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2010 Honda PS125i

2010 Honda PS125i


Wherever the action is, you're sure to find the PS150i (PS125i) at its centre. Shining with classic good looks
and brimming with carefree confidence, its youthful energy wastes no time in whizzing you across town,
equipped with whatever you may need for your next appointment. The PS150i (PS125i) is powered by
a reliable liquid-cooled engine which sets new standards in fuel economy and clean emissions while ensuring easy starting and a dependable supply of strong, responsive power. Handling is easy and assured, with compliant suspension providing a beautifully smooth ride. Its generous proportions and wide footboard and seat provide first-rate comfort and the roomy underseat compartment can accommodate an amazing quantity of shopping bags, sports gear, study notes and work essentials, not to mention a full-face helmet. The flat
step-through footboard means easy mounting and a comfortable riding position. Plush suspension smoothes out any bumps on the road and its innovative Combined Brake System ensures balanced and confidence-inspiring stopping power.

A quick, compact and stylish way to get around the city,the PS150i (PS125i) is a smart choice for anyone
who likes to get ahead and stay there.

  • Modern, stylish form integrates a comfortably low contoured seat, a wide, flat floorboard for easy stepthrough seating, and plenty of comfortable legroom.
  • Strong, dependable liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine with fully computerised fuel injection system provides
    quick starts, smooth operation, miserly fuel economy and ultra-low emissions.
  • Honda’s innovative Combined disc brakes provide confident control for even less experienced riders.
  • Carrying space includes a roomy underseat carrying compartment, handy glove box and a sturdy rear carrier, which can mount a large optional top box with no extra hardware required.
  • Sporty version features two-tone striped bodywork with black wheels, front fork bottom-cases and rear carrier, and red stitching on its black seat.
  • New Pearl Cool White (with Black, Tribal stripe) colour variation.


  • Interstellar Black Metallic
  • Quasar Silver Metallic
  • Pearl Cool White
  • Pearl Cool White (with Black and Tribal stripes) (Sporty Type)
  • Quasar Silver Metallic (with Black and Red stripes) (Sporty Type)