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2010 Honda CBR600RR

2010 Honda CBR600RRCBR600RR

Honda CBR600RR2010 CBR600RR


As Honda celebrates 50 years of racing, the CBR600RR holds an enviable position at the head of its class. A tally of seven consecutive World Supersport victories was made all the more impressive in 2008 by Honda domination of the top three places in the WSS championship.

A masterpiece of race-bred engineering, the CBR600RR has continually raised the bar in both track and road performance. Its ultra-light weight, mass centralisation and compact chassis ensure that its blistering power is balanced by easy, natural handling and faultless road manners. Its potent engine delivers immediate, exhilarating torque, while its fairing is aggressively aerodynamic, enhances stability and allows maximum enjoyment of the machine’s performance.

Radially-mounted four-piston caliper front disc brakes give it sensational stopping power, while the ABS
version features the revolutionary Honda electronically-controlled “Combined ABS”, which delivers all the benefits of ABS in a system designed specifically for Super Sports riders. Due to its short wheelbase, a sportsbike can be prone to pitching under hard braking, which reduces rear traction.

Honda’s electronically-controlled “Combined ABS” minimises this tendency, ensuring superb stability and
control under severe deceleration. This agile Super Sports machine allows you to enjoy its race-won experience on the twists and turns of your favourite weekend roads. In either the standard or “Combined ABS” version, the CBR600RR is a born leader.

The CBR600RR is available in either standard or Combined ABS in the colours as listed below.


  • Graphite Black (Mono-Black)
  • Graphite Black/Victory Red
  • Pearl Sunbeam White/Tricolour
  • Special Edition (Pearl Sunbeam White with bold graphics)

Main features

  • Compact, lightweight and mass-centralised 600cc liquid-cooled inline-4 engine is tuned for strong midrange performance and maximum drive out of corners.
  • Undercowl, bodywork sculpting and specially designed air vents provide highly effective airflow at
    medium and high speeds, and enhanced machine stability.
  • Every component of engine, chassis, exhaust and bodywork is relentlessly pared down in pursuit of
    optimum mass centralisation and minimum weight
  • C-ABS version features advanced Honda electronically-controlled “Combined ABS”. This
    overcomes the tendency of the bike to pitch under heavy braking, caused by the short wheelbase of
    a sportsbike. This avoids wheel lock and provides superb stability and control along with excellent
  • Revolutionary Honda Electronic Steering Damper (HESD) contributes to the safe ride feel by automatically adjusting to speed, aiding stability at high speeds and enabling light, easy low-speed handling.
  • • Fully adjustable inverted front fork and Unit-Pro-Link rear damper combine to allow late braking into corners and smooth progress around them.
  • Exciting colour range includes a new Special Edition with bold graphics incorporating a female face in
    a high-contrast pattern.
  • New, sporty Tricolour version celebrates the CBR race-winning heritage.
  • New Graphite Black (Mono-Black) and Graphite Black/Victory Red colour variations.
  • For 10YM, the tone of red is updated to a sportier “Victory Red”.
  • Compact, attractive and highly practical instrument panel features an ABS indicator (C-ABS version only).
  • Honda Ignition Security System (HISS) protects against ride-away theft by preventing the engine being
    started with anything other than the motorcycle’s two original keys.
  • Extensive range of optional equipment from Honda Access Europe includes a black-tinted windscreen, a colour-matched seat cowl, colourcoordinated racing stickers, carbon-fibre parts and more.
  • ECU for “Combined ABS” for circuit usage also available as an option from Honda Access Europe.