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2010 Honda Deauville 700

2010 Honda Deauville 700Honda Deauville 700

Honda Deauville 700Honda Deauville


Offering stacks of smooth, accessible power, a relaxed riding position and plenty of packing space, the Deauville is renowned for its all-round ability to ease every journey, from daily commuting to leisurely
weekends away and longer adventures.

Its slim fuel-injected V-twin delivers ample power and impressive roll-on acceleration, even when carrying
a passenger and luggage. It is paired with a clean, quiet and reliable shaft drive which adds to the low-maintenance package and the relaxing ride experience. The Deauville features a smooth Combined Brake System that’s specially tuned for balanced, confident braking. A version with Honda’s advanced Combined-ABS system is also available for those who prefer extra reassurance over any road surface.

Styling is slim and curvaceous, with a profile that easily negotiates urban streets and nips past queues of
traffic, or sits with comfort in more open rural surrounds. The bodywork offers wind protection on a par with larger-displacement Honda tourers, and integrates a pair of large-volume, easy-access panniers. The panniers are expandable with a Large Pannier Lid Set, available from Honda Access, to enhance the Deauville’s touring possibilities. Handling is light and firm, even during high-speed cruising.

The riding position is upright and relaxed, and there’s plenty of comfortable space for a passenger. An
adjustable windscreen provides protection from buffeting winds for rider and passenger, even taking
height differences into account, while a generous fuel tank and impressive fuel economy enable long distances between fuel stops.

The Deauville offers an incomparable blend of control, comfort and convenience as well as a distinctive style
that lends itself to any environment.


  • Spangle Silver Metallic
  • Pearl Concours Black
  • Bloom Red Metallic

Main features

  • Strong, responsive and reliable liquid-cooled 680cc V-twin 4-valve engine delivers reassuring power and easy riding through a clean and quiet shaft final drive.
  • PGM-FI fuel injection system contributes to impressive power, smooth response, low exhaust
    emissions and high fuel economy.
  • Aerodynamically styled bodywork features large, integrated panniers with locking lids.
  • Excellent wind protection is further enhanced by a 5-position height-adjustable windscreen.
  • Powerful Combined Brake System enhances braking ease and control.
  • Combined-ABS version offers the sensitive rider response and high braking performance of our
    advanced Antilock Brake System for supreme confidence and control.
  • Smoothly compliant 41mm front fork and heavy-duty adjustable single-shock rear suspension contribute to a comfortable, controlled ride.
  • Extensive range of optional accessories from Honda Access extends touring comfort and convenience.
  • HECS3 oxygen-sensing catalytic converter system minimises harmful exhaust gas emissions to ensure full EURO-3 compliance