line with the CB600F’s sporting tendencies, the chassis is conceived for maximum mass centralisation. The weight of the engine and exhaust system is precisely balanced by the slim, light seat and
tail cowl and lightweight front end, reducing inertial mass at the machine’s most extreme points. As a result,
cornering control and directional changes are both quick and confident.

New, adjustable front and rear suspension

The CB600F Hornet’s tapered dual box-section aluminium swingarm is also lightweight and plays an important part in the chassis’ overall balance of rigidity. Between the swingarm and the rear frame rests a new Monoshock damper with 7 positions of adjustable preload plus a tension adjuster and 128mm axle travel, adding to the overall feeling of ride comfort and positive, reassuring control. At the front,a 41mm inverted HMAS cartridge-type front fork keeps bumps under control and adds to a plush, comfortable ride. With its new tension adjuster, it provides 120mm of smoothly damped wheel travel. These new suspension systems will make an invaluable contribution to the bike’s overall handling and ride satisfaction, making it even more versatile and enjoyable for everyday use.

Sporty wheels and premium braking systems The CB600F’s wide, low-profile Super Sports-derived tyres, mounted on lightweight aluminium 5-spoke wheels, are an important part of the bike’s aggressive streetfighter appearance. They also provide the performance to back up the image, ensuring precise cornering control at high speeds. The brakes are designed for the ultimate stopping power to match the bike’s strong performance. At the fronta pair of dual-piston callipers grip wide 296mm drilled floating discs, while at the reara responsive and compact single-piston calliper slows a 240mm disc.

The CB600F Hornet is also available in a highly advanced Combined ABS version. The Combined Brake System links smoothly progressive rear braking action with strong, responsive front brake control, matching
the Hornet’s sporty capabilities. The precision braking control of ABS offers the extra confidence of optimal
braking activity over slippery or unpredictable surfaces.

The system’s computerised electronic control unit (ECU) manages a compact modulator that controls the operation of both brakes. The ECU monitors a pair of sensors on the front and rear brake calliper mounts,
which constantly compare the rotating speeds of small louvred pulsar rings attached to the centre of each wheel.

The sensors detect even the slightest hint of tyre slippage so that just enough brake pressure is applied to provide smooth, steady deceleration. The activation happens too quickly for the rider to notice and effectively prevents slippage and loss of control before they can begin.


Honda Ignition Security System (HISS)

The CB600F is equipped with the Honda Ignition Security System. The system prevents the engine being
started by anything other than the motorcycle’s two original keys, effectively protecting the bike from rideaway theft. Totally disabling the ignition system, HISS cannot be bypassed by hot-wiring the ignition or
exchanging the ignition switch module.

Antilock Brake System (ABS)

In 2007, the CB600F Hornet was the first mid-sized Performance Naked streetfighter ever to be equipped
with ABS. The system greatly enhances confidence by minimising the risk of tyre slip when braking on uneven or slippery road surfaces.

Optional Equipment

To expand the new Hornet’s range of riding enjoyment, Honda Access Europe will provide an extensive range of optional equipment, including:

  • A compact and easy to install AVERTO alarm unit that deters potential thieves with a powerful siren. The kit features 8 sensitivity settings and a ‘sleep mode’ that prevents the battery from draining when not in use.
  • A colour-matched crankcase decoration set that allows you to add a personal touch to your Hornet’s style.
  • A colour-matched rear wheel hugger which enhances the bike’s elegant look and protects the rear damper from dirt.
  • An aggressively styled snap-on, colour coordinated rear seat cowl that covers the pillion seat section to
    emphasise the Hornet’s sporty solo image and leave easy access to the underseat carrying space.
  • A set of chrome 3D Hornet and Wing stickers.
  • A set of colour-coordinated wheel stickers with optional Honda Racing logo.
  • A tailor-made 3D-shaped gold tinted meter panel that gives a more focused look. A matching tank pad with a Wing badge is also available.
  • A black cargo net that secures luggage to the rear carrier and pillion seat.
  • A tilting tubular steel paddock stand that lifts the motorcycle by the end of its swingarm to facilitate
    cleaning and rear wheel maintenance.
  • A U-lock designed to fit into the compact space located under the pillion seat pad or optional rear seat
  • A carbon print tank pad and fuel lid cover set that protects the paintwork from scratches. Features HRC logo.
  • A stylish black-tinted WVTA approved fly screen which reduces the blast of wind to the chest area at higher speeds.