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2010 Honda VFR

2010 Honda VFR2010 VFR



Highly evolved from a sports bike heritage, the VFR is possibly the most refined balance of explosive sports
tourer performance, superb comfort and agile manoeuvrability on European roads today. It’s powered by a screaming fuel-injected engine whose 2-stage valve actuation system rewards every riding style with gratifying rushes of strong, accessible power. This considerable power is harnessed in a light-handling, receptive twin-spar aluminium frame. A 43mm HMAS cartridge-type front fork and sports-oriented Dual Combined Brake System contribute to Super Sportsclass high-speed control. A Combined-ABS version is also available for extra confidence on any road. Rear suspension is smoothly compliant, with a single-sided cast aluminium Pro-Arm swingarm mounted directly to the rear of the engine cases and supported by a progressive Pro-Link rear suspension system.

The low, contoured seat provides an easy reach to the ground and long-term touring comfort for rider and

The VFR represents blistering power, presented in a well-rounded and accessible package which has been
winning fans for over two decades. This is a motorcycle that will enrich your life and broaden your horizons.

  • Unique fuel-injected V4-VTEC engine features 2- stage valve actuation system that effectively combines
    the strong low-end torque of 2-valve engines with the high-revving power of high-performance 4-valve
  • HECS3 oxygen-sensing catalytic converter system minimises harmful exhaust gas emissions to ensure full EURO-3 compliance.
  • Lightweight and rigid twin-spar aluminium frame, single-sided Pro-Arm swingarm and HMAS cartridgetype front fork all contribute to the VFR’s sporty and responsive handling.
  • Sport-oriented Dual Combined Brake System enhances braking ease and control for smooth, unruffled
    stopping performance.
  • Deluxe ABS version features the peerless braking performance of Honda’s most advanced Antilock Brake System.
  • 22-litre tank capacity and powerful multi-reflector headlights promise long, pleasure-filled days whether on city streets or country roads.
  • Optional luggage system easily fitted for comfortable and capable touring enjoyment.
  • Three exciting new colour variations: Pearl Sunbeam White/Graphite Black (with Ross White Wheels), Sword Silver Metallic (with Gold Wheels), Candy Glory Red (with Gold Wheels).


  • Pearl Sunbeam White / Graphite Black (with Ross White wheels)
  • Sword Silver Metallic (with Gold wheels)
  • Candy Glory Red (with Gold wheels)