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2010 Honda Silver Wing

2010 Honda Silver WingHonda Silver Wing


The Silver Wing’s ample size, powerful performance and sumptuous comfort are well-deserving of its reputation as the luxury sedan of the scooter world. This elegant vehicle cruises majestically along city streets, country roads and high-speed motorways alike, delivering a riding experience of such effortless control and comfort that it feels like flying. The Silver Wing’s full-sized and razor-sharp styling incorporates spacious riding accommodation, superb wind protection and all-day convenience. Its fuel-injected twin-cylinder engine
delivers delicious surges of acceleration past queues in and around the city, while heavy-duty suspension and
superior braking mean comfortable, confident control in all kinds of traffic. With both Combined Brake and
Combined-ABS versions available, the Silver Wing easily amounts to one of the smoothest and most satisfying rides on two wheels.

Capable of holding enough equipment for a weekend away, and with a broad, comfortable tandem seat, its
possibilities extend well beyond the city limits. Here’s a luxury-class ticket to freedom from the daily grind.

  • Aerodynamic, full-bodied scooter design provides exceptional wind protection and riding comfort around town or at higher speeds.
  • Powerful liquid-cooled fuel-injected DOHC paralleltwin engine pumps out breathtaking surges of
    acceleration with an easy twist of its throttle.
  • HECS3 oxygen-sensing catalytic converter system minimises harmful exhaust emissions, ensuring full
    EURO-3 compliance.
  • Large underseat carrying compartment holds more than you ever thought possible on a scooter.
  • Combined disc brakes provide a smooth balance of performance for easy, controlled braking operation.
  • Deluxe ABS version offers the smoothly confident braking control of Honda’s advanced Antilock Brake


  • Digital Silver Metallic
  • Delta Blue Metallic
  • Pure Black