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2010 Honda SH300i C-ABS

2010 Honda SH300i C-ABS


The compact and curvaceous SH300i silhouette is a familiar presence on the streets.

With a compact fuel-injected engine that delivers thrilling performance and sporty bursts of acceleration,
it is a quick and practical way to get around town in style. Despite its power (remove as not very positive), It
is remarkably stable and confidence-inspiring at high speeds, and light and agile when manoeuvring through
city traffic and urban streets.

The SH300i offers superior ride comfort, with compliant suspension systems and a contoured stepped seat
that incorporates plenty of room for a passenger. Its large, flat step-through floorboard provides plenty of
legroom and big 16" aluminium wheels ensure a stable, confident ride feel, even over bumpy surfaces.
Large-diameter front and rear disc brakes provide exceptionally smooth, controlled stopping and the Combined ABS system features powerful threepiston front calipers for the ultimate in assured braking

Emphasising its all-round practicality, the SH300i comes with a colour-coordinated 35L top box that
complements the lockable underseat space and front glove box, making sure you can carry whatever you
need. Add an exciting colour range and sleek, attractive lines that draw admiring glances wherever you go, and you can see why the SH300i has set the style and performance standards by which all large scooters are judged.


  • Sword Silver Metallic
  • Pearl Cool White
  • Pearl Nightstar Black
  • Velvet Red Metallic
  • Pearl Montana Blue

Main features

  • Compact and powerful fuel-injected 4-stroke singlecylinder engine provides dynamic performance and
    the powerful bursts of acceleration.
  • Frame and suspension systems are specially designed to ensure crisp, neutral handling and
    confident high-speed control.
  • Large step-through body with 16" wheels and a roomy, flat floorboard offers confident control and
    plenty of legroom.
  • Combined disc brakes provide a smooth balance of performance for easy, controlled braking operation.
  • Combined ABS offers the supremely confident control of a smoothly responsive Antilock Brake System.
  • Water-resistant front glove box features DC socket for charging mobile phones and other accessories.
    • HECS3 oxygen-sensing catalytic converter system minimises harmful emissions, ensuring full EURO-3
  • Attractive quick-locking and easily detachable 35L top box comes as standard and can store one full-face or two open-face helmets.
  • 2010 Sporty version comes in Pearl Nightstar Black Metallic/Mat Blacky Grey Metallic with a matching Pearl Nightstar Black Metallic top box. (remove)